Okay, let’s, get it okay, one two three new Panthers, six, the last weapon, 72 and hearing the fans are on their feet. All the way, around already Frank Castillo, it will be going roaring with everything. Terry Bradshaw is gon na pinch them hitting 235 a left hand hitter a little bit high ball one every diamonds of all the ground, blues 18000 plus their domain Frank Paul of the town diseases. Does he look good fast from down there, as he does up here? Well, he’s shaving off the corners just like he did from up there. Harry he’s had great control tonight doc been long. He he’s a heavy hit. One ball two strikes well that one was right at me Harry, so I almost made the play, but fortunately it hit the rail one. Ball two strikes the pet Music Bradshaw Music, and that is strikeout number 12 Applause. He has a new career high and struck out, but even as shades of the insignificance compared to the fact he’s, the only two outs away from a no hitter or unjam harry mark Sweeney has seven pinch hits in a row. This could tie the all time record and Frank Casteel has got to get by him to get to the no hitter here’s the pitch swinging. A strike ball another left hand batter Cardinals, are using all the percentage that can bradshaw’s the left hand hitter swinging a left handed pinch hitter, thank God over the outside corner.

Look at his wife. Look at everybody. If you’ve got friends who you think may not have the two bond, you better get my phone call Owen through the town, little Owen outside gets away from march from shot service, Frank Casteel, 26 year old, right, hander Applause, he’s gon na join a long list. He’S reached outside fouled never goes back to 1904 Tom wicker, the 1910 lemon, Oh 1915, gibble event at lavender 1917. Jim walk wine Applause in a double no hitter, with Cincinnati Sam Jones of 55 outside boy, he’s, pinching, everybody away in 1960, Don Cardwell the game I mentioned earlier – Bob Gibson, one of baseball’s great through the best fry God number 13. This is a the most sensational pudding for bombers, we’ve, seen in a long, long time, 13, strikeouts Applause after Cornwall, Prince 160 and the whole twenty sixty nine seventy one. Seventy two, three three, no hitters that happens the last one in 72 Barnard guilty the ladar van. He is fan 104, three everybody’s up the pitch. He fouls it back I’m gon na get up, fill down soon strike Bernard ElkY, everybody on this to everybody screaming watch this last set. Hopefully Lou I’ve boil a boy Lane the plate umpire. He knows the importance of his decision on a borderline pitch one ball to strength, little low ball, two and Bernard guilty. This is she brags, the cheek that’s Tracy, the steel. Two balls two strikes the pitch, they said and guilt.

He did it. Boys gone for three. He tripled the right center. Sammy Sosa tried his best lesson in the hand now that the crowd gives to Franco, steel. Well, Applause watch him. What Frankie look at that he’s pulling for Sammy! They have another surprise: Sammy did everything he could race from the ball and died. Although he must unknown, he could not reach it now. Everybody’S reaction, Tracy is exactly urine. Oh No there’s it’s cried. I feel like crying myself. We’Re still gon na be talking to Frank Casteel after the ball game is from now watch this him again, as I said that looked like a fastball, he one of them outside they got a little bit closer to the center of the plate that they wanted to. It there’s a high fly ball and Franklin steel shutout, in which he is Pham 13 men. He gets his career high 11 victory of the year. He also had sent his current career high of 14 of 13 strikeouts in the game and he missed by one man of pitching a no hitter Wow boy, oh boy, I tell you I wish you’d all been here for this one, and I hope that all of You were able to watch it on the tube and I hope many of you took what I said to you seriously and call picked up the phone and call other friends of yours to make sure there aren’t a hand if it wouldn’t have happened.

Well, it didn’t happen. Well, boy I’d said me: I don’t know how can have many more thrilled than this done now. We’Re going to have Frank Casteel go over to where Steve stone is behind third base, and here he comes. They ought to grab the traces and give his wife down those two Applause, Frank and all of his parents of El Paso, Texas, and here so Steve. Now, with Frank Casteel, what an outstanding performance by Frank Casteel than I sucked a no hitter, 8 and 23 innings and Frank. I want to ask you how you feel I know you feel great, but when did you start thinking about the fact that you had two? No hitter going ok. I realized that prior around the fourth fifth inning and you that I hadn’t getting up any hits, and I just told myself to stick. It fits to fit and keep the ball down and hit Scotty blow 13 strikeouts tonight a career high, a career high in victories. I know that you still have the adrenaline pumping when you went out in the ninth inning. You got the first two guys out on strikes, you’re looking at guilty with two strikes: what’s going through your mind, I’m. Just thinking you know, keep the ball down and trying to make its best pitch to the game, and you know it’s one of those pitches where I just got it up in the strike zone. You know good hitter, like him just took advantage of it.

It was fun while it lasted Sammy, gave me the great effort in right field. As the ball was going out, there did you think it would fall. Did you think he had a shot to make the play? I kind of more or less thought I had a. He had a shot at it, but the ball was too much on a line and Sammy gave the best effort he could and – and we got ta tip your cap off to guilty Frank. Have you ever had better stuff than he had tonight from the start of the game? To the finish this only your second complete game of the year and the fact that you set a career high in strikeouts tonight you were hitting the corners all night long. Did you ever feel you threw the ball better, not really. I knew I had the best command. You know I had all year and certainly to Mike in my career, and you know I just kept telling myself to keep the ball down hit your spots and you know let the team work behind me in and you know the guys responded made. It made. The great plays great she made a great play. It was just one of those games where I tried to put the ball in play and hit my spot well Frank. The fan certainly loved it here tonight. Over 18000, you did a wonderful job tonight. Congratulations and Harry.