We go first pitch strike. Call in leicester and the infield aligns thusly bodhi by one and a high fly to deep, left and it’s going to stay in the yard in half on the warning track makes the grab the end of his motion and this one in the air he’s going to Work uh one two: three, while they’re looking for a bust out inning held to six runs on 10 hits combined against the white sox on sunday and monday hat rizzo baez at the top uh lagrange base hit to left ian half aboard this is strictly precautionary and That if it was a regular season game, he would be in the lineup he’s still available off the bench later, but with the whole mo here is get through this healthy and obviously he becomes a focal rizzo in the air to right and it will go that’s. A two run homer for anthony rizzo and the cubs have the lead. Anthony’S had very good numbers against homer bailey in his career. This is a meaningless game, but part of it is that he shortens up. He chokes up with two strikes and still hill will pitch. Second, behind jose berea donaldson gets rid of it. Baby go to rizzy dealing with a back issue called strike three to get contreras a high drive we’ll see if the wind will carry this one and it is gone into the basket.

No question the wind helped that one three nothing here in the first to the split finger pitch.

He walked in the heater there. Beer, so it’s bailly on the mound garver is behind the plate for minnesota tonight, stay in the twin cities and play interest squad games. He is a called strike. Three old foul look out look out who took that he got him i’m gon na change up from john well, what we have to look for, and he strikes out – playoff mark that’s, deep, hayward, tracking and it’s going to be over his head rosario to second, with A double that’s, the twins first hit working on this changeup start the season tomorrow night, how about that for a tease, i’m teased bubble, yeah so uh. This will not be a free agent after this 20 round ball up the middle and it’ll be polanco. On the other side of the bag to make the play, i think the more interesting that’s, probably a good thing laser to right. Yes, for some of these bullpen guys to put their best foot forward – and he was the american league manager of the year – was tori lavello in 17., just fouled at first he’s, all four delhi he’s two for two big hole on the left side and buy as A fly to right, guys, um yeah, he’s he’s such a fun player to wide flipped jam, shot pop up bias right by that, and because you showed me, the bruise the next day during batting practice – and i never base luisa rise left handed hitter will get a Lot of time gracie you short check through it didn’t matter what he threw.

It pushed some of their prospects. You know, kids, that they might otherwise argue where they yeah it’s. I don’t know we’ll, see i think it’s going to take some time. It’S. The biggest challenge of their young professional careers by not pandemic in any time of my career, but uh as that one’s state. I was looking for the next party to go to, but i have a feeling this young man that might not have existed otherwise contreras pounds. This one to center and he’s got two wow wow. Is he locked in Applause, wow that’s out there, where suckling used to give up yeah that somewhere or you know, get some live bp that they can’t work on some things? Obviously it’s different. You really streamlined it through the system: yep, gracie, veteran right, hander, tyler, clifford swing and a miss on a curveball coming over is half and 30. eddie rosario a fly ball that may give lester tyler clifford who’s now 35 and has a pretty the great nicknames of Recent memory, the yankee clippered, sounds much more majestic the 2020 championship season, both making their first career opening day start. John lester has made 280. softly bounced to donaldson and the tag applied by ceno before albert got a lot bigger and then a few years later. The other one got big, hap is on it yeah. You could do all that, and just at some point you’re supposed to. After all that tapping he finally does come set and he gets his it’s.

A right handed pattern baez with a long throw and the dig by rizzo at the other end. First german born player out of mlb’s european elite Music that’s ball. Four f will be back powers with their 30 man opening day. Roster will look like last year at triple a dylan rizzo asking kepler. Can you see i can’t bullet in the right here’s a 3 2 and he struck him out. Good comeback by dylan. Maples got him on the slider yeah that’s. What i’m talking about swinging and a miss gets away and the throw to the plate will not be made, and the twins are on the board so kept third and ball. Four jamie moyer, another wild pitch and another run margin. So the other two were deemed past balls. This swing and a miss strike three up the end of the bat up toward left socially distant to create a little extra room in the dugout, but with the cog a little bit dribble toward first whistler will pout there’s a fake crowd. Yelling, a little worried there for some 3 2 and a base hit way up in the air here. Uh split time between tampa and the dodgers, mostly with la and posted light blue glove, and he gets polanco to ground to deep and he draws the walk. Half of him, 14. line, drive that’ll bounce in front of hayward rosario’s being couple in the fifth and a high fly, ball almora and plate.

So a three for three one: two in the air: this should get him out of it. Almora cruising six wins along the way at 268 era bounces and a nice play by cino road cities. Chicago is always near the top of the list. This is deep and maybe he’ll make it out here and get me off the hook. Oh man tell me off. He hit him told you, it was tough on lefties round, ball picked up by horner, they get one and they will get one home and they’re loaded kind of remind yourself right. This were a regular season, man to short perez to second one and that’s. All they will get and the twins are within a run sharply hit backhanded play. Horner sets throws that one will stay in gonzales now popped into short center. Oh driven out toward the gap but it’ll be caught transitioned into the bullpen, and things got a lot better bullet to hayward 6, 3, 205, 2 2 swing and a miss on 99. Music here comes. Donaldson noah has had a knight defensively hasn’t. He he’s made a couple of really good plays nobody on, and he bounces right side here comes, that is a base hit arise, reaches to start the night fastball at 90 91.