So thanks for tuning guys before make sure you hit that subscribe button right here for more arizona, cars, related content, even you’re, not arizona cardinals fan. I would still appreciate if you subscribe to this channel without further ado, let’s move on all right fellas. Today we got a matchup video, which i hadn’t been to doing for like three weeks i’m. Sorry i was busy doing midterm and all that kind of stuff, but the match up versus matchup is back yes, the first matchup that i did was kyle murray versus nick boxer, and i got a decent amount of views. The next one is calamari versus chase chan. I got 1 000 views for that, so appreciate what you guys did – and i know most of it was a washington football team fans so but this time i’m not going to do offense for deep i’m going to compare i’ll, not really compare it. It’S going to be like a versus yes, a battle of kyler, murray and russell wilson, which they’re very you know, look look identical, not step wise, like look wise, they, like short quarterback, there’s, dual thread and all that kind of stuff. Obviously i already said in the beginning: there russell was way more better, like way more like way better than kylie murray, like stat wise. He got a ring that he’s just better and overall. However, you don’t know what kyle murray is going to bring it right and that excitement that he can bring as officer rook of the year, and you know he’s going to play against mv, like i’m vp candidate, russell wilson, so i’m very excited to see and i’m Gon na bring a couple stats here that maybe would be interesting to see it.

You guys know both quarterbacks obviously have their fair share of talents and players that receive plenty of media coverage right and now this comparison, the arizona cardinals and the seattle seahawks each made a blockbuster traders off season. Well, more of a car knows because of deandre hopkins. I don’t think jamal adams. It was really that kind of compared to deandre hopkins, but these moves already made two of them most talk about team. This offseason, i believe so to conclude here. The arizona cardone seattle seahawks have both been talked about heavily and receiving the sort of attention. A team with the mvp candidate needs i’m, not gon na, say: calamari is quite there yet so hold up there, but he can be. He can be. He stay consistent, so but russell wilson is definitely in the foreman, maybe he’ll reach out so we’ll see what we’ll see against the arizona card and how it’s going to perform so that their player may take the home. The award maybe depend on this game as well, especially we’re playing twice yes, one at home, one in seattle, so that one these two definitely counts heavily, especially the original rival. You know for calamari uh. He has been often compared to russell wilson. That i’m pretty sure. I said in beginning their similar playing style as a dual threat: quarterback uh, you know the stature of the field and make them easier comparison, obviously they’re high as well, but coming out from draft last year.

Calamari, you know his pro comparison. Russell wilson, like straight out of it and the stats, you know, i’m, not gon na get very stats. Probably the only stat that kylimer can beat uh russell wilson is like in russian touchdowns, because he’s been starting pretty hot he’s like there’s only one game. He did. He didn’t have a russian touchdown. He just have like every single game except the carolina game that he has a russian touchdown, so probably that might that he might beat it in a season not overall. Yet in this season, so that’s an interesting thing so let’s see if kyle murray is going to be a threat, because i remember last year when we guys played the seahawks at home, calamari had himself a russian touchdown, and that was the only score. I believe so.