Music. Oh man, is that electric that’s quiet i like that what’s the lag out there corey. It is bumpy hot and bumpy huh. Today we are going to be flying with corey robin if you haven’t, already heard of corey, go check out his youtube channel where he flies his carbon cubby x around the back country with the flying cowboys. All right do you have any questions: you’re, a pilot, yeah, okay, so i’ll just uh just flies. If you know what’s going on, i don’t have to explain much but feel free to ask anything i’m happy to do that. Yeah we’ll fly with the window open, but we’ll that’ll keep us a little slow we’ll be a little slow other than that. Let’S just go find have a little fun. I want to scout the river. I think there i saw a river a little a little ways over there and see if i can find a cool sandbar just because it’s nicer all right. You got me on the intercom yeah i’m, just trying to figure out the mic with the mask right. It’S. The first time, all right, first time in a cup – oh yeah, well it’s uh, it’s, a different kind of cub, because i’ve got this thing pretty well modified and uh we’ll just go up poop around the sky, a little bit and have some fun.

What do you say i say it’s awesome let’s go! Do it? Okay, steer my field traffic black and orange super cubs, taking off on the grass right hand, side of the runway.

You ready yep wow, now hold on a second. Did you see how corey did that? Take off watch again as he applies. Full power pushes the stick full forward to lift the tail and then once he has enough speed, he chucks the flaps to full extension and pulls back to get the aircraft airborne. Music wow a little bit yeah don’t, have to blow out our ears mark super cubs red cross, win runway, one: seven yeah the seat’s swinging yeah, your butt will swing around there’s that guy on final where’s, yeah, okay, i’m right there. Oh thank you all right! That window likes to shut yeah that thing got off fast. I don’t think we even took half. I think we were probably about uh. I don’t know 125 feet on the roll i’ve got the prop set up for crews, so it’s really fighting air hard and i don’t get all the rpm or horsepower out of it. So, okay, i think it cost us about 60 feet. Maybe i don’t know that’s a lot yeah all right, let’s go find this river up here, good for other airplanes. You might be on final, real, quick here before we turn right i’m going to pull up for a flight here, see if i can get reception and traffic.

If you want to connect, i have uh the garmin um it’ll, probably manifest on your bluetooth as a gdl’. It’Ll give you traffic and weather and everything: okay, looking for it: okay, yeah it’s a hot day: i’m human i’m gon na get a little lower, so it was like the first time.

You know you started that country flying uh. You know i the first back country experience. I had i owned a boonie and i took it up to idaho and landed. It turned out the radio a little bit. I landed at a field called johnson, creek and it’s iconic it’s, absolutely so beautiful there that and everybody else at that strip. Had you know a super cub or a highlander yeah, fox or whatever, and there were some rvs and some other aircraft types there didn’t get anything in there really but uh. I kind of fell in love with the the back country and i just wanted to do more and so that’s when i started shopping around for a bush plane – and you know this was i don’t know 15 years ago, or so i think wow it’s long long Time ago, yeah so i’ve just been kind of doing it ever since it’s a lot of fun, and it keeps you on your toes. It really teaches you that the fundamentals that you learn in your private pilot’s license are so important. You know slow flight flying behind the power curve turns around the point ground reference maneuvers, you know keeping center line.

You know those basic skills are important in the back country and it makes it fun to practice those things that you’re, like you know, when you’re out solo and as a private pilot you’re like man, this is boring, it kind of sucks yeah.

So, just i think, back country makes people better pilots and i love that aspect of it, but really what i love is i connect with the the outside being outside the nature of it yeah so where it can take you yeah, i just you know, it’s such A great vehicle for for landing anywhere. This is kind of an interesting field right here, i’ve got a hunting app and if we find a spot where we might want to land, we can look and see who owns it. If it’s public land it’s gone wow, i didn’t know there’s an app for that. Yeah it’s it’s, just the hunting, is called uh. Let me look, i think it’s called hunter x or something, but it shows you property, ownership and that’s. Really the only thing like if you’re landing off airport to be legal, you want to land on private property. If you have permission, but public land is pretty much fair game. There are some like wilderness study areas. You want to stay away from so you can look at the designations, but if any other motor vehicles allowed there you’re allowed there so that’s pretty awesome. That is awesome. I love just you know being on youtube and seeing guys just land their plane on the road.

You know there’s there’s, a road right there, yeah let’s go check it out, that’s that i don’t know if there’s power lines running on it, but Music, so we’ll have to land just close to the trees here, Music.

So you just get the airplane, nice and slow. Oh look, there’s a little gap, we can shoot that’ll make you funner, and so at this point, i’m looking for like fence posts, things that’ll just ruin your day. Yeah we got a pretty good wind here. I think there’s something at the end there. That looks like a power line: yeah yeah i’m, not worried about those we’ll climb up out of that way there and when you’ve got a crosswind, you want to not necessarily be super close to trees. You feel that verbal right there yeah so now right about here that verbal end so now, i’m, looking ahead for like fence posts and obstacles and hey just set her down no big deal wow, so that’s that’s that catcher flying you know that’s, amazing, so, i’m. Sorry, we couldn’t find a river for a better spot, but at least we got a back country landing in yeah it’s, the most back country i’ve done – and i just i just fly 172 every now and then and oh that’s, awesome airport to airport – and this is Like a whole different experience, also my first second time in a tail driver, oh cool, the first time i was in that steerman earlier.

Oh, that yeah steerings are awesome, holy cow that turbulence yeah, actually just go ahead and shut this window, yeah go for it. No, i got it just waiting for the bumps to not let smack my hand yeah.

I got that one latch. Thank you all right, so we’ll just kind of enter the pattern here that steerman so what’s the stall speed. On this thing i heard it’s pretty slow yeah. You know it really depends on a lot of factors, your weight and things like that. But right you know right now: we’re, probably looking about 35 to 40 miles an hour yeah we’re, just going to kind of fly a little west of the field and kind of do a normal pattern: entry, Music, Music, Music. You know! If you get an engine failure there, engine failure, i mean it’s scary, i don’t even know where you would go right, there’s, just hopefully you’re above the beach or something yeah that would factor into my flight planning. Do you factor that in when you kind of pick your spots of where you’re going to go a little bit um? Well the good thing about florida? Is we got a lot of airports along the east coast like a whole bunch of them just stringing and they’re big airports? So usually, if you keep enough altitude you’re in flying range of at least one or two at a time? Okay? Well, if you see any traffic, let me know i don’t see anybody coming at us on a downwind.

I don’t see anybody on finals so i’m, just going to make a right base entry now, it’s, good and before flight looks clear corey. I have you inside i’m, following you, roger roger who’s, that this is colin.

How are you i’m good man, good job, good, to hear you we’ll land on the little strip and see if i can get it stopped in 150 feet, which is a challenge because they put a fence right at the end? So i can’t drag it in like they do in a competition that wind is bumpy i’m hot, too i’m gon na slow, her down and split. How is that grass cory it’s good, a little 150 foot strip’s a bit of a challenge that’s? What i like to play on, but the long one’s nice there’s a long grass too yeah. I think the long one’s like 1800 feet right on the right side of one seven, you just land on the number one seven just to the right of it. Yeah we’ll take that uh Music, steerman fields, uh niner, nine or six two tango i’m uh, two out final straight in one seven grass wow. That was the shortest line. I’Ve ever done, not that i did it, but oh my german traffic, black corn super cubes crossing Music, nice landing man thanks. That was awesome Music. I would like to thank corey once again for taking isabella and i up in the carbon cub with him.