The cubs sounds like fun. I am sweating because it is so hot it’s, like 80 degrees and to everyone that’s watching in florida or anywhere else that is hot suck, my dick, but anyway onto the cubs game. I was expecting not some something not so good and i was expecting failure pretty much because it’s just what i’m programmed to do, but it was a great pitching matchup, woodruff and hendrix, and the video of the day the question of the day is: is hendrix an Elite starting pitcher because god damn bro, he went nine innings. Giving up three hits all the same person so me, but um the the game starts off pretty slow. The cubs get a runner on in the first bias it’s in into adult play. I was impressed with brian’s at bat, but he did ultimately strike out um. He and he also went off for so. I would personally like to see um rizzo in the lead off spot more because he has a success in the off spot and yeah um schwarber. One for three, not bad bias crushed one that i thought should have been a hit, but i guess it was not counted a hit so um but rizzo had a big home run so uh elmore. Then i get in the in that bat, uh, contreras or three.

So but you did catch so you want your catchers to have more catching value and i’m wearing a contrast, jersey, because i don’t i’m sure i mean when i had a hit so love it um.

I was skeptical of carrotini starting at dh. I thought the cubs had a better option. Maybe move susan to the outfield, because i am a big stephen souza fan, um hayward, really just there for defense, oh for three horner. I do want him playing second more. I did like him there. He did pretty well. Did not make too many defensive errors, but something that the cubs do a lot more now is they shift before they would not shift joe madden was highly against not shifting. He was against for the most part analytics and in my opinion he has the right to because he has had success at every single level. He’S that success in the american think he said success national league in the central with a team that can support a team with a team that can’t support a team i’m talking about you tempo, but keep it just premium. Personally, i do like tampa a little bit. Hap, just hammers a pitch and the inside part of the plate goes dead center in the third making it two nothing cubs. The score would stay that way and great job by hendricks. Like hey, look, i can’t say anything about that great job by hendricks, hendricks pitched his greatest i’ve ever seen him, probably because i think they let hendrix go more like um hendricks would not go as deep in the games.

You not, i don’t, think you’ll try to be as efficient with his pitches as he is now because efficient.

I do remember when he was coming up with the cubs in like 2016. He was. He did have a huge efficiency problem like he would get out, but he would take a lot of pitches to get those outs, but efficiency is becoming better and better and better with them. Um the brewers they just ran into a great pitcher, like hendrix, only gave up three hits struck out. Nine um. The brewer’s identity is kind of more of their bullpen they’re, going to use like six pictures to get through a game, but they’re still going to beat you that’s kind of their strategy. The cub strategy is try to hit over the fence and hope for good pitching, because i do like some of our bats, i do like most the cubs bats. They have souza coming off the bench if needed, they have, oh god, who else they have kept just coming off the bench if needed, and i don’t think any cubs are yeah. I not know that the cubs had rex brothers, bad rex, bro um yeah, like they have some decent arms like i think maples can be a decent amount for the cubs going forward. Mills can be a good arm for the cubs ryan just needs to get going and brad wake, roman wick and dan winker if they can get going along with kimbrell.

This team could be dangerous, come playoff time and they pitch the way they can because bats.

They have depth, they have a lot of depth like i think susan can give you some minions out there in the outfield. Um kidneys can give you it means in the infield and the outfit, because i know he plays him outfit in cleveland, especially towards the end uh jeffreys. A lot of things have to go right for this team to be good and it started good tonight they have david bodie still, but i just hope hap can be better. I want to see how dave roth kind of manages a game like an actual like close game like a series game, because you’re not gon na, get that every night you’re not gon na get hendrix going. Nine nines you’re, not gon na get um lester going nine innings you’re, not gon na get darvish darvish could give you eight innings, maybe on a great day. Darvish is gon na, give you saladins, but he’s hot and cold, sometimes he’s just out there. He eats other times. He looks like an all star, yeah and hopefully hendrix could really be the ace that this team needs to get in back into the playoffs, because last year was kind of it was bad. The way it ended. It was awful the way. The way they ended season was awful, but anyway, i’ve been going on a rain for 10 minutes, and i don’t know why they cannot turn our double play tomorrow.

Tomorrow’S cubs reaction, video will be a bit different.

It’Ll come out like the night after the game come because i have to work tomorrow and i can’t. I can watch the game on my phone, but i can’t really watch watch the game. Like i can’t see like the cubs shifting like every player, i can’t see like that stuff. Darvish is supposed to go tomorrow. Oh it’s gon na be early and same thing with sunday anyway. Hopefully, y’all are excited for this new series. I know i am we’re. Basically, just like watch the cubs game together, but there was an interesting fact: cubs have to travel the least amount. The cubs and brewers have to travel the least amount of any other teams in baseball this year and it’s, because they’re in the central and anyway they’ll do this episode like and subscribe for more daily content with the cubs god this team’s going to be. Oh, this team’s got me aiming high because there was a lot of intriguing sights in this game, but the question of the day can kylendrix be good or ken collins to be a great picture, because we know we can be consistent.