If you feel like you, can’t sit still, you are not alone. I wish all of you could be right here at this moment. Unbelievable atmosphere and, of course, that phrase they’ve been saying since 1908: wait till next year: Music, very good, Music, Music Applause, Music right Music in the air hit well deep, left center field, and that ball is up and out of here: Music, Music, goodness Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, you guys can guess it. They won four to three guys. Today is the day we celebrate our cubbies um, our cubs finally won um big hands out to them. Um. They really did it. They. They surprised us today, um pretty cool. Just let me get my background set up for you guys. Um. I’M. Sorry, usually, usually i have my background up um, but usually i have a background up, but guys it has been amazing. Today i did not watch the game, but i did see um. I did see the final score, our cubbies actually did it guys. I thought that i would just give you a fun intro video um, four to three um you’re playing against the minnesota twins. On friday. There will be in our game so make sure to look out for that another game, another time to win another time to win another time, another time to update the scoreboard um, but yeah guys they won.

It was amazing, our cubbies they’re amazing.

You guys will be seeing this video tonight. The weather is looking pretty promising tonight. Um really don’t, know uh, but it should be promising um.