One we’ll come back here and that’s out now, really good historically good swinging to miss by here means christian, yellow just bad spring when he has to face his own team, lead off hitter but get used to it. David ross told us balls in two strikes to chris bryant dexter, fowler, very difficult to find rhythm in anyone, not what it takes to be a championship player, as opposed to bases empty. Two here at two are four layers: alex brewer saw it as an opportunity yep, where he’s now struck out 15 batters last year on that pitch two holiday for the second highest total in franchise history and into the right field corner of the five time. Courville focused as a pitch maker shaper of pitches kind of falling two strikes to the new brewer, obviously garcia, as a strikeout pitch speedy recovery no doubt liking how this one has started for kyle those slip out there into a rooftop seat tonight. Why not? There? Those seats are packed. The middle nice backhanded pick by karen statistics back that up he’s improved greatly in the outfield the last couple of years. Braves, the early game seen here on espn, oh glover, he’s got that part covered for the strike zone and the brewers will turn that 182 homers.

278, batting average long and the spin rate creates that, and he throws the same pitch. He paid throws stay aggressive, very comfortable at home. As you can see, 2.

61 career. The kyle hendricks is early first of the ball game for the brewers, but we’ve seen him. Do this kind of thing, that’s, awesome, jason, hayward, shy of the warning track: 22, homers, 278 batting average, so longers they’ll get the bottom third of the cubs order to victor carratini in this first of 60 games for the cubs this year. With that, our guards got it back to john brick from slap shot like a hockey team major league time at the end of the year as a september call up and squirts through. Second vapor number one draft choice, switch hitter, explosive, athleticism, quite a different story. It looks like hap is going to stay hot, oh glover, he’s got that part covered the strike zone and the brewers will turn that one shifts right. Defensive realignments. He flied the center to start the first. After a long at bat. He’S got that part covered the strike zone, and the brewers will turn that one on the ian half two run homer one out base is empty in the next third for sogard and outnumbered opening day into one of the two inning ending double plays turned by the Brewers in this game, didn’t need it with two out buster told me something very interesting. He said the men that drafted this young man jeffrey laurier, opening day – oh no, it was a great contract for them and the marlins, and then they traded him to milwaukee and here’s kesten.

Here now not only do we know he doesn’t throw very hard. His average fastballs are noteworthy and matty. You mentioned eight look at that that’s a, but he breaks more bats than a guy that’s. Throwing 96 because of the deception, soft stuff and spinners and smoke is just quick, easy work of the brewers bats tonight in the open, brandon woodruff’s going to get a quick strikeouts, but strikes like that. One no matty vike know we mentioned this earlier – that brandon woodruff, really t, mlb ron, garcia and narvaez here for one of the few sharply hit balls needs more kyle hendricks. You need to develop more play, pitchers Applause, so kyle hendricks, doing it with ground balls in homer. It came in the bottom of the third good change up that time swung on a miss pitcher’s not hitting anymore. Fattini has one into the corner and right farm side. Bearing in four full count, pitch d and half got him on change. Ups ex comforts of the midwest league bug the mb thing wasn’t happening. Then they finally decided to bring back the m b out of offensive support behind him. Two swings both for home runs, and this is chin’s own way to describe it. Saying five bucks a hit that’s a lot of sound at 90, faster than hendricks fastball side it’d be hard to counter that face that karen’s off justin smokes call today what say you i never bet against the cards bobby wall is the new pitcher for the brewers And he’s piano, you know oh, but smoke can’t get enough of it.

You know what let’s give the ball an opening day for bryant and another quick avi garcia is able to run it down the loss against the dodgers one shot in the third. All kyle hendricks is needed facing lorenzo cain to the ivy, a ball in a sent, but literally they haven’t turned the lights on down there. Today, complete games and and according to jesse, the last one it made shot back to hendricks and one goddess volunteer, strikes the count to omar narvaea. You sense that the right side to the infield to win the site young this year, a lot of offensive support behind him. Two swings both for home runs, has had a lot of offensive support behind him things both for home runs. I mean this is a tune up those 2 0. The walk the way kyle’s going so see it on the back side of his glove. Everything checked out. Okay, what would the objection be there that the straps are too long yeah? So as a hitter, if the straps are too long or if they’re, bending the change up blown away, missed with it full count, fallen, two strikes to county in half that trouble out of offensive support behind him. Two swings both for home runs. I mean this is, and you were just hoping this year. You don’t have that issue, because there are no fans right again. A reliever, a new pitcher into a game has to all year long, the last day of the season.

Some players might have reacted adversely to that, but for jp two and two and a swing ron, garcia and narvaez. Here for one of the few sharply hit balls, you know i’m, a boys club manager right i’m. Your friend do whatever you want. He had cubs games and it’s always great there, but how many nights have we had cubs games when it’s either raining Applause, reliable and consistent as they get buster his catchphrase with uh with his hitting coach anthony ipos the ball, the offseason conditioning he is at his Very best the only guy that’s had success could be two instead, not arcia, two balls and no strikes in the batter’s box.