You can vote between poppy, irali and esther, and for our boy you can vote between oscar, lincoln and stout. So, with a few days left in this campaign, we thought we’d let one of our keepers kelsey talk about which name is her favorite, and why, if you’re an undecided voter, you should vote for her favorite names. No one knows these cubs better than so. We are really excited to tell you why they should be named uh their favorites, so you can always go to that link in this copy or our website and vote for the name, so i’m gon na flip it around, because these two are being pretty rambunctious this Morning – and i want you all to see that so we’re gon na say hi to let’s – see we’re gon na flip this around and you’re gon na see tattoo uh pinning down, which one is that kelsey. This is the male. This is the main right here on the front and the female is right behind tattoo, so they just came out this morning. They spent the night with sabi and kamara their mom, and so they’re really excited to see tatu and tobias and just to be outside. Oh they’re so precious my dad said i can’t just keep saying cute, but i mean really there’s, nothing.

There they’re just pretty cute they’re, just so perfect, they’re so adventurous. I love that tattoo has a playmate now someone he can kind of bat around yeah.

Definitely he’s been batting them around for a while, but they’re. Finally, getting bit big enough that when they team up together, they can actually pick on him a little bit. So the tides are turning. You can see the little male cub is stalking everyone and hiding behind the logs and the female has been loving to climb and sharpen her claws up on that log too. So it’s been fun to see them, uh being really playful outside hi jennifer she’s suggesting some names, but we already have three awesome names for each cub that our keepers picked out, but kelsey tell us about which two are your favorite. We are in the home stretch of this voting fundraiser and one of your names is behind. So you need to make a case right. Our favorite, a lot of our team. Our favorites are oscar and a raleigh, so oscar for the male cub we think is really cute. We think it fits his reality, really well oscar’s getting a lot of votes, so we’re really glad that um. You all think the same thing that is cute for him. So that name originated from a local brewery from lyons colorado called oscar blues um, and so we really want to make that connection with colorado and craft beer and a lot of the local breweries that we have here and also, i think, oscar’s really cute, because it’s Got that k instead of a c and camara’s name, starts with a k and her brother kalu, who was also born here, but has since moved to another zoo, also started with a k, so it’s just kind of a fun twist um.

That makes us really like oscar, and i think it works with you know: tobias has like kind of a people name and yeah, so oscar so there’s tattoo over there. He has a much more interpretive name um, and so that would match what we hope. His little half sister’s name would also be yes, so we really want a raleigh for the female o’reilly’s a little bit behind in the votes. So if you’re unsure or you want to vote what the zookeepers are thinking, we really hope you would vote for o’reilly um. A raleigh is swahili for strength of thunder, which we really like for a couple different reasons: one we’re bringing in um that african origin that we use for a lot of the names we name. Our lions, like tatu, had um but also strength of thunder, connects to um her grandfather’s name, uh sango. Sorry too many lion names. Yes, so sango was kamara’s, mother, um he’s no longer with us, but his name meant god of thunder. So we thought strength of thunder was a really cool way to connect to him and to connect colorado, since we are in the middle of summer we’re having tons of thunderstorms in the afternoon um and it also kind of fits her personality. She’S, pretty bold she’s, pretty strong, she’s brave um, yes, that’s her up there um, so we really like a raleigh. We think it’s, really cute we’ve kind of been calling her that already we can switch.

If we need to. We know poppy sounds really cute and it does also have a colorado connection, but a rally would really mean a lot to us uh and the keepers, if you all could could you know, put your votes towards that one we’re campaigning pretty openly today. Poppy is cute and obviously we, like all the names we did pick them all in the start, but as we’ve got to know them over time and take care of them over the last three months, certain names start to stick out and match their personality. More um poppy just seems delicate and sweet um and, while she’s cute she’s definitely a fireball um. I wouldn’t call her sweet, oscar’s sweet but he’s mostly kind of shy. I’M a little bit more reserved um. We would call him oscar the grouch in the beginning because he would kind of just sit in the corner and watch his sister play, but, as you can see, he’s getting a lot more places he is covered. So dominic wants to know. If we could ask some questions, of course, that is what the purpose of these lives are for, so you all can learn a little. Oh here comes uh. This is a little girl. This is where i get in. I wanted to call her, but this is the female she she likes to play she wants to get in on the action they think they’re. They think they’re big they’re ganging up on tattoo.

First, oh four: tattoos like oh no, this isn’t how this was supposed to go. Uh daphne the cubs will be three months old on thursday. They were born on april 23rd on a thursday, so just like tattoo. He was born on july 25th, which was a thursday. So he’s about to turn one yes he’ll turn one later this week, which is crazy, that’s, so exciting, we’re really excited. We have a fun birthday planned for tattoo. Oh um, someone asked how many lines do we have? We have 11 total now right, we have 11. So we have four brothers in our coalition or our male lion pride. They live completely separate than this pride um, and then we have the seven in this pride in this family pride and you might see a combination of all seven of these lions. When you visit the zoo out every day, so we kind of rotate the groupings that they’re in um camaras having to spend the night inside with the cubs still until they get their last round of vaccinations. So we’re kind of doing a fission fusion type management style. With these lions, so today out here we have kamara tatu, tobias and the two cubs and there’s tobias. So how is he doing with the cubs? I know people are always really curious. It does with cubs. Yes, tobias is great with them. They really like to play with him: he’s, usually pretty calm. He doesn’t really get involved in the big wrestling that they all do, but we find them sleeping next to him.

A lot he’s, probably good protection from tattoo when the cubs are trying to take a nap. So he’s doing really awesome with them and they they’re usually excited to see him in the morning. Who was that that just kind of stalked – and that was a female – she has no fear against big bros. Yes, they’re, definitely getting brave with him. Yes, they are. Does tattoo try to uh pick them up by the scruff the way mom? Would he hasn’t um he mostly just like pins them to the ground um on their legs and stuff, so um let’s see dominic. Once, though, are lying? Are they lying back wild? We obviously keep our brothers in a bachelor group um and when we have females we only have one male in the group or a dominant. You know breeding male, so our bachelor groups are common in the wild education. They are um a lot of times. Males of similar ages or relatedness will group together in these bachelor groups, they’re going to be more successful when they’re trying to take over a female pride for breeding or if they’re, hunting so a lot of times, they will live together in bachelor groups in the wild. A lot of what is happening in zoos is these family type prizes breeding prides because we are um recommended to breed lions through the ssp to maintain the the population and managed care um. But the brothers are it’s a natural grouping and they’re super awesome.

They get along probably better than any social group here in pregnant ridge, um, they’re, always sleeping next to each other on top of each other playing with each other. So it’s really awesome that we have them here and something something different than a lot of zoos have for sure very cool. So we have mom camaro here. How do grandma and elia and aunt sabe do good job sabi loves, cubs um. I think she liked them a little bit more when they were smaller and less playful and now they’re getting a little bit more rambunctious and savvy needs her princess sleep, so she hasn’t been spending as much time with them and then nelaya um she’s, probably the one That needs to work on her relationship with the cubs. The most um, her and kamara have been working through some differences that they have. Um nalaya has generally been the one with cubs here so it’s different. Her daughter now has cubs that’s different for neliah um, but the cubs don’t love neliah she’s, not as playful as another. She wants to be left. She can kind of be cranky and growly um, so they do really well with her they’ve, been spending a ton of time with her, but probably not their favorite, and there is tattoo, so he obviously loves playing with them, betting them around he’s until they were born. He was the smallest of the group and he’s gotten so big. I hear so many guests come through and they assume tattoo is the mom yeah because he doesn’t have his mania but he’s, certainly starting to get some some hair around his chest and the top thing.

Sometimes you’ll see him out of the corner of your eye and you’ll think it’s, sabi or kamara right. When we started this, he was jumping on kamara’s back and he was almost the same size of her it’s it’s crazy. How big he’s gotten, but he’s still got a ton of throwing? Yes, he does um hi karen. No, of course you can ask questions, i mean we’re talking about naming, but we always enjoy the questions as well. Anna wants to know what are the personality? Lions? Yes, uh. The female cobb is bold, she’s brave, she’s, very playful she’s, going to approach something new right away, whether it’s a lion that she didn’t spend the night with and she’s excited to see like tattoo this morning or, if it’s, a new toy that we give her she’s Going to run right up to it and want to play with it, she loves to attack her brother and tap tattoo play with tobias the male cub he’s a little bit more reserved. You can see him in the back by that toy um. He likes to watch all right. Sorry about that folks. We are having we’re in a kind of a low zone for that wireless and cell connection. So we apologize for that, but we’re we’re still here and i see a lot of you still are so we’ll – take a few more questions, but just as a reminder, um the voting wraps up in just two days.

O’Reilly is behind poppy in the voting, and the keepers really really love her raleigh. They say it fits her personality and it has a sentimental meeting. It connects back to her grandfather’s name sango, who is god of thunder so it’s a really special name. So if you’re undecided and you you think well, i could go with any three of these: choose a rally um. We approve this message and then oscar is already in the lead, but let’s make sure he sails over the finish line, because if you’ve ever seen an oscar it’s, this little cub so he’s doing really well with that and it’ll be nice. So you know raleigh and tattoo will have kind of similar sounding names, but tobias and oscar will have similar sounding names. Yes, definitely um, because tobias is our only kind of people named lion yeah. Definitely so this is our. This is just some of our family pride um, grandma nelaya, whose mom to tattoo is behind the scenes, as is sabe yep. Sorry john. We are at the mercy of the internet down here, so sometimes it dips in and out, but we try our best to make sure that we keep going and stay for you. So if anyone has questions about any of our lions, a reminder, the cubs are three months old and tattoo who’s right in front of you right there. He is gon na turn, one on saturday he’s that was the fastest year ever um lauren says tattoo was a was a single ten, and now we have the two cubs is one more common than the other um.

It depends. Um one to four is average um. Generally, first time, moms will have smaller little litters, so this was kamara’s first litter and she had two um tattoo was nelaya. Second, her first had two and then tattoo was the singleton um, but it really depends. I mean the the brother pride that we have. They were in a litter of five. They had a sister that still lives at the zoo that they came from so um it’s really variable, but one to four is kind of what we say is average yeah it’s not uncommon to see one and two um, but i know tattoo is happy to have Some younger siblings, yes, we were glad that there was two um in kamara’s litter so that they could team up when they’re playing with tattoo anna wants to know, what’s your favorite lion’s personality like or what makes a a fun personality to work with with a lion. Um, i don’t know it’s kind of fun to work with all different personalities. It challenges us when we’re training them or shifting them or managing their care to have a bunch of different personalities. Every time we’re training, an animal we’re gon na have to cater to their personality differently. Kamara’S spitfire, she’s, crazy, she’s, angry she’s um difficult to work through. But when you get her calm and you feel like she’s, trusting you, it feels really cool and rewarding to have that experience, um and then there’s animals like tatu who’s, just excited to learn and he’s excited to play and he’ll any door.

You open he’s gon na run right through it. He wants to see what’s on the other side, so he makes working with lions really easy um. So it really depends um it’s fun to watch their personalities develop over time too uh. The male cub, who we want to be named oscar, was very shy when he was younger but he’s coming out of his shell, so it’s cool to watch that develop cool to see that the way we are managing him and building that resilience in him is working. Um and bringing him out of his shell and preparing him for life with his pride yeah he’s way out of his shell compared to where he was, and he was a kid – and this is just how fast lines run out of energy. They were so rambunctious. 15 minutes ago, when we let them when we shifted them out and brought them out here and now, they’re all kind of ready for a nap and that’s just how lions go so when you come to see them, we’re generally keeping them outside now from 9 30 To around 2 30, so guests have more time to come, see them, but don’t be surprised if they’re napping lions, sleep about 20 hours a day have really short spurts, where they’re excited and having fun, but they look pretty darn cute when they’re, just sleeping too so You’Ll enjoy seeing that too, especially when you can spot where the cubs are cuddled up.

I like to sleep in these back, rocks a lot of times, they’ll cuddle up next to toby um. He provides some shade, i think, and some protection from tattoo the female cubs been up on this rock over here, where mom can’t get to her and groom her when she’s trying to sleep so it’s fun to find him they’re really cute, when they’re sleeping too so Cool big yawn, big on tobias it’s, 10 a.m, it’s exhausting being a lion, exhausting um, well that’s. All we’re going to do for today also stay tuned. Oh my gosh, who is this the female or the male, the female okay? Well, i’m gon na! Let the female cub say bye for us vote a raleigh and austin raleigh: oh here’s, a little brother he’s he’s practicing his stalking so much like simba kind of practicing. There here comes tattoo he’s like oh, if someone’s, stalking, it’s going to be me, so keep voting. Um you go to denver, it’s right there on our home page. If you scroll down or you can click the link in this in this uh in this live. So we really hope you all vote help us raise money both for the zoo, it’s, so important. Right now, more than ever, we are reopened, but we could still really really use the support of our amazing public and what easier way to do that than to vote for your name.