Nowhere there right now. This could be real scary and also great for russell wilson. Let’S wait and see what happens in and all that it is a fair question to ask: why does pete carroll think that he’ll be able to handle it? We do all of the homework we can think of. We will never think that we can leave a stone unturned good morning on the journey to a super bowl. You can never leave any stone unturned, especially if you’re, the seahawks and you’re thinking to yourself darn it. We should have two. We should go back to back. We got one now: russ is completely in control. Instead of throwing they have to no question marshawn lynch was frozen out, malcolm butler, made the play of a lifetime, he got paid and then obviously he got frozen out with the pats. Nobody still knows what happened. Every single time, every single time i see that highlight, i want to throw something at the television it just it made zero sense to me why coach carroll in in in bevel would make a decision to throw when marshawn lynch just got you there just turn around Handed to him turn around hand him the ball five times. If you have two get an extra down, whatever do not throw the football that’s, i didn’t get it, but oh well, that was pete carroll and offensive coordinator, daryl beville, you said you didn’t understand it. Zero percent uh chance that they could probably stop marshawn lynch.

The way he was playing, but we go from zero to a hundred, because that seahawks team and the championship team the season before when they beat the broncos in the super bowl, were clearly led by the legion of boom. They disassembled it. They essentially said we’re going to build this team around the offense we’re, going to build it around russell wilson and he might be getting a great weapon. He’S already, of course, got tyler locket he’s got dk metcalf and now perhaps antonio brown pete carroll said they are kicking the tires on antonio brown and by the way, the seahawks aren’t, the only team doing it they’re going to have to hold off a couple of Other teams to sign ab we’re waiting to see who those teams might be just a quick rundown on what’s happened to, of course, to antonio brown. Just to show you keith how much has happened. This guy’s been on three teams in a span of seven months. Let’S go to pre pandemic. Can you remember the life pre pandemic march of 2019, the raiders finally say: look we’re going to take it on they trade for him so march, 9, 2019 he’s a raider september, 7th i’m free. Do you remember that video so that’s september? Not very smart, but go ahead two days later he signs with the pats. Then he has a great game with tom brady in the past balls out in miami and 11 days after they signed him, they cut him.

So essentially he was on the steelers, the raiders and the pats all in a span of seven months. Last year now, he’s been sitting out. He’S got an eight game suspension to start the season. Here we are approaching week number seven. So if seattle or anybody would sign him key, it would be his fourth team in 19 months. What do you make of it? I’M? Okay, with it uh. You know, antonio brown’s problems are not on the football field. He certainly has a hall of fame resume. It was heading in that direction, z, the problem with a b has been. You know the off the field, issues that continue to come up during that time span when you look at it if seattle is to make that decision that this is something that they really want to do, because the decision has been made they’re doing their investigating they’re. Doing all the things that they need to do to check it out to make sure it’s the right fit. He has a relationship with both quarterbacks and geno smith, as well as russell wilson worked out with them in the offseason. When you look at seattle, you look at it and you go huh. How does that fit? How does that work? Russell wilson and antonio brown polar opposites? You would think in people’s minds, but you got ta look at the organization. Okay and you got to look at john schneider and you got to look at pete carroll, john snyder, general manager of seattle and pete carroll.

The head coach, pete carroll has a history of second and third and fourth and fifth and 100 chances for guys that he believes in whether it’s in college football at usc or whether it’s been his tenure up in seattle, uh with the seahawks he’s taking on guys In risky behavior uh through the draft, as well as through free agency, he traded for marshawn lynch that people said wasn’t a bad guy. Look how that worked out for marshawn lynch in seattle brought him back, brought him back a couple times. I believe you look at uh some of the players in legion of boom that that question their character worked out for him. He went and got josh gordon. In fact, he’s looked at josh garden several times since they had to release him to bring him back because they have things that are in place in seattle and they believe helping guys as much as they can and i think there’s some some some leadership in seattle – Not just in the football field, but in the organization that certainly can help a guy like antonio brown, when you go to the field, you match him with uh tyler lockett, who is one of the top three? Maybe three four slot receivers in the game: the young, dj metcalf. You got david moore and greg olson, those five four guys. With a b you slide in there a b is kind of like everything’s there there’s the cake.

We got those four guys that’s the cake. The icing is on it now i’m, getting ready to go, put it on the table and i think to myself. Hmm. How can i make this cute and make everybody want to eat it? You go to the pantry or your cabinet. You come out with those little sprinkles. All the kids like and the kids go crazy that’s. What a b is going to be for the seattle seahawks in that offense he’s that sprinkle, that everybody goes wow man. That thing really looks good now, that’s what he can do. He can lift the coverage for dk metcalf. He can lift the coverage for tyler lockett he’s not going to be, and i and i know how people are first thing they think is going to be a problem he’s going to want the football all of those things and those narratives that they want to set For him, that’s not going to be the case in seattle, it’s, just not you go back to that timeline. One of the major issues in pittsburgh was he wanted his damn money. They decided not to give him his money. One of the major issues in in uh, uh, raider town, was the feet. The feet started the cryotherapy chamber. You remember that everybody cryotherapy chamber started it all frozen feet frozen feet. So then it became a problem. Then he got into it with with mayok the general manager, so that became even more a problem.

Then all of a sudden, the off the field stuff came up because he was a model citizen, so to speak in new england for those two weeks that he was there. He he actually stayed at tom brady’s house, so it was. It was kind of like okay, everything worked out, we cool, he went to miami, he caught, the touchdown had about 57 yards on x, amount of catches, and then they fired him, and then he went ham on mr kraft, so it was kind of then he had The truck incident with the moving company, so it was kind of like everything, was sparring out of control.