I think this sunset is gon na be all time. I think let’s just see what we get. I think it’s gon na be really really really really really really nice. So anyway, i hope you enjoy this it’s about 8 15.. You look out there at the 360 cam and it is just Music gon na go down here in just a little bit. Enjoy Music Applause, Music, oh Music, Music, uh, Music, oh Music, Music, hey what’s, up gang just doing a little insta 360. and the colors are just crazy, beautiful out here. I hope that we get it on camera the way uh. It looks right now because the visual is just absolutely incredible, but i’ll, let you sit back, relax and enjoy have a good one. Music. Music. Do Music! Do Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, hey! Well! I hope you enjoyed that we’re just coming back into truckee here. The colors didn’t go off the way we’d like, but anyway, check it out i’m, just coming in here for a little landing, nose up attitude – holden, oh 38, 40 right here, we’re gon na bring in another notch of slaps go hard slip in nose is up, maintain That speed get a good drop rest with power.