Let’S grab our gear and hit the trail Music. All right guys so we’ve taken our first break. We thought we’d dive right into the essentials. Now, one of the most important essentials to bring with you is water. You always want to make sure that you stay hydrated out on the trail and, if you’re already thirsty well it’s, already kind of too late. You need to get some liquids in you now it’s important to remember when you’re hydrating not to chug the water we’re, not in a competition to see how much of your water you can drink the fastest, but go ahead and take little sips to make sure that Your body stays hydrated and your mouth doesn’t feel dry. Now, the next essential to make sure that you have with you is a whistle now whistle seems like kind of a weird thing to put in the list of essentials. But if you get lost – and you need to try to find your other people that you’re hiking with you could get really tired, really fast trying to yell out for help, but with the whistle you could blow on that whistle all day now. The next essentially should have with you is a first aid kit. Now. First, aid kit is very important because we want to be able to take care of any bumps or cuts or bruises that we get along the trail and be able to take care of them right away.

Now i encourage every single one of my scouts to carry an ifak, an individual first aid kit. Now, if you need help figuring out what to put in your individual first aid kit check in the comments down below Music now, next up, you want to make sure you’ve got some sun protection. Now we found kind of a shady spot to take a break but we’re all out wearing our scout hats. Now scout hat is a good option, but sunglasses and sunscreen those are also great options for sun protection. Now, if you’ve been involved in scouts in any length of time, you know that scouts run on their stomachs trail. Food is another important thing to bring with you on the hike. Now we may have just had lunch and hit the trail, but no doubt a scout’s going to get hungry, make sure you pack a snack, remember when you’re done with your snack leave no trace. So the next thing you want to make sure you bring with you is a flashlight check now we’re out hiking in the middle of the day, i don’t think it’s going to get dark. I expect to be done before it gets dark, but you never know just remember. A scout is always prepared so that just about covers the cub scout six essentials. Now our hike’s just about done and we’re going to head back to my truck but i’ve got a little bonus for you. I’Ve got the last four essentials that you need in order to fulfill the scouts.

Bsa 10 essentials let’s, head back to the truck and i’ll share the last four essentials with Music Music. Now the next four essentials are designed for older scouts. So the first of the next four essentials is a pocket knife. Now i’ve got two different ones with me. Today, i’ve got a standard, folding knife, but i’ve also got a multi tool, it’s good, to have some options when you’re out on the trail. Now the next is rain gear now we’re out hiking at noon in the middle of july. Do i think it’s going to rain no, but we always need to be prepared so i’m carrying this lightweight waterproof rain jacket with me now recently we were visiting some family out in colorado. Now it was a nice sunny day about 90 degrees, but all of a sudden the clouds came in and we had thunderstorms with hail, so you never know bring your rain gear next. With me, i’m carrying a map and compass now technology is great, but technology can fail. I’M filming this on my cell phone i’ve got maps program. I’Ve got gps program, i’ve got a compass program, but if i run out of batteries or something happens to my phone, i want to be able to navigate my way back home. So a map and compass is always essential to bring with you, while you’re out on a hike and finally, we want to make sure we have something to start a fire again be prepared.

Now with me today, i found this little pill bottle and i filled it with strike anywhere matches and i glued a little piece of sandpaper to the top. So i can. I can strike the matches on here and i also have one of these sparking fire starters again. Do i anticipate needing to start a fire on the back little trail hike? No, but what’s. The scout motto be prepared. Alright scouters don’t forget to like this video share.