We’Ve never experienced anything like this before for an opening day, but my 14th year with you your 26th year in this booth and i couldn’t think of a better place than this right here sitting next to you, partner, yeah, it’s, about time 26 years, that’s pretty good. But i’m thinking the guy next to us 50 years in the booth, unbelievable he has given us so much and what do we give him go? Give him a cookie and it’s so nice. I don’t even think i want to eat it but it’s about time man. I mean we have waited a long time. We have all been to an awful lot in this country, and baseball is back. The guys are excited. We saw some pretty good baseball here in the uh. The blue gold series and i’ll tell you. The fans might not be here in the ballpark, but i know they’re out there. We know you’re out there because my phone has been blowing up for like three or four days. Everybody excited about brewers baseball. We are back we’re at miller park there at wrigley field. It really doesn’t matter: yeah we’re gon na have some fun tonight and we know you’re there. We know you’re rooting on your favorite team and let us hear from you on twitter on social we’d love for you to reach out to us tonight and we’ll, hear those virtual cheers all night long, new logo, 50th anniversary opening day coming up next milwaukee brewers baseball On fox sports, wisconsin is brought to you by menards, save big money at menards on all your home.

Improvement needs my cousin subs, we believe in and that path to the postseason just got a little bit easier after the news yesterday opening day lineup looks like this: eric sogart will lead off at third base. Then christian yelich followed by kesten hira hira’s, first opening. First, opening day, roster in the middle it’s, justin smoke, ryan braun at abaseo, garcia, omar narvaez, lorenzo kane and orlando arcia round out the starting nine for the brew crew as they get their 2020 season started and rock it’ll be a match up against the cubs opening Day, starter kyle, hendricks, yeah, 11 to 10 last year, good earned run average, though 3 46 and 30 starts much better. Last year at home he had a 204 home earned run average on the road 4.05 making his first start at wrigley field against the brewer. Since september of 2018, so it’s been a while to check out the cubs defensively, you got schwarber happen, hayward in the outfield chris brian javier baez, nico, horner, anthony rizzo from third to first and wilson, contreras the fine cubs catcher behind home plate all right. The cubs have hit the field behind their opening day, starter kyle and two of those 15 years as a cub. He picked the right one didn’t he come starting lineup chris bryant will lead off just the eighth time in his career, hitting lead off, followed by rizzo. Then baez in the middle goes schwarber contreras and hayward carratini, horner and half round out the starting nine for the david ross, ledge chicago cubs and rock.

It is brandon woodruff getting his first opening day start yeah, i can’t imagine he could have done any better at summer camp. I mean amazing stuff.