No. First of all, this is the nba playoffs they’re, acting like porzingis, just straight up punch the man in the middle of the game. Porzingis got his first technical for pretty much punching the air because he disagreed with the call, as you can see from this clip right here. His reaction just seemed like a natural reaction. When you disagree with a call, he didn’t go running after the ref calling him out of his name, and now let me show you guys the clip of his second technical, some shoves. Nothing really there’s got to be a technical, though, by who morris i’m not talking about this i’m. Talking about the shovel porzingis i don’t want anybody. Tell us it’s, not serious, but you want to control this game. So, as you can see, luca and morris were getting in a tiny bit of a scuffle. I don’t even want to call it a scuffle because it was barely anything. It was really just morris grabbing luca and luca pulling himself away, and all porzingis did was step in to break it up sure he did put his hand on morris. But what was he gon na? Do act like he’s yoda and use the force to push him back as a seven foot. Three big man. What are you supposed to do when your best player is getting in a little scuffle with someone? No one is saying: porzingis went out there and punched morris. All he did was step in between and put his arms up to, prevent it from getting any further in my book.

He should have gotten praised for that. The nba wants to have an image of a clean league, so, in my opinion, if a guy is stepping in to stop something from potentially becoming worse, he should get praised for that. Instead of getting a technical call on him, getting him tossed out of the game. So i think both of those technicals were very ridiculous. They were both pathetic, but the first one was even more ridiculous than anything, but something i have to say in the post game interview, kristoff’s, porzingis handled this with the utmost professionalism. In the interview he mentioned that he disagreed with the calls. However, he maintained his professionalism and said i just need to be smarter and control, my emotions, that is true class, and that is true professionalism. So, even though i disagree with the calls the ref made and even though porzingis disagrees with the calls he’s smart, he maintained his professionalism and he made sure to not say anything about the raps. That would get him fined and i’ve noticed that a lot of european basketball players are very professional. I don’t know if that’s something they focus on a lot in europe, that they don’t really focus on as much here in america. So if there’s any europeans watching this, let me know down below, because luca porzingis dirk and pretty much any other european basketball player does a great job of maintaining class and professionalism. So i got ta respect that now.

Some other nba players disagree with this call as well speaking of dirk. He said that ejection is super soft. Once again, i agree. 100, kevin love said you can’t, eject kristaps for that protecting the mav’s best player, that’s bad and yes, i agree with kevin love and then lebron said man that was bogus as hell man come on and even though i agree with lebron, he is a laker and I am a die hard lakers fan, so i’m gon na translate that tweet into what he really meant. Let me see if my photoshop is that good hold on ugh come on refs. I need the mavericks to beat the clippers, so i don’t have to see the clippers in the playoffs, so i can have an easier route to the finals, that’s, how i interpreted it and i’m a lakers fan. So i have to agree with him on that. But in all seriousness i agree with the mavericks. I agree with porzingis and i agree with all the guys who are backing them up. He should not have gotten tossed out of that game and i even think they could have won that game and here’s. Why? When kristoff got his first technical, the dallas mavericks were up 10 halfway through the second quarter and then for his second technical. The mavericks were up five in the third and listen to this, and only 20 minutes of play. Porzingis had 14 points and six rebounds luca, had 42 points.

Nine assists and seven rebounds in only 38 minutes, and he also set a playoff record for the most points scored in a playoff debut. But at this point, coming from luca that doesn’t really surprise me and even with all that and with porzingis getting ejected, the mavericks ended up losing by only 8 points, but it gets even better than that. If you’re a mavericks fan the mavericks had 21 turnovers and the clippers only had 11. 21 turnovers is an awful lot, especially for the mavericks. I know they’re, a better team than that and 21 turnovers in the game is not something they’re used to doing so. Let’S say next game: they only have between 13 and 15 turnovers, like i said they only lost by 8 points if they only had 13 turnovers and if porzingis stayed in the game, they could have won that game, but that’s just my take. So, to sum it up, no, i don’t think porzingis should have been ejected and i think, as a ref, you have to be a little smarter than that. You have to think to yourself. Okay, we just gave this man a tech a few minutes ago for something that maybe wasn’t the best thing to give him a technical for, especially in the playoffs. Do i really want to give him another technical and potentially cost the team the game? Only because i decided to throw someone out over something that’s, not that big of a deal so as the ref, you really have to have a little bit more common sense.

I’M. Sorry, if that sounds blunt, but that’s just the honest truth, have some common sense understand what you’re doing understand. What’S at stake for both teams understand what’s at stake for nba fans, that’s, just ridiculous, but clippers mavericks and everyone who played great job i’m. Looking forward to a competitive series, if you watch this video all the way through, please make sure to give it a thumbs up comment your thoughts down below. I want to know what you think of everything i said and hit that subscribe button if you’re new. Thank you all for watching. I will see you guys tomorrow, goodbye if you’re still here consider watching this other video i picked out for you down below. Please just watch it i’m trying to get 300 subs so go watch that video.