It worked out terrific for us um we’re, fresh we’re, ready to go. This is as fresh as we’re gon na get in the middle of the season, so we’re gon na try to take advantage of it by putting together a really good day. Today and have a great day’s work and then we’ll we’ll go to the next one. Take them one day at a time getting ready for a terrific match up. The cardinals couldn’t have done much more to catch your attention than what they did monday night. They look great and they’re red, hot and explosive and fired up, and all of that – and we better get our game right, uh to have a chance um. You can’t watch this team without watching kyla murray and seeing what his effect on the game is. He’S a game, changer athleticism, poise, playmaking ability and all of that and – and you know, they’ve got guys around him. Uh kenyon drake is an explosive football player, as we saw again on monday night. Remember that all the things he’s done in the past, uh receivers are terrific. You know this is this is really it’s a really good team to be dealing with. It happens to be division time for us uh. We want to play it just like it’s a championship game like we do every week and go for it and do everything we can to get a great win. So i don’t know about you: i’m all fired up about it.

Can’T wait to get to practice today. Chris, francis hey coach, speaking of being everywhere buddha baker, uh was has been great. Um talk about his development a little bit and how close was he to becoming a seahawk? Possibly no, we yeah. We really liked him um. You know we saw him grow up here. You know, and and uh he was just such a natural instinctive football player just it. It just was clear that the size factor that that might have you know deterred. Some people was was just not the consideration. He’S, just too good he’s become a fantastic factor and and uh. We have to know where he is and make sure that we’re aware of him, because he’s making plays everywhere, corbin, hey, pete, jordan simmons has gotten a lot of run for you guys. The first five games at both guard spots started against the vikings looks like he’s really found his niche as that swing guard for you, considering all the injuries he’s had dating back to college. What does it say about his character to keep coming back time and time again and playing at a high level for you yeah? I you know. I have been aware that you know he hasn’t had the chance to really just enjoy playing the game. You know and been out there and keep coming back and just grow with the game. Uh he’s. Think of how far he’s come with the limited amount of background playing it’s because he’s a really talented kid.

He plays really hard and he’s tough and huge, and all that and so it’s it’s really it’s wonderful to see him out there and uh. He does give us flexibility, he he’s a run blocker and a pass protector and he’s a he’s, a monster of a size. Guy to to you know, keep the guys away from russell, so uh i’m really excited that he’s been playing so regular he’s. We have no problem. He plays like a starter up for us and and that’s that’s really that’s a real bonus for us jen coach. We saw that you saw signed michael kendricks to the practice squad. What do you hope he brings to the mix? Well, michael’s a really good ball player and uh. We we thought he did great stuff for us in the past. Um had a huge injury has done a marvelous job of returning um right now. You know this is the first day that he’s practiced. You know, since he got hurt so uh we’re gon na, take it slow and make sure that you know. Mike’S gets enough time to get going again. Then we’ll see where he fits in he’s he’s, uh, versatile, uh, he’s gon na start. You know at his his best spot at will and and get get in there and see how he does there, knowing that he can play the same spot and we used him all over the place when he was here so in the last couple years.

So we’re really excited to get him back really thrilled that mike, you know, will take this time to to get himself uh football shape and and uh he’s well conditioned kid and he’s strong as hell so it’s another none of that stuff. He just needs to get football wise, ready and and uh so i’m really happy that he’s here. I i’ve really liked mike and i’m glad that he’s with us, john pete, this this game kicks off a stretch of four division games in the next five weeks. Just uh, you haven’t played anybody in the division, but how good does the nfc west look and how tough is it gon na be for whichever team emerges? I think this is as tough as it gets. I don’t know that anybody’s got to play. You know uh road teams like this and so we’ll have a we’ll a month from now you know, we’ll have a pretty good feel for how everything’s fitting um it’s exciting to see the division. You know come back around like this. You know we’ve seen it go kind of up and down over the years and and uh it always seems to keep coming back strong and we’re strong again, everybody can play football there’s. You know injury factors have entered into some of the play of the teams and and as everybody kind of finds their way, it gets back to balance it’s a really difficult schedule, uh for us and and uh.

So we take them one week at a time and then we’re going to play them every one like is the only game in the world and and go for it and that’s. What we’re doing this week, uh pete, just about 30 minutes ago, adam schefter, reported that um, the seattle seahawks are uh in a position to push to sign antonio brown after his reinstatement in week 8.. He was curious. You can comment on that and your potential interest in antonio we have, we have endeavored to to be in on everything that’s going on and john has done a marvelous job of always being tuned in to what’s happening and uh, and this is this is no exception. You know so we’ll see what happens. You know as we go forward, but uh we’re, we’re tuned into what’s happening there with a player like that. How much digging do you have to do into his troubles both on the field and with teams and into what has happened off the field? Yeah we’re, you know we’re nowhere there right now, so let’s wait and see what happens and and all that but they’ll. You know we do all of the homework we can think of. Doing i mean we will never think that we can leave a stone unturned and so that’s how we do. You know how we approach everything and so that’s we’ll continue to do that here: greg pete! How much is that decision on to pursue brown related to josh gordon’s situation and whether you’re going to get him back or not? Well, you know i mean all i can tell you is that we’re doing you know we’re in on everything you know and and uh um.

You know, we know about josh josh’s situation as well and uh we’re. Just you know we take them as they come kind of, and hopefully we’re really well prepared to make the right choices and figure it out how it fits and all that kind of stuff, so um those are not connect. Those situations are not connected. They’Re handled independently fans see the name antonio brown. Of course they go crazy and the possibilities of that can you at least handicap how realistic this possibility is, or is this just an agent floating something out there for getting leverage and interest um? Okay, i want to answer: either ends the way you presented that question Laughter, so uh um. Well, we just you know this is what happens you know there’s. This is a high profile football player and uh and he’s had a tremendous history and all that so um. The fact that it’s, really you know it’s it’s, everybody’s curious about it, it makes sense and so um. I don’t think i answered any of the one of those okay. Next Laughter, good shot, tim pete what’s, the plan for this week with uh jamal adams and jordan brooks well they’re on their own plans. Um jordan is at practice, we’ll be at practice today and uh jamal will hold out. We need more information there so and each one of these are just one day at a time and see what happens and then see what happens the next day, how guys we, you know, return so um.

I we won’t, really know anything until later in the week. What more information are you seeking regarding jamal’s injury? Well, whether he’s full speed or not, nico uh, hey pete, i just wanted to ask: is there any uh correlation with this michael kendrick’s move into how jordan brooks is playing out or how cody barton has been playing? No right now it’s just getting good football players that are available and give him a chance to compete, it’s a long season, so much stuff happens and, and we need all the help we can get to. You know endure and uh michael’s been a really good, ballplayer and uh. You know the fact that he’s played all over the place, his experience and all that you know that it’s we’re fortunate to get him on our practice squad right now, um, you know he’s still a free agent and all that and and uh but he’s. You know he’s he’s on his road to recovery right now and coming back in proving that he can do it so um, but the other side of it. Let me say this too that jordan coming back this week. If that’s, what happens and he can he can play in the game? Well, that makes that makes us happy now we’re excited to get that guy out there and and uh we’d love to see him play some more and get. You know just get some action and just get comfortable with with our play: cody’s done a nice job, uh filling in at the will spot, and – and so this is a competitive situation and we’ll just let it play itself out.

Thank you coach sure, jackie, hey coach, going back to kyler murray. How has he developed in his second year here in the league and then just what challenges does he present with his mobility um? He he really presents ultimate challenges: um there’s only you know a couple guys like him that plans like because of the explosive speed that you see um this year more than last year. He just looks more in command of the game. He’S uh he’s, making really good choices to take advantage of his ability to run he’s averaging 11 yards of scramble. You know so he that’s, really huge numbers. He’S had some big plays with with those opportunities, so um and he’s really smart about it. He does a really good job of not getting hit. You can barely lay a glove on the guy and so he’s got great awareness about it. You know what he can do and what he can get away with, and all that and he’s really difficult it’s.