. He grounded out his first time swung and popped up high to the right. Markakis makes the play for the first out. Daniel Descalso will get another shot, runner at first ground, ball right side and that’s brewed to right field base hit Jason Heyward coming up next. Is he singled in his last plate appearance now, here’s, the pitch wing and it’s a working sit down, listen and they are on the board it’s now 2. Nothing comes John Lester will step in the buns over one here in this one, as he chases a bad one there for strike one he’s ready now the pitch hot man out of play from the belt the pitch, and this is sent out high towards left Applause. We’Ll, look up then put it away and there is too damn Anthony Rizzo Dixon now he’s 1 for 2 slapped foul here’s. The pitch Rizzo swings through right here he comes swing and a ball hit hard on the ground. To short, Wilson, Contreras will get another attempt at it. 1 for 2 is thus far in the ballgame big cut and a Miss on the fastball line, drive right field and that gets through into the right as he starts the inning out here, with a leadoff single Chris Bryant to stand in he’s 1 for 2.

So far has a look now the pitch a lot of movement on that one, oh and one he waits now the pitch a grounder to second, they get one.

The double play, two down in the inning. The next batter up is Kyle schwarber. Now a swing and a fly ball, and this looks like it’ll, be fouled away the pitch on the ground to second on to the top of inning number. Six we go coming up to the plate is Javier Baez, he’s 2 for 2 flyball right field, and he will report the elk as they get close to escaping inning with one away now. Albert Almora jr. will go for another one. Here is a swing and a ground ball and an out at first, and there are two away now better coming up now is Daniel Descalso he’s won 4 2 up to this point and pitch ground ball towards first one over to first himself, and that will end The inning Jason Heyward will be the batter two hits in two attempts so far, one and popped up high to the left and he will race backwards. Extending his glove to make the catch for the first towns swung on gets popped up heading towards Powell territory. Out of play really no one strike, I got a trip. One base hit for Lester, Anthony Rizzo will try it again: he’s 1 for 3 and that’s it here’s one for tamargo here’s, one Music. We look ahead to inning number eight now.

Stepping up now is Wilson. Contreras 2 for 3 in the game, that’s a high ball; one ball; no strikes and watch Chris Brian’s steps up to the plate; 1 for 3, thus far smashed high in the air, in the opposite direction to the right and the catch for the first down here’s.

The left, fielder Kyle schwarber runner at first with one away sharply hit into left field and that’ll drop for a base hit Applause. Javier Baez will come up. He’S 2 for 3 it’s high it’s ball one and the pitch fouled back over the screen. Men out of play from the stretch, that is a called strike: it’s 1 amp 2, a pause and now the pitch. Now back now the pitch and here’s one puck straight up. Darn know what there Albert Almora jr. will get his first opportunity now over three here. In this one fly ball, centerfield lead at two one. Daniel Descalso will dig in he’s 1 for 3 each lifted into right center field. Markakis takes the grab for the owns one out, and nobody on, and this one is turning into a foul ball line. Drive left field that will drop in for a base hit here’s Kyle Ryan 1 for 3.