You guys can always look at the board, but today we are going to be resetting the board um. So everybody come on in let’s reset it all right. So our last game uh, our last game – was the minnesota twins, minnesota, twins, bye, bye and then our chicago cubs, bye, bye. The time is travel six, while we’re filming this uh. Can i get a scooch back? Please so yes, tonight, after the game, we will be clacking out our clock out. Um our clock out will be tonight tonight we will uh, cubs will be playing tonight versus the brewers, um um, so yeah and many people want to see, want to see my puppy i’m here. This is my puppy. This is todd. He is my little shadow that follows me around uh, yeah and yeah. We were out to breakfast this morning, so you didn’t see me this morning, it’s for my uncle’s birthday and then i have a pillow of my other puppy. My other puppy’s downstairs right now. This is a pillow of her, so yeah. I i got photos of. I got pillows of both of my dogs, they’re, pretty they’re, pretty nice, i get pillows. If i go to camp or this probably not going to go this year, i don’t know um shut up cars, sorry there’s a ton of cars on our street, but guys we will be clocking out tonight. Uh, the weather looks promising right now, don’t know just setting up the monitor for tonight.

I got ta figure out a brand new background and then tonight we will be looking up the next games for your chicago cubs. Hey don’t eat that price tag don’t eat the price tag you dumb dog, he’s, not dumb, but he just eats stuff, but yeah we’re setting up the monitor for tonight after the game, because i believe the cubs are going to win. Hopefully they win this one again. Um, stop it star work all right! Well, guys! Let’S get let’s get um over to our board. That says uh cosplay friday versus the brewers, so yeah. If you guys, need an update, oh you’re, right there. Our scoreboard is set at zero, so yeah, guys it’s gon na be amazing day, come back tonight for clock out, um we’re thinking i’m. Turning this into a talk show at night, a talk show better than just in out in out might as well make you guys talkative trying to tell the comments. We are not going live anymore because, because our live stream is not working, so all you guys, all you guys will see – is videos of updates and regular videos um. If you guys have not seen the update, i did get a bed board, it’s, not sort of a bed board, so we got a hockey net got a hockey net for my bed yeah.