I don’t know when the last time i’ve ever did obs. I don’t really remember, but it’s been a minute. So what is up? Connor burke, one of my mods glad to see you here what is up connor burke, you know what i was gon na do smackdown today and i was going to address the elephant in the room with that video. But you know what it is, what it is i’m, not angry about it: i’m, not tripping about it. I’Ll, probably talk about it somewhere down the road. What is up asia roberson? What is up my man? What is up john l jackson, a matter of fact, john l there’s something there’s, something that should have been done, because you know what there’s something that should have been done. John l, when you first came like like for real, there are some that should have been done a minute, but that was just me because i had too many of them um. But you know what welcome to our newest mod members, john l jackson, because it’s been you know, it’s way overdue. It was overdue and you know what sorry my the light is bad, that little speck of white light is literally messing with me. Come on, damn it. Okay, let’s see how about we put it over here. So, okay, good and the white light is gone from the stream.

I have not done obs in so long. Asia roberson says: uh i’m, a woman, oh yeah.

I appreciate it. Man, um it’s, not just you that got the only mods, connor burke got a mod um, sorry for missing the stream. The last couple of streams went on a trip to virginia and hung down with my extended family. Unfortunately, the pandemic caused some restrictions, but it was fun that’s all that matters as long as you have fun that’s all that matters yeah. I need to probably address the elephant in the room, and that was that video, but you know what i’m not gon na do that i’m, not gon na do that. I don’t need to really explain myself or anything else like that. I know where i stand on things if people don’t like it well, like my uh, like my dad, always says, there’s the door, but we got base base, but we got base the baseball opening day. Y’All cubs brewers go cubs, go geez, go cubs go, and this is also a first for the malgoly channel as well, because this is the first time i’ve ever done a baseball stream on this channel. I have done one on um, i can’t think of the website. I used to be on um um, like it wasn’t it wasn’t a streamer. It was something something totally different, but i can’t think of a name right now, but we got five people in here. Let hit the like button also share chair already, oh god, already down already up to nine likes man already up to nine likes.

This is why i love each and every one of you, because you guys are the fuel to this fire that keeps on going. Jaden. Evans, what is up jaden evans man? What is up i’m? So sorry that i um, i should have told you guys earlier i wasn’t gon na. Do i didn’t really. I didn’t really really really didn’t even um plan on doing um plan on even doing a freaking, um baseball game. I mean not a baseball game. I didn’t really expect to do a monday night raw game. I mean not remember yeah. I didn’t expect to do smackdown. I i really wanted to do smackdown, but you know what i thought about it. I needed a break from wrestling in hell: i’m, not gon na be streaming for the next two days anyway. Why not do something different? Why not do baseball but uh conor, burke, uh yeah? Some people are just idiots val yeah val is a total idiot but that’s a totally different story. I don’t want to get into involved with that elephant in the room. I’Ll probably address it somewhere down later next week or when i feel comfortable uh talking about it, but what is up? Jaden evans. Thank you for dropping by hit that, like button hit, this hit the like button, bro hit the like button. God we already at 11 likes man 11 likes. Are you kidding me like? I have not done obs and scott knows when i i.

I totally forgot how to use this thing, and i was like oh crap and i don’t have the old video that i recorded me and d making to get obs but it’s working i’m back on obs and damn like i back in.