First, a roll is really close. Is it hit her up a little high holy smokes yeah it’s, very docile in here suicide roll yeah? Well, not if you’re, three mistakes high yeah, but wait why? I think it might be actually good for you because it’s not twitchy like the cub, was no. No! No i’m moving my stick back and forth a half an inch more and more cut Music Applause, Music until it stalled Music watch out. When i turned down yeah, it was pretty quick wasn’t that i’ve just been too long and like. After all, these fly really nice. At half Applause Applause bearings sound. Like oh yeah. The bearings are bad they’re full of rust. There was mud still in the motor when i took it apart last week, yeah mud yeah. I cleaned it out with a toothbrush and alcohol lubed it up with three. In one oil that’s hands free right there, nice yeah, don’t, blame him something about the size of my cup. Don’T have to pop the wing off. Why don’t you glue the wing on permanent, like if i need to get it open? Music Applause, yep, oh Music Applause.