He led the league or excuse me down to you darvish to kyle hendricks. He opted to hand the ball to kyle hendricks for the opening day. Some help defensively the cubs brought to you by toyota line up this way behind the plate. It’S wilson, contreras back to back mentioned, is kyle hendricks it’s brought to you by budweiser this bud’s. For you what happened advocate health we’re, cheering at a distance game day and every day eric soulguard is back with. Milwaukee is over a third making his major league debut tonight, so congrats to him, as he heads out to spring training and summer camp combined, it’s fastballs, bounced back to the mound and hendricks will make the play. Eyeballs go to marquee sportsnetwork.com weather swing and a miss hendrix makes very quick work of the brewers and the brewers tonight brought to you by a budweiser this bud’s for you and it’s a big right, hander brandon blue cross blue shield, through it all kb at the Top anthony rizzo is brought to you by jim comey omar narvaez he’s good. He does the catching here tonight. Midfield shapes up like this 57 on the swing and miss of those games will be here at wrigley. What good work here by kb another 3 2 is hit in the air kane out there, the best in the business, if you’re, trying to run that two seam fastball to the outside corner ready and then he walked him yeah now, two years ago, with 111 knocked In that should be two, and it is a four six three signed here’s council in his fifth full season, managing their team and hendricks.

How about that and it’s ryan braun on the field up toward right, where jason hayward will make the catch no base? Runners, swaying and a miss got him on the change up the biggest thing about summer camp with kicks and fires toward the bag at second and the throws gon na be late, that’ll be an infield hit for schwarber that was soulguard. The third baseman in the shift, but his younger brother, william, get out of there almost hit him called strike. Three wilson did not argue better than i i’d say, it’s, a little easier that will be working tomorrow. Fox has the game and the mariners signing a free agent deal on the inside corner. The professor is dealing righty to righty on a 2 2 swing and a miss strike. Three five out of eight strikeouts and the free swinger has the first hit again hayward it’s about the only son minor league days, starting pitchers would sometimes sit up in the stick hit very hard. Soul guards had a busy start to this game and he makes old 20 games rolled up the middle and in the center feels like that will become a signature and a half into center. Kane is watching and it’s a two run: homer ian half and the cubs have the lead Applause boy great at that by ian. Obviously, a better result picked on that 3. 1. He over the non base percentage is probably wonderful picked by soulguard.

This foundation delivered. He already knew it would be woodruff that is not a good spot to get hit. Anthony gets hit a lot and you always worry about the hand and the wrist double play in the first. The good news is he can’t a couple of bounces to arcia and they’ll get the force. Hopefully you know we uh. We condition our bodies we’ll count on yelich swing and miss strike three hundreds locked in Applause tonight. This time he had to work from uh behind. He can’t hit is that smit mixer slider that state that doesn’t break they say great bitch like that right there wow mowing them down. That’S seven. You can just said the body language here are looking out like these guys are completely mystified. Oh, my goodness, got anything brilliant um, at least, if not half of a game. Um yeah, i think a little more in your blood as kyle schwarber will round out to woodruff not up there. It makes me wonder, and i know, but it would be a miracle he strikes out this time and two down and it will bring up hayward Music um. I think it was darwin barney. He is not so much. He got him looking for his third punch out the most popular kids we’ve ever had here. He had the respect of everybody. He was always playing for his team that he continues to to pave the way in the path for pitchers that don’t have that high velocity.

Amazing physical shape, as well as the mental side of the game, one two, three fifth that’s – what we do, especially in a 60 game short, but we just know they went 51 and 30 at wrigley and 33 and 40. Here you thought would never be a manager and actually became one as caratini finds the corner, and right and he’s got a double Music. I didn’t see charlie as a manager back when we were teammates the manager of the phillies that’s going to keep carratini at second. Yes, r.c, so when it came time to hire one swinging, a miss strike three that’s out number two Applause cutting report and do something totally different than one and two on kb. That was a really good piece of advice i got in at a young age. Was you know you automatically, instead of just like you said like going to what you should have done? The first time you take the cliche too literally, without making adjustments that’s not fair, snapping it back into place is good, but you don’t want eddie. Vetter’S eardrum said that i said wait say that again he said you have the. I could hear facing him. How about this? The brewers have two hits tonight, both from their nine hitter orlando arcia it’s, a number nine night tonight for these two lineups talked about it. Earlier about kyle hendricks, doing all of the little things, and so where jason hayward home runs, got him again.

This guy is something absolutely. This is alex claudio against a it was really really really. Cool kane will make the cat um, but they were. They were locked and loaded, good memories right there round ball and it gets past smoke that ball was smoked by baez. There will probably be an error Music. This stuff he’s got a good. You know, for somebody throws so hard. Kyle went on his run. Music brown ball to third and silgaard will get the out at second and pete. Alexander have a lower career mark at wrigley field, right ryan, braun, making his third damage. He has done a game against bruce levine nice pick by chris bryant missed all of last year due to due to arm hayward out toward right center. Garcia makes the catch on the move for the out well struck, caratini pops, and that is the second out flower hit. Kane tracking takes a look back and he’s got it. He makes it looking sinker on the mend to the pitcher hendricks Applause into the ship, that’s horner and shallow right he’s got time retiring nikko horner last year they got knocked out in the wild card game by the eventual champs baez to rizzo. Kyle hendricks through eight is jp fire rising jeff nelson may have said you can’t use that glove wow. That was did a lot of yelling going a lot of yelling and again you normally can’t hear that with 40 000 fans in the ball swing and the miss strike three rizzo pummels one to right, it is gone and it’s three, nothing Applause.

Actually, the cubs were fifth in the national league and run score second in home runs.