But what many don’t realize is that the individual teams, players and drivers have actually quite a bit of overlap. This starts with the customary first pitch at games. This usually is performed by a famous person, politicians or any other athletes from any other sports leagues like, for instance, nascar. So when nascar comes to town, it’s common to see drivers being a team’s honorary guest for the day or night, one driver who is commonly throwing the first pitch is actually austin. Dillon dylan has thrown the first pitch for multiple teams such as the chicago white sox. The washington nationals and the arizona diamondbacks along with dylan there’s, also other one off appearances at different parks, 2003 champion matt kenza, threw the first pitch of the philadelphia phillies game back in 2016 that they were playing. It was the game the week before that year, citizen soldier 400 at dover, kyle larson also threw the first pitch at the boston red sox game back in 2015 and also at a chicago white sox game in 2018. The week before his historic slide, job finish, brad keselowski threw out the first pitch for the cincinnati reds in june of 2013., the reds being a team that actually threw a nascar themed, knight and martin sharks. Jr also did the first pitch for the colorado rockies, as he was a special guest for the team that day as well.

But there is one team in the mlb that is king of having guests for baseball games, the chicago cubs.

There have been more good and bad guest appearances with the chicago cubs than any other team can count. This is obviously including nascar and let’s start with the bad jeff, gordon in 2005, singing the seventh inning stretch, and you know just roll the footage and you’ll see it’s great to be here, wrigley stadium. You guys ready to do this a one, a two, a three take me out: Music, me: Music, oh Applause, god that was awful, but what hasn’t been awful are some of the other appearances in 2019 ryan blaney threw out the first pitch of the cubs game, mimicking Cubs pitcher, craig kimbrell what’s ironic about this is that the cleveland indians are bellany’s favorite baseball team, the team that the chicago cubs beat in the 2016 world series to break their 108 year losing streak, but enough about opposing fans. What about actual cubs fans, for instance? Danica patrick was and is a cubs fan, who also threw out the first pitch in a game, but the king of nascar, cubs fans is and forever shall be 2004 champion. Kirk bush bush has been extremely public about his cubs fandom and while showing up at other parks and other jerseys, he always has a cub shirt on underneath the man also has a plethora of cubs facts and info behind him. So if you’re a cubs fan – and you see him at the track – you really should talk to him.

He will 100 be down to talk cubs with you trust me.

I can say it from experience now: it’s, not only individual drivers who go to throw out the first pitch or do a crossover one of the biggest mergers in nascar history actually had to do with one team in nascar being historic, forming with one historic baseball team. Roush fenway racing the merger connects jack roush with the boston red sox. These are two of the most historical teams in both of their respective sports and leagues. This isn’t something that just happens every day, there’s also other mlb connections as well. La dodgers, cody, bellinger and alex wood, also gave nascar a shot in a segment for the la dodgers. There have also been some interesting merchandise options combining these two sports. There was a line of nascar themed baseballs that actually was sold at one point. That would be colored the same as a driver’s car and have their number on it, as well as their signature. Mlb team centered diecasts also were sold at one point, but diecast only scratched the surface of baseball themed schemes in 2000 bobby labonte ran an all star game themed car. This would lead into some of the most iconic schemes of the early 2000s dale earnhardt jr ran the mlb all star schemes for five straight seasons from 2001 to 2005, and everybody knows what he did in the 2001 rendition turn four final lap of the pepsi michael Waltrip in second but it’s going to be dale earnhardt jr, using lessons learned from his father to go from sixth to first and score the victory in the pepsi 400.

, very, very nice. In 2002 he drove an all star scheme again, as did he in 2003 and again in 2004, and for his final, all star scheme junior left, the tradition to end in style through three and four dale earnhardt jr has struggled all season, but today, the great now In 2015, the kansas city royals also won big with that year’s world series. This was spotlighted in nascar by another super fan. Royal super fan, clint boyer boyer had royals everything on at this time hell the only times i saw him at the 2015 fall martinsville race. He was decked out head to toe in kc everything, but believe it or not. This all leads back to dale earnhardt back in 1994, the mob was on strike, meaning that many people in the industry had nothing to do and had a lot of time on their hands. So hunting was an option that jody davis had with his friend dale earnhardt. This led to future world series, winning royals manager, ned yost, meeting and befriending the six time winston cup champion at the time and the results well. Ned yost wears a tribute on his back. It is a reminder of a fallen friend who showed yost the depth of the term competing. It is a tribute to dale earnhardt and the myriad life lessons he offered. I’Ve met a lot of people in my career. I’Ve met four presidents. I’Ve met a lot of movie stars, a lot of country, singers, world class comedians, but i’ve never met anybody like dale earnhardt.

He was the ultimate competitor. He was the intimidator, but his heart was as big as any room. You could walk in yost met earnhardt in the late 80s through jody davis, his teammate in the mets organization, and an old hunting. Buddy davis met big e on a hunting trip years before and asked yost once if he could bring a friend along on a hunt. They had planned unbeknownst to yost, it was earnhardt, they became fast friends, it’s great to hear about their relationship. Dad and jody were extremely close and i think dad and ned ended up becoming good friends as as jody and dad were. He just really enjoyed that little circle. Those guys all had the same common interests. That was definitely a part of dad’s life that he really enjoyed and he enjoyed those relationships. Those were those were his guys once you got to know dale um, he was an extremely special person. He had a different aura around him, a different spirit around him, but i just loved his competitiveness. I loved the way that you know he went about his business with his focus and his intensity. The relationship deepened during the 1994 major league baseball strike suddenly yost had time on his hands. Ned yost during the 1994 season spent the final eight races of the year as a full time: crew member with dale earnhardt in a three car. So, for the last eight races, i was a rehydration engineer on dale’s race team and it was the most special experience that i’ve ever had.

I got to tell you the first time that he handed the water in. I believe, if you remember, he flipped it upside down and uh in dale’s lap and there’s, like i’m done now, i’m dead, i’m dead man being around earnhardt. That season redefined commitment to excellence for yoast, fierce competitor and uh that’s, where him and dale were so much alike. They were both very competitive. You could almost sense that there was some destiny for ned, yost and ned said he thought he knew. What being a competitor was, but what he saw happen with dale earnhardt down the stretch as earnhardt was about to win his seventh championship, taught him about what being a competitor really meant. Bobby cox taught me how to you know, interact with people and how to treat people and how to manage baseball games. Teddy simmons taught me the game and dale earnhardt taught me how to compete. Dale senior also is a huge braves fan and the kannapolis native actually had a team in his town named after him, the kannapolis intimidators, but unfortunately, someone had a problem with it and the team had to be forced to rename their organization.