, and i can tell that there must be some extra loot in this one because, on the top is a bowman card that we got building cards. I know but they’re extra right, or did we get bowman cards on the break? I think so did we. They opened bowman. Oh that’s right. This was like a mixer type thing: yeah, okay, got it all right, so we got harley bios nice player, um yeah, another cubby, i don’t know who he is um. We got that poor hammers. Now these are from last year, so these are um extra and hat to davis, um, some cubs udavis. Oh, we got some of these cards, listen contrast and kaioshova cool there’s. Some more got that i have an absolute rookie card, another one of them now as well. Again, chris bryant bowman card that’s, really nice and one of chris buying don rush cards and another dinos one and anthony rizzo there’s. The big hits from it. I think. Okay, this is a big hit: booming chrome, there’s, someone wait! These are extra. I like that. We pulled these in like a it, was like a mixer break or something yeah, yeah bowman rookie card that’s awesome. We got an autograph that was in it from the chicago chintana mm. Hmm, i remember that one yeah and the answer was a relic run out of this one, and then we pulled it.

Yeah yeah nice you’re good at pulling anthony rizzo relics mm.

Hmm i put on lily last video, so i think this next break is just from yeah the uh 2020., but i pulled i pulled the anthony wizard out here. You should have a lot more packs in that box all right, so this was from our 2020. I think, oh, i see a bonus i’m gon na put that that way. So let me get the tape off i’ll. Give you the commons for now Music it’s. Now this guy like a backwards gun so that’s very nice. I love that card and i have another one, because i still have a box outfit and i’m guaranteed every caught in the set. These songs are stream um as well rookie card, and we we got ta only banks um inside anthony rizzo inside okay. These are all the base cards i’m. Pretty sure. Then we got a walker off with foreign one landed: wick, chad, chatwood g davis, inhab jason hayward, listen to the travis in ha victor caratini, one wit, victor carrottini, chad, chatwood udavish. Wishing concerns, i mean hat, listen: hayward! Chatwood you darvish ian hat missing and then there was a second one of these, so that was that and then here’s. This check that out show the camera a bonus from the brake brothers. Yeah i’ll open this up let’s see what they gave us. They always throw stuff out no bi, anthony wizzo, kb dinosaur, 19 and hat bowman draft and christmas game awesome.

Thank you for the bonus break brothers that’s your loot from the last two breaks.

I think we have one more on the way that we’ll have to show when he gets here.