Here we go yes, too there’s, so many they’re, so cute hello, scared of all the animals like this beautiful little bird. What happens he’s gon na freak out. Imagine he flies in yet he’s. Just cruising with us. He’S a bee eater – oh god, he’s gon na he’s gon na nibble, on your face, yeah that’s, why we come back they’re all coming around again hello, oh so many update from the cevite marsh yeah, as you are doing swelling up right here. I got like some kind of uh rash, rash i’ve been attacked by something some kind of deadly rash inducing beetle. Oh jesus doesn’t look good. Do you think we must go back like scarface let’s just keep an eye on it, and i have something at the lodge yeah we’re driving here and we’re, trying to figure out how many elephants, at least a hundred and now it just comes to the clearing where They like it’s a herd, i swear to god. It must be over 100 just in that herd. Yeah that’s insane. Maybe if you stop yeah so hectic i’ve, never seen that many! Never in my life, that’s insane. Look at that yo yo, yo, that’s, so hectic that’s. So crazy that one looks big. Whenever we debate this large life, we don’t put enough weight on the situation right now we have a little feast to ourselves: homemade, bread, it’s, still hot it’s, warm it’s, warm from the oven or quiche tuna, salad, normal salad juice.

We made coffee and then a whole lot of cheeses and cold meats, yeah it’s, really nice, so good i’m gon na cut another slice of this fresh bread. I feel like i could just sit here until really for the game drive and snack that elephant like there. He is you see him yeah he’s like right in the car. He must be in musk or something he’s very, like aggressive, like young bull it’s, just going mental like storming that car hello, because it’s like hella windy, it’s like white, like the rain, is coming down. So flat, like contrary, you just see this like white mess, hey yo, hello, we are in the eye of the storm, yeah it’s raining. It is raining so much. I think it could be interesting with the animals around here, because it’s so hot during the day that i think they’re gon na love, this rain, so it’s gon na cool off so let’s see. If maybe we like to, we see something let’s get through. This rain see what we find yeah it’s fun struggles to focus on this. We were just like saying how hectic the rain is and then we’re like the laptop’s so close to the edge of this thing. Yeah we’ve got like a power station that’s right against the wall yeah, but the walls just like sticks, yeah it’s not like. So we were like let’s come back and now i’m so glad we did we’re lucky i’m still dry, but yo you get out the car on you, sopping, wet and so cold, yeah it’s, so so cold.

The temperature went from like 30, something to like 19 degrees. So quickly and it’s, probably low enough adam wants to go for a drive yeah. Definitely i don’t know i don’t know, guess what adam found it’s alive and i’m hoping they kept saying Music. Look at them! Oh, can you believe that yeah, those were young ones eh like three months or something yeah there’s, another line right next to the road what’s going on? Oh geez, then pilot just came running out now the lions just walked away. I think we might see them catch. One i don’t know, but once we’re in the right place at the right time, that is epic, that is freaking, beautiful, Music, wow that’s, so nice, it really looks like there’s a mother ship in there it’s even a rainbow at the end. Oh my gosh yeah, that is nice Laughter. I was like no way let’s just do it, it won’t be too bad and it was like crazy, like the few seconds it took for us to get back to the town got so soaked. Yeah had umbrellas, but the umbrellas nearly broke like yeah. It was yours going like that paddles, so my flip flops are getting stuck. Oh my god, but what a day anyway, i’m gon na go to bed i’m tired, good night Music. So you guys won’t believe this, but there are two lives like right here. Oh my gosh it’s, like they’re, like two meters away three meters away, that’s, just amazing they’re, so relaxed.

Oh, my gosh. Oh, i don’t know what i’m going to tell bricky when i get back. She loves the light. So much is like her favorite, oh there’s, two right here: freaking amazing, the lions have moved off into the shade now over there at that little bush um. So i think i’m gon na head back to camp get some breakfast pretty good morning. Savuti never fails to come through for us, hello. Are you sad, i’m, a little bit sad, it’s kind of it didn’t dawn on me until like now that it’s our last game driving our last game drive? Then, tomorrow we like start making our way home it’s hard too it’s been nice yeah, but i’m excited too, like it’s gon na be awesome, it’s going to be epic yeah it’s, just always like that when it’s the end of like a like a big three month, Trip like that, when you get to the end it’s a little bit, it’s gone so fast yeah, but that’s been really nice yeah. When i think back in all those highlights, wow amazing trip it’s a nice way to end the trip yeah, like our last game, drive, get to see the lions yeah we’ve been looking for them like the whole three months yeah. These are nice, lions, these lions, very relaxed, so chill you should have seen them this morning. I stopped the car and moved the car three times that did nothing. Didn’T flinch, the wind just rolled onto his back snoring, so close he’s awake this one we’re a little bit pressed for time.

Man we’re gon na wake up; oh he’s, so big! Oh, i just wanted to look this way. I might be too close, mr lion, that works on his airbrush. It doesn’t work with the lion, so on lion lion, no don’t aggravate him. Oh he’s beautiful! This is a nice one. This is an older one than the ones we saw before. Oh he’s, beautiful, oh i’m, so scared of him, i’m scared, he’s, so big, so tracking lines like this from morning to evening is relatively easy because the lines don’t move that much during the heat of the day. So, even if they do move to look for shade or shelter, they won’t move that far the trick is to get out relatively early and find them before they awaken Applause, Music um. That was such a good way to end. This trip amazing, like i couldn’t, think of a better way. I walked around the car and it was so close, so close like right. Next to it, it could have like touched. The card was so close and it’s, so big it’s, so big that you can like see the back yeah it’s like higher than the window it’s. So insane i was like it’s going to jump in and kill you.