But i would say high payoff when you get there and towards the end of the session. I finally felt like i was kind of getting used to how the controls of this game work and speaking of the controls of the game i do have. I recorded live uh while i was playing the game, a quick overview of what the controls, the basic controls of the game, are so stay tuned for the end of the video i’ve got some footage rolling right now that i want you guys to get a full Screen, look at i’m, not interrupting you with the webcam for this video um, so you guys can take the full scope in. So if you want to know how those controls are going to work i’m going to go over that in a a pretty good amount of detail, um, i just won’t be uh doing controllers. So you guys know i uh played the game on pc. We were not able to test the game on vr, which is another big variable uh that i am super excited for, because uh i’m definitely wanting to play this game in vr, and i think after you guys get your hands on it.

You’Re, probably going to want to too now probably one of the biggest concerns i see people have with this game. Is they don’t just want a rehash of battlefront 2’s starfighter uh battles which i think were pretty underwhelming for most people i’m here to say very concretely that this is not that um we did in a q a session with the devs.

They did confirm that the engines um and the the uh the carryover of what was used for uh battlefront 2’s system, and this one was very different: um it’s. They they built this one unique from that, and i can say, after playing through it, it felt like a totally different experience. Granted i didn’t spend a ton of time playing battlefront 2 ships because i didn’t like them very much at all. Now, when you play this you’ll see there are so many more uh controls and technicalities that you need to get used to such as the power system, which i will be talking about in more detail in my controls. Portion of the video, but long story short. You need to get used to diverting power to what you need. You need to go faster. Divert your power to engines. Do you need more firepower? Divert your fire, your uh power over to your missiles. Do you need more shields, divert your power to your shield unless you’re tie fighter because they’re not rocking the shields but there’s also some other options for that which i didn’t quite get into in this video, but they kind of covered those and that’s going to be A little bit more advanced now the best caution.

I would give you for anyone looking to join this game and uh have a fun experience, is you’re gon na feel overwhelmed at first now. This might be different for you, because what happened for us is.

We were kind of thrown into some end game modes into some pvp matches. There were two game modes: we’ve got to play which are dog fights and fleet battles, and then we also played through the prologue a little bit. But i right when i first started playing. I thought oh, my gosh, how it felt very overwhelming the ship was moving kind of uh in a way that i wasn’t uh expecting it to. But after i had some time with it, i started to get more of a feel for the controls and it started to feel more comfortable and fluid to me. But it took longer than say a game like jedi fallen order where you’re just walking around with the jedi you’re learning, which attack moves to use and when and that learning curve, while um unique in its own right, uh, just moving wasn’t, something that that you had To get used to in this game, you kind of do need to get used to how the ships are going to move. How do you do a flip, a quick turnaround? How are you going to evade um attackers that are coming on you? How are you going to get out of sticky situations? How are you going to pursue somebody aggressively? Those kind of things take a little bit of getting used to, i have to say the game modes that come with this game, which i believe the focus of this game is going to be pvp oriented, uh dog fights, especially fleet battles, dog fights i now it Might have been played dog fights and then fleet battles i didn’t quite enjoy dogfights as much.

It was just kind of a straight. You know, 5v5 kill the other teams, people as much as you can kind of deal. I didn’t enjoy that quite as much, maybe because i sucked at that point, and so i just kept dying over and over and over again but fleet battles i really really enjoyed. I compared a little bit more in my controls, video to somewhat like a capital supremacy for battlefront, 2. or you’ve got these objectives. I don’t know if that’s quite good, um the right way to say that it’s, just my star wars weapon, i don’t really play a lot of starfighter games, so people who play star fighter, games or or ship kind of games might be able to make a better Comparison than that, but that’s what i’ve got uh, but what you’re doing is you’re going after capital ships you’re going after you know that it’s like you’re doing pvp but there’s these side objectives that come along with it. You got this tug and pull of sometimes you’re on offense, sometimes you’re in on defense, and i just personally found that game mode extremely exciting and it’s that’s, probably the game mode like the story which, by the way, i can’t give story details for the first little Bit of the story that i was able to play through, but i think you guys are gon na – be pretty interested in it um i that’s gon na be a really fun part of this game.

If you want to buy the game 40 bucks just to play through the story, i think you’ll get your money’s worth um. Based on what i’m seeing and we did ask questions about how long the story would be. The devs were not able to give us uh super specifics on that, but something they did say uh in the q. A session we did was that there is a lot of side quests and things that you can do that will increase that time. So if you really want to spend a lot of time in the game that is possible for you to do uh, so i think if you’re just a story, person you’re not interested in pvp, this game is gon na, have something for you. I think it’s gon na be worth your money, but the pvp seems to be where i’m gon na spend most of my time here play through the story, enjoy it, but then park myself in fleet battles for weeks and weeks at a time spending time with friends. That’S, where i think we’re probably gon na, spend the most of the time so i’m gon na. Let the footage roll over to the um over to the control section, and i hope all of you guys have a great day enjoy the footage all right. What is going on cubs fam? We are doing a little bit of a play test here on star wars. Squadrons right now you are seeing fleet battles which i’m gon na call.

If you played battlefront 2, this is probably going to be similar to like capital supremacy. It’S very different game mode, but kind of like one of those games that you’ll get in and probably play, spend a lot of time doing. Pvp in where you are fighting against another team. There is some ai involved and you kind of have this tug in war. Back and forth motion that you’re doing where uh part of the battle you’re, defending your own uh capital, ships and uh, cruisers, etc, and the other half of the battle you are um going after uh, the enemy capital, ships and so right now i am on the Offensive and uh we’re trying to go after this ship right here and i’m gon na talk a little bit about some of the controls um as we’re going through this. I want to kind of give you guys an idea of how these oh, no, i am still i’m still getting used to this there’s a bit of a learning curve here, um how some of these controls work so um if you’re on pc i’m gon na turn. This volume up a bit, so you guys can hear it if you are on pc. Let me let me do this: oh man talking and fighting at the same time, not so easy didn’t. This guy know i was return, recording a video anyway um, so on uh, when you’re on pc the it’s just kind of your traditional w is going to take you forward, s is going to slow you down and then your a and your d keys are going To uh spin you all right and then oh gosh, that’s kind of a glitch.

I think um anyway, uh and you’ve got this little cursor in the middle here. You’Ll see and that’s only going to go so far, i’m in a tie fighter right now. It basically goes as far as this inner circle goes, um, so that’s important to know the e key is going to highlight a target for you so see there. I had a little indicator: pull up now. I’M gon na hit that and my left click is going to allow me to hit it uh shoot my uh regular missiles and then, if i get close enough, i’ll highlight green, i could shoot uh some missiles at him. So here we go. Oh, he just zoomed right by me now. Something else to note is you’ve got the ability to toggle how uh, where your power is being allocated on your ship and those options are to engines to missiles, um your firepower or to your shields i’m. In a tie fighter, so tie fighters tend to not have shields um so right now, i’m. Trying to hit this guy i’m gon na hit. The two key that’s gon na allocate a little bit more of that attention to my firepower, so i have more firepower there. So let’s try to go ahead and not blow up ourselves. Oh my gosh and i’m, not sure he went um. Now. If you want to do a little bone maneuvering you can hit the one key. Have your power go to your engines? You can see that indicator.

Change right to the, if you’re, watching on screen right now right to the right of me, you see that little blue indicator that just went up now: it’s red now, it’s blue and when you’ve got the blue indicator uh up there when you, when you’ve deflected your Power to your engines, you can have a space bar to do a little bit of a boost, and then, if you hit it again, you could do a little bit of a skid which is really fun to do um in space as well. I think that’s something that a lot of people are going to enjoy quite a lot it’s something i played a lot around a lot with it’s not easy to get the hang of uh, but it’s. Definitely something that uh once you do, it’ll help you get out of sticky situations. Um you’re, gon na use a couple buttons on your mouse as well. Um you’ve got the uh the extra buttons on the left side of the mouse. Oh gosh. I am i’m thinking about this video more than i am thinking about the gameplay um, but on the mouse uh. The top button is going to do this right here, help kind of repair your ship a bit flying into these uh little uh green indicators. Here, uh can also help you do that restore the health you can see. My health is at 58 right now, uh to the right of my cockpit that’s, where that’s located.

You also have the ability to um the back button on the mouse i’m, not sure what this translates to on console is going to be kind of a defense mechanism. If you’ve got a missile coming in for you and so i’m sure you guys will see that hit uh we’ll. Do it here in a little bit and so that’s kind of the basic controls breakdown there’s a lot of options available to you here, i’m, not sure. If i just hit on all of it uh, but by and large i would say, it’s it’s not super easy it’s, not super easy, but once you get the hang of it, it starts to get better. Okay, let’s get out of here. We’Re gon na boost i’m gon na space skid. If it’ll, let me there, we go space skid now, we’re gon na shoot a little bit more. I think we might die coming on an attack there. We go let’s get out of here. Oh man and my my microphone got my way. I couldn’t pull up as much as i wanted to um anyway, so that’s kind of the basic uh gig with that there’s gon na you’re gon na, want to look at all of the other controls because that’s just you know, there’s a lot of other things. You can do, but when a lot of people think you know, is this going to be just like um battlefront 2 with the ships mode there and i’m here to say this is way more labor way more intensive than that there’s.

So much more that you can do and um i just i think, that’s such a win. We actually did a q a with the devs and talked about that, and it was. It just sounds like the two mo: while they they have star wars and ships in common uh. They are not one in the same by any stretch, all right, let’s see. If we can hit this guy right here now, we can hit him with that we’re following him and we got him. I don’t know if it’s the kill indicators working, because that didn’t show it didn’t look like it gave me credit. Oh, we got ta hit this okay, all right, so we’re gon na deflect power to you are they’re. Targeting me ah come on skid around let’s. Not let me do it! Okay, so here we got a missile coming. We’Re gon na hit the back button and then we counted that missile that way, um so that’s, something to keep in mind. Oh, we got another one incoming let’s balance our power. You can hit the four key to balance power um. Something else to know. I can’t show you guys the uh the shields on this, but uh. The three key is going. Oh, we counted it again. Oh man, he counter didn’t work uh, your three key on uh mouse and keyboard is going to be uh deflecting power to your shield, and so this guy was really hot. On my trail, he was bent on getting me um.

You can spin the mouse forwards or backwards to have uh those um those shields deflect towards the or push towards the front of your ship or towards the back of your ship uh, depending on what what your situation is there so that’s all the time i got To talk about controls right now got a lot more gameplay that i’m, showing you either in this video or other videos. But i just wanted to do kind of a quick uh tutorial. I guess or a breakdown of what the controls are a lot more complex than battlefront 2.