Let you know every time i upload a new video. Well, this recipe couldn’t be easier, and once you know the basic formula you can mix and match flavors to your heart’s content to make multiple flavors of dairy free ice cream. The main ingredient that you want is about a pound of frozen fruit. Now, a pound of sliced i’m using strawberries and a pound of sliced strawberries is basically two cups. Also, if you just buy it in a container like this, at your grocery store, that’s one pound, so that’s an easy way to measure and i’ve just cut the tops off i’m saving them, though, because if you’ve been with me for a while, you know i don’t, Like to waste anything – and you can make homemade strawberry vinegar with these very similar to the way you make apple cider vinegar. So if that’s, something you want to do, i’ll be sure to link to it in the i cards in the description below. But in any event, you’re going to want about a pound of, as i said, frozen fruit now, don’t worry about writing any of this down, because if you open the description under the video uh, just look for the word recipe. I’Ve got it all in caps and there’ll, be a link there and that’ll. Take you over to my website mary’s nest same name as my youtube channel, and you can read the recipe online or you can print it out now.

In the case of this fresh fruit, all i did was wash and slice the strawberries into about thirds so that they would freeze quickly, but you can also use frozen fruit. You can use canned fruit that you then go ahead and freeze any type of fruit that you want now. The next ingredient that you’re going to want is some type of liquid sweetener, and what i’ve got here is honey. You can also use maple syrup too, especially if you’re making a flavor where maple syrup would be very complementary. Next you’re going to want a third of a cup of very cold, coconut milk and so that’s the basic formula, your one pound of frozen fruit, your quarter cup of some type of sweetener and your one. Third coconut milk. Now, for this i’m, going to add in a little vanilla, extract, that’s completely optional other flavors that you may like to do that can be very delicious, is frozen pineapple and, like i said it can be frozen from the freezer section at the grocery store. It can be fresh pineapple that you’ve frozen or a can of pineapple that you’ve frozen. You know just transfer it to a bag, let it let it lie flat and stick it in your freezer and then a little lime juice and the zest of the lime and with the coconut milk and some sweetener it’s delicious. Now, to make this, all you need is a regular blender. Now, if you have a high powered blender, you can definitely use that and if your fruit is frozen in larger trunks, like maybe whole strawberries, you don’t need to have worried about cutting them up.

I think you can just freeze them whole and throw them into one of those high speed blenders but i’m, just using a plain blender. So you don’t need regular blender. You don’t need anything fancy so i’m going to go ahead and i’ll show you that you know. I just have my strawberries cut in thirds. It was just easy to get them to freeze up and they were literally frozen in maybe an hour, but this is all going to come together in five minutes. So once we get our strawberries in there next we’re going to add our other ingredients. First, we’ll get all our coconut milk in and make sure you get every little last bit of that, and next we’ll go ahead and drizzle in all of this wonderful honey and you can keep a little extra coconut milk on hand. That’S, nice and cold. Keep it in your fridge in case, you feel you need a little extra to thin this out, but the less that you, the ease, the more you can get this to blend and the less you have to add the coconut milk, the creamier. The final product will be, and then i’m just going to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and this is homemade vanilla extract if you’ve got it great. If not, definitely you know you can use regular or strawberry vanilla extract, but if you want to learn how to make homemade vanilla, extract and it’s very easy to do, i’ll put a link in the icards and in the description below where you can watch that, where I show you how to do that.

Alrighty now we’re going to start blending this and we’re going to stop it periodically and we’re going to use our whisk wooden spoon whatever you have to just push the sides down so that we get everything to blend i’m going to start it slow and then i’m Going to work up to a higher speed, alrighty. Well i blended this for about a minute or so, and i stopped it once to kind of mix things around real. Well, i’ll take a picture overhead, so you can see what it looks like at this stage and then i just want to make sure i’m going to get all of those berries mixed in, so they can get down on the bottom and then we’ll send this for Another whirl: well i blended this on and off stopping and pushing the sides down and making sure that the frozen berries would go down to the bottom and so on and so forth. And after about five minutes, you’re just going to have this beautiful, like soft, serve, ice cream and i’ll take a picture and overlay it. So you can see what it looks like here in the blender. Now you can enjoy this right away as is, or you can put it in a container put it in your freezer for maybe an hour or so, and then it’ll firm up a little and be more like the ice cream in the cart. So you can store it in a container like this or in a flat container like this and in the flat one.

It will chill up a little faster let’s take a little taste to see how it came. Look it’s a gorgeous color, well that’s, just wonderful and you really don’t notice the taste of the coconut milk at all. If you’re at the least bit concerned about that it’s, actually quite lovely well i’m going to go ahead and pour it in here and then we’ll put it into the freezer and then we’ll scoop some out. Well, i chilled this in the freezer for about an hour, and so we’ll see how it is now, but remember you can eat it right as a nice soft serve once you thoroughly blend it and you can just enjoy right then and there, but if you want To put it in your freezer and make it a little harder, then you can do it like this, so you can take out a nice scoop and just put it down into your bowl and now we’ll take a taste, oh that’s, delicious. I think you’re going to really enjoy this. I hope you’ll, give it a try, five minutes in the blender and you can enjoy a soft, serve, put it in the freezer and enjoy more like a traditional uh ice cream from the grocery store and no dairy.