This is this: week’s pay promoter, snippet, Music Applause like what you heard be sure to click down below in the description and also feel free to email. Us at comic submission 401 at gmail, shout out to everybody out there in the world. You guys could be anywhere in the world, but you’re here with us right now at this moment, and we appreciate the complex ambition, so my name is way. I am bringing you another review and reaction this time around two germain motherfucking cole. He is back two pack, two pack um last time he did. This, i believe, was false prophets and um. I forgot the other record, but he does typically does this to roll out of album yeah, but he doesn’t. Never, he puts his songs. He never puts the songs in the album exactly because even with a middle child, who was a single people were like? Oh, but then that was a single, but it was on the album. But it was the group album the group effort yeah, but it still ended up being, i think, to this day his biggest song, which is so crazy yeah, which is like wow. You wish you would have thought that had that single for his album one of his personal albums, but he has it and then he dropped recently the song uh addressing uh, no name, but i guess it’s, not the single he’s saying that these are the first official Two songs off of his project: oh wow! He hasn’t done this in years, uh interesting.

Why he’s doing this? I have no fucking idea and even the timing. What was yesterday uh what uh uh wednesday wednesday july 22nd 10 p.m. Eastern time i don’t know when dmx was battling snoop dogg in the versus battle yeah. You know the world was clocked in on that, but damn we had to pause real, quick and say: fuck germaine cole dropped yeah. I don’t know what’s going on and it’s it’s it’s right now, during a time where kanye is going through things and jermaine is getting backlash and backlash off the no name shit and we just seen uh drake drop a two pack this weekend as well. Drake dropped the two pack with khalid um, and i see that drake is shouting him out. Yeah drake, shouting him out and like commenting on his photos, saying damn cole, i got this early or i’ve been playing this in my pool, pool vibe some shit. So i was like whoa what’s, going on he’s, giving his pool vibes full vibes like he got pulled eyes with this. This record these records, or whatever song it was, i don’t think gold was ever given his pool. You know what i’m saying that’s, why you know niggas niggas came ready just in case i had to take a nap of my nigga that’s right. I hate whatever what they say. Last time, niggas in the hub be like j cole got the sleeping music, but you know what i’m saying i had to bring the the but hopefully it’s, not i don’t think that’s what’s going to happen.

I love you, i don’t think it’s going to happen and now he’s talking about that. He might retire after this because we got logic retiring on this. This friday, it’s, like i don’t, know man it’s. The timing of all this shit is is so crazy. I don’t think niggas are obviously copying each other it’s. Just fate like you know, people are doing shit. Naturally, if ko wants to retire he’s gon na retire, we don’t know if he really will but the the same shit. That logic is saying: he’s saying he has a family logic has a family. These niggas are adults. At the end of the day, i hear that this nigga has two kids, two kids man, two kids had no fucking idea, though the fall off coming soon. That reaction is going to be legendary, but for now we’re going to give you this. This is called lewis street. The two pack we’re going to react to two songs separately. This two pack i’m, not sure what’s, going on with the lewis street shit. I looked it up as north carolina lion king on ice that’s. The second record first track was a doozy that shit was crazy. If this nigga spits more bars again, i’m gon na go into a coma. A coma free bars like a like a candy store. That’S going out of business, three bars like someone who’s been in jail, but now they’re innocent eyewitnesses. Oh my let me know.

Let me now keep going. Let me not keep going i’m, not i’m, not it’s! Not me! That’S! Not me that’s not me again with this crazy sample unless that’s ari linux, Music, Music, Music, Music, they pitched her voice, they did something to her voice, but this one here gives me way more single vibes, oh absolutely because of the mounting the melody, the hug, the Flows is very different being way more melodical um playing with his tone more. This is crazy, but then also talking way more greasier than he has like the nigga talking about other rappers and being competitive, and, like you know how long you know, you know how tough it is to to be this hot. This long nigga, like damn nigga like he never talks like this nigga, like he’s, in getting into like his like his like self rewarding bag and like like fuck like this, is dating his position in the game like he has a chip on his shoulder again and It’S really confusing me because it seems the older these people get in this industry, the more the pressure they feel because they have to always live up to their past projects and who they were before and they have to battle their old self. These new fans and and at the same time, he’s trying to grow as an individual trying to seek god more he’s, saying miracle breakdown, time gone, live, but we not on the gram this the land of supply and demand where my young niggas chopping up grams and Them choppers won’t pry from their hands packing.

Lately they got an exam fuck. I love lead pencils. Oh my god. I love lead pencils. I don’t really use the typical ones: the wood shits, no, no, not even a pencil to make it that, on my face too many done died in these parts, so we’re gon na be smart. If we’re trying to see august, some niggas won’t make it past summer, regardless i’m trying my hardest to stack my deposits, these niggas be looking at me like i got it deep down inside, though i still feel as broke as that nigga who just graduated from college Nigga, welcome to the party. Oh, i thought nigga said that shit sound like a whole lambo truck in my stomach bitch i ain’t hungry. This feeling is starving. Oh my god, nick i’m telling you nigga he’s hungry again that’s crazy. This nigga this nigga he’s rapping, like he hasn’t wrapped. Maybe since the tape vibes like this is crazy. Mixtape error, cole he’s got to put ville on the map. We’Ve forgotten got ta hit hoes, you hang up in your locker got ta get rich cause. My granny picked cotton fuck, damn dog the only time i haven’t felt i’m sweating like crazy, yeah, it’s hot man. I haven’t felt like that punch right there. I just got before the only time i felt it was last time when dmx was doing this freestyle yeah fuck got ta make hits cause. If not, then i’m flopping got ta stay me and the process and he’s battling that self reflection that really that internal dilemma there, man and it’s like you – can turn somebody crazy, look at kanye and i don’t think he’s gon na not do that.

I think i might he’s saying that shit, but he might have a couple hits coming too, like he knows, he’s playing with that shit like oh, i don’t need hits but he’s like huh. I can make them shits, though, like he’s on some like different shit here. It’S almost evil, but i love it though niggas this me. It was nonsense. I sat him down like his father. Oh my god talk about a little pump nigga! Oh my god! Oh my god! If you want to check our reaction to that song, where he talked to lil pump check that out who the fuck i heard one of them just me, i’m surprised. I ain’t seen my reply. Come man. Let me talk with you. Congrats cause. You made it out. Your mama’s house, i hope you make enough to buy your mama house. You get so much props you just a 17 year old, lame ass jet. Did you ever feel like uh like damn? Why are you like almost like? Why are you choosing this dude over me? Like no yeah that’s, okay, this nigga sat little pumped down he’s sunday nigga. Oh my god. Oh shit, listen to this shit! I’M scared too. My nigga asked why you bother. We should have caught him and mobbed him. Oh, my god, i said we got ta move smarter, don’t, wan na be the reason for one more sad song. I try to warn niggas they wouldn’t last long.