760.. Just got it in the mail i wanted to go to oshkosh this year. It was going to be my very first year as an aircraft owner. I have a 2007 cub crafter sport cub and i wanted to go to oshkosh, go to the garmin tent and try everything out, decide what i wanted. Now that oshkosh is cancelled. I decided to upgrade it anyway and i went with the aira 760.. So when you open the box here’s the 760. it’s, really nice and light it’s a seven inch touchscreen. Oh, this is the best part you get to peel these things off. So this little pamphlet. It came with it says that you get one free aviation database update for your gps. So before you even subscribe, you can download charts on there and try it out for free before you start actually buying all the charts, so we’re gon na do that Music. So i got my computer up on my fly. Garment account i’m going to plug in the 760. So that way, i can register it to my account enter in the coupon code that came in the box for me to get the most updated charts onto the 760 to get started. Now that i have it on my account – and i clicked all the charts i want to download – i can do it through my computer or i can do it over wi, fi, so that’s.

What i’m going to do i’m going to connect to my home, wi, fi and right on the era? 760, i can click install and it’s, going to download all the charts for me so i’m just going to click download and let that sit and let them all download.

I have installed those it took about an hour or so and now i have green check marks. Next to all of my charts – and i can see the dates on there – that they’re active right now and that’s it – it was super easy to get it set up and now i’m ready to go, fly Music, all right, we’re up in clues in the cub crafter Sport cub i’ve been using the garmin 496 for some time, just the other older, outdated, portable one now i’m going to compare it to the aero 760 and see how big of a difference i have and just double check that i do want to panel mount it Which i can already tell that’s exactly what i’m going to want to do. I have my husband flying in the back that way i can play around with the aero 760 and see what kind of cool features it has so on the map feature it’s, very intuitive and easy to use it’s all touch screen, so i can zoom in and Out just like i do on my iphone, i can touch and see air spaces pop up and i can zoom in and find different airports and obstacles really easy and nice graphics on it.

I do have it connected to a gdl 52, so it is compatible with that adsb receiver, so i’m, even getting adsb traffic on here i can see tail numbers. I have a plane ahead of me, so we’re looking for them, so it’s really nice to have all that traffic on here for the main venue i can also hit on weather, and i have fizzby weather and siriusxm weather on here.

So the sport club is not an all weather plane. I definitely want to avoid all types of weather. So now i have two different sources to help me with that. I even have pie reps that are coming up through the adsb. So here is one just north of atlanta at 5500 feet and there’s, one at 4 500 feet out this way to our west, so it’s really nice to get an idea of what all the other pilots are saying, while i’m flying and that’s all coming through the Adsb receiver into the air 760. on here, i also can put in flight plans really easy, so i click add waypoint and type them in really nice and fast or i can just go direct to everyone’s, favorite button and type in a airport. I go to nearest and see what’s near me, so, for example, we have ga2 next to me right now: that’s peach state. So if i click ga2, which was on my nearest and hit direct activate it, it gives me a nice magenta line to follow, so that would be a left turn out over to peach state.

If we wanted to go over that way under the tools category, i can also see i have so much more in here. I have v nav i can put in user waypoints. So if there’s, a waypoint that i like to use to get into my home field, i can add that save that in here there’s an e6b weight imbalance.

I can even connect it to a verb camera the garmin verb and control it through this era 760. – and i have siriusxm audio on here now that is cool to listen to music, while i’m flying my sport, cuff overall, i really love the air at 760.. I definitely want to panel mount this into my plane. Hopefully i can do that soon and get rid of my outdated 496.. The 496 has all the buttons and it works okay, it’s much much slower than this it’s a lot less intuitive. It takes me a while to get where i want to go on the 496. um, and that has a lot to do with just not being a touch screen on the touch screen. I just click what i want and i’m there with the anti glare on this. I can see it no matter what way the sun is coming into the cockpit.