It’S called downtown beloit alfresco on grand grand avenue between state and pleasant will be shut down every friday and saturday between four and nine pm. Restaurants will provide outdoor dining retail shops will have outdoor sales. Social distancing guidelines will still be in place, organizers, say it’s about getting more customers for those hurt by corona during the colvin pandemic, it’s really hard for our restaurants in downtown beloit to have maximum capacity seating and also our retailers. You know there’s a limit on how many customers they can have inside of their businesses, so we really wanted to showcase that they kept. They are open and ready for customers. Alfresco on grand will run through the end of october. Humidity is expected to pick up this weekend. We could see some storms too candace tracks it out for us coming up in your first warm weather, forecast that’s. Next now, your first warn weather forecast with chief meteorologist candice king, just a beautiful picture coming in to us from our murciela sky track camera up in beloit wisconsin.

Here this evening, a few clouds out there, temperatures comfortable in the low to mid 80’s for a lot of us 82 degrees right now in freeport, monroe 84 in janesville, rockford 83. Right now in rochelle we’ve had a light breeze coming in here this evening. Kind of shifting around to the south and the southeast still comfortable, although it’s been noticeably warmer than what it’s been the past couple of days.

But i wanted to show you our dew point temperature map, because, while our dew points this afternoon have been in the 60s, you don’t have to go that far over the mississippi river to see those numbers climb into the 70s. That means that moisture is just off to our west and, as our wind shifts a little more to our south later tonight, and during the day tomorrow, it’s going to bump up that humidity. In fact, our temperatures as we go through the afternoon tomorrow, we’ll climb from the 80s about mid to late morning into the upper 80s close to that 90 degree mark tomorrow afternoon, but that rising dew point temperature will push that heat index or what it will feel Like during the day back into the mid 90s, so noticeably warmer and a little bit more uncomfortable for tomorrow, now sunday is where you might feel it the most. We might have a little more cloud cover during the afternoon. Temperatures have a better chance of actually getting into the lower 90s and with that rise in the temperature, the heat index on sunday could come close to that 100 degree mark.

But there is a cold front that will come through and that could actually lead to some showers and thunderstorms late in the day on sunday, more so during the overnight. But that high pressure system focused to our south and southwest this evening pushing that jet stream up to the north, leaving us nice and dry, not only as we go through the night tonight, but for most of the day tomorrow, we’ve got a slight chance for shower.

Thunderstorm, mostly to our west tomorrow afternoon, i forgot to put some pause points in that futurecast, so we just kind of went right by there, but no worries for us tonight. Sprinkle isolated shower coming up tomorrow to our west late in the day and then better chance for some showers and thunderstorms, as we head into sunday so down to 66 degrees for us tonight. Our winds will stay light. We could see a little patchy fog tomorrow, close to 90 turning a little more humid for the afternoon. Temperatures then, as we head into sunday near 92 degrees we’re in the 80s on monday chance for some showers during the early part of the day and then actually drying out monday afternoon, we hang on to just an isolated shower chance, as we head into the middle Part of next week, but temperatures a little more tolerable still in the 80s by next week. Thank you, candace sports is next. Baseball fans are fired up for the start of the season in chicago this evening.

Here’S a live, look outside wrigley field, where the cubs face the brewers, scott leber will join us once again with a live preview. Next now the mapleton sports desk, with samantha, rivera and baseball star fans, will finally get their wish tonight. The 2020 season opens for chicago’s baseball teams on both sides of the city. On the south side, the white sox will host the twins. On the north side. The cubs will host the brewers.

Scott leber is outside wrigley field. He joins us. Now live scott yeah. You know the opening day was supposed to be march 26 for the cubs. Here we are four months later, almost and we’re finally going to be playing ball at wrigley field. Here tonight, i’ll tell you what we are going to set one record tonight for the warmest home opener in chicago’s baseball history. As far as fans goes well. Typically, it would just be pat down here right now and well. You know there’s some activity going on because it’s a gorgeous friday night in chicago, but there are some cub fans milling around who just want to be here hanging out at the ballpark now it’s only a 60 game season, so anything can happen in the national central Division with the cubs brewers, cardinals and reds all looking strong on paper should be a tough division, but with an expanded, playoff field, the chances are strong that two or even three teams from the division could get in the cubs didn’t get into the playoffs last year.

They changed managers, but that was the only major change. So what are the expectations of cub fans this season, expectations for the cubs? They have to be good david ross, natural leader coming into his first season, do awesome they got ross as their uh manager. He knows those guys they respect him. I really think that it’s anybody’s world series to win and now that we’re expanding the playoffs it’s really more, who doesn’t make it? So i think the cubs have plenty of talent to get in the playoffs i’m pretty optimistic.

Hopefully, you know the veterans they’ll be okay. With this short schedule, kyle hendricks makes the start for the cubs tonight it’s his first opening day start of his career he’s, pitched well against the brewers in his career. They’Ll. Try to get the david ross sarah off to a strong start, theo epstein says he loves the way ross has navigated the team so far through the pandemic, in a short training camp, we’re, proud of david and in the job that he’s done and um. You know couldn’t couldn’t have asked for more so far, and you know i think he’s. He already had the respect of everyone around here because of his presence, but even with the new guys, he’s uh he’s won them over and we’re. Certainly a united group with a leader that we’re proud of right now so we’ll see if the new era starts with the w here tonight.

Game time is 6 10.