Now this is the exact same airframe and plane as the hobby zone, carbon cub 2, which is the silver uh carbon cub s2. Sorry, which is the silver and yellow one, and i just recently purchased the newest one with the new esc, but it’s still on back order, so i had it hasn’t arrived yet, but anyways. This is the exact same plane as far as the airframe, the motor. I believe is the same um, of course, but the new one has a new res, a new new esc, smart esc. It has better landing gear and there are better uh hunter tires: they’re softer and uh, but basically the same airframe they’re gon na they’re gon na fly the same. This is probably my favorite plane and uh there’s a story behind this plane. For me um. This is actually the fourth this plane you’re seeing right now is the fourth time i have purchased this plane, this red and white carbon s2. Our carbon carbon sport uh. Oh, i can’t stay park zone, sport, cub s2. This is the fourth time i purchased this plane. Two of these planes, my very first one and my second one – are both in woods. Lost control went flying as way back when i first started learning and uh. I lost control when it was way too windy and she went down. They both went down in the same woods in almost the same spot, but private land and couldn’t see him there’s no way.

I could find her find either one of them and the sad thing is, and even if i would have got permission it wasn’t too long after that that time that we had some major hurricanes come through and just destroyed all that land. So, even if i would have been able to find them i’m sure they wouldn’t have been any good and and when airplanes like this, this foam and the bat they sit in the sun. For you know it’s been years now, they would be completely complete junk anyways. Everything will be rusted and no good and so dried out that wouldn’t be usable but uh. This is probably one of the best little beginner plan. Like i say in the new carbon uh sport us carbon cub s2, which is the hobby of the hobby zone. One is a very good, very good, beginner plane be nice if i learn how to land um great beginner plane, especially with the safe technology and everything that’s in it. This plane here does not have safe. It only has the a3x bouncy, bouncy and that’s. What came with it’s a bind and fly that’s kind of fun got a nice little roll rate on her she’ll. Do a knife edge when i’m thinking about doing it so talking and narrating there we go, but right now, let’s um. Let me show you how you do a coordinated turn i’m going to turn off to the let’s, see if we can do that again, i’m, going to turn back towards the runway here.

Well, that wasn’t a good example of one there pretty good one and what that is you’re, trying to turn the model trying to turn the model flat, see and and on like almost like two dimensional and that’s great for cubs, because when you turn a cub too Slow when you do an aileron turn with a cub there’s, a nice flat turn for you great flat, turn right there when you turn a cub with a with a rudder um, i mean sorry, i am i’m not talking right today when you turn a cub using The ailerons and you’re going too slow, yeah they’re very prone to tip stocks, especially the cubs, with the with the curved wings they’re very bad about that, but uh. Now, if you have the plane balanced well, you know like right now: i’m turning just the rudder. Just a little bit of correction with the ailerons and they’re an elevator a little bit of correction, mainly using that rudder that’s. My main turning tool right now trying to keep her nice and level and flat, as i can Music, see, that’s what i’m doing and that’s the safest way to turn a cub. You know, honestly, it is see i tried to turn the aileron a little bit. She almost tip stalled on me, so i’m going pretty slow, all right, what’s our timer say got a minute right now. I am running a china hobby 2200 um three cylinder which 2200 in this this plane here about as big as you’re going to want to ever get really 1300 is probably perfect.

1300 1800 would be about perfect. 2200 is a little piggish, but i like the i like the flight time. I get and i’ll be honest, tail dragger on a windy day on on a slick, uh runway. Just whatever way you luck out on whether she tracks good for you or not. Your turn. They’Re using my rudder all right come on give me a break all right. Well, there you go boy, the wind is kicking up. Well, thank you for watching folks. This is fat.