We got first round play of nba l.a clippers and a dallas mavericks. Fourth quarter live reaction; luka donovic, two free rose. He makes these two they’ll be down by one point: clippers winning 97 96 in a fourth quarter. Six minutes christopher posings not kicked out of the game because a technical he they said he had two techniques. I think the referees was trying to screw dallas man that posing, as was backing up luka doncic. Doncic has 32 points. He’S backing up his guy morris is getting in his face, posing as pushings away argues with the rest said. I kick out pizzingus and now bezingas is out the whole fourth quarter. They don’t even have them now they kicked them out in the dirt corner. They’Re out and now the freaking uh dallas has to come back. Man. Dallas’S bench has to step out. Tim hardaway has to score over 20 points for dallas to win hookah donja can’t. Do everything he’s just too good luca doncic is too freaking good. The guy is 34 points, 21 years old he’s making it look like he’s, a veteran in the league 10 years that’s. How good donjik is now clippers are winning 99 to 98.. This game man dallas, had chances. Man had chances missing, threes, turnovers uh, you know technical fouls, i think the referees i i don’t agree with their fouls that the referees are trying to screw dallas a little um pozinga should have been kicked out of the game number one.

He was backing up his guy helping luka doncic morris pushed them. Then they kicked them out, because the two technicals, i think, that’s ridiculous. The referees, i think, are trying to screw downs. Uh dallas is still staying in this game that loose porzingis they’re still close with the clippers right now, man, even when i’m posing as you know, if hardaway can step up and then steph curry can start scoring because donja can’t do everything luca donza can’t. Do everything so if dallas could come back in this game, you got to give down some respect because they lose bazingas because of the referees and don jic has 34 points at 21 years old. He adonjic good rebound man for dallas right. There dondrick misses it back to maxie. Kimball they’re gon na have to shoot a three. Ah too many threes, damn dallas shooting all these threes and missing the threes man. 99. 98. Five minutes left in this game. We have a good game with clippers and the dallas max first round game, one patrick beverly, with a layup 101 to 98 dallas is gon na have to go to the basketball you can’t keep. If you can’t go for the three. If you’re not making a three go to basket and draw the foul that’s what they should be doing see like, i just said, miss layup: they should have made that man me they’re missing, so many easy shots and the clippers they get.

Second, rebounds dallas has to play better defense man they’re, giving a clip of second chance points, it’s. Only four and a half minutes left in this game. Man that’s. Why it’s important dallas, they’re gon na have to start getting more production. Hardaway has to start scoring seth. Curry has to step up because donja can’t do everything, especially you lose mozingos because of the rep that’s, why they that’s why the clippers are so dangerous, they’re clippers. They have so much depth. You know you got to give dallas credit without posing as dallas is scoring, but they have such a better bench. The clippers bench is so much better when you have harold and lil williams and reggie jackson, patrick barely you know, all these guys marcus morris. They have such they all these guys off, that bench can start for other teams and then you add leonard and then zobiak and then uh paul george. So all these guys mixed in they have the bench and their stardust. The clippers are just all around better balanced team, they’re, more better, complete team that’s. Why? I had the clippers going to the finals over the lakers, because i think they have better all around players all around their bench is more deeper. They could score a hundred like nothing easily if they could play defense and hold the other team to like 100 clippers. The clip is going to beat anyone it’s because their bench is so deep and if leonard and george go off, it’s going to be hard to beat them see, dallas, usually in the fourth quarter.

They don’t usually do great. They usually blow leads in the fourth, but especially now you lose pozingas in this game, so that’s, why? You know the referees, i think screw dallas man that at least with pozingas they had a chance to get more scoring now. Doncic has to do everything and hardaway has to hit all the threes. If tim hardaway don’t hit the threes don jic they’re not going to win dallas, you know that’s why i think without pizzing it’s screwed they got screwed. The referees, i think, are too soft. So this is a good game. We have here dallas first game. I just watched the first game today: utah jazz, uh, donovan mitchell had 57 points versus the nuggets, and i was that was a good game. Utah lost that game by 10 points, but the nugget that’s that’s how good the nuggets are: they’re both evenly matched teams with yogic, and you got uh, yeah and murray, so that’s, a good matchup, goldberg mitchell against murray and jojic so that’s. Why? I? The nuggets and utah jazz they should have put that game on six instead of boston, celtics and the sixes boston, one you figure without ben simmons, they should have put the the dallas uh. I mean the utah jazz and the nuggets on at six. I know they’re gon na put dallas and clippers because of la you know mainstream, but i think they should have put the utah jazz and nuggets on at six, not at one o’clock in the afternoon who the hell is gon na watch nba playoffs at one o’clock In the afternoon, it’s so dumb, and then they had the nets in toronto at what four o’clock you know, the next don’t got no when they lost irving, the austin red d, woody and jordan.

You don’t really think they’re gon na beat a team like toronto. Raptors that’s, why i don’t understand why they put the nets in toronto at four, you knew it was gon na be a blowout. They should have put that game on first then boston and sixes at four. Then they should have put dallas at i mean nuggets and utah seven that’s what they should the utah and the nuggets should have been at seven, because that was a good game going to overtime. Mitchell was 57 points and then nuggets won the first game. Boston celtics won the first game. Uh toronto beat the nets up, pretty bad. The nets don’t have nobody, and now we have the last game in the evening dallas and the clippers luca doncic man, 21 years old, he’s only 21. He plays like a veteran 10 years. He plays like he’s in the league 10 years 34 points in a playoff game. Five almost eight assists the guy is so good. He makes it look so easy and you lose pozingas the whole game, the rest of the game, the referees screw them, and now the clip is up 101 to 98, missed by leonard another rebound by the clippers. They get second chance points again, that’s the problem with the dallas they’re getting out rebound and they’re, giving them second chance points and dallas’s three point: shooting is not great, and now they get second chance points, and now the clippers score again now they’re up 103 to 98, because of uh out rebounding and no size, hookah donovan can’t do everything.

Maxie kimbo for three misses the three see what i mean if dallas doesn’t shoot their threes dallas is not going to win, especially who was in hardaway’s. Not shooting kemp was not shooting where they getting all the scoring dallas is not getting no scoring because don jic can’t do everything that’s the problem with dallas man, they lost brazilians. Now the other turnover you see what i mean. This is what that’s the problem with dallas. Their bench is not as good as the clippers clippers just got too many weapons. There are too many weapons where morris and reggie jackson and beverly and harold and lou williams. They they have so much depth uh. The clippers are shooting all for eight in three pointers: they’re, not even shooting good. The clip is shooting in threes, is terrible and dallas just can’t take advantage. Dallas is what two for eight so they’re, both not shooting good in threes. You know and dallas needs to shoot the three, because how the hell they gon na come back. You know so right now the clippers are winning 103 to 98. Five points. Three minutes left in the fourth quarter. Right now, uh, i don’t know don jake man he’s either gon na get tired man. He can’t do everything. I think the referees were too soft, kicking out zingers that’s ridiculous. I think they got screwed down. So a little bit morris was starting with donjik and that pozingas is sticking up for his guy and then they kick him out of the game.

Good pass by luka donvick uh we’ve got three minutes left uh three points: dallas is trying to make a little comeback here. The la yep, the last game, the last game of the night in basketball, utah jazz, comes up short, 57 of a mitchell losing to the devin nuggets and nuggets up the first game, and then the nets got blown out by by the toronto raptors. Of course, the nets got blown out, toronto, wins and then boston beat the sixes and now the last game of the night dallas and the clippers clip is winning by three after brazilians gets, kicked out what a day in basketball what a day. And then, tomorrow you got the lakers and you got the uh blazers trailblazers damian lyndon cj mccollum uh. Well then, the clippers you know they’re not really doing that great. You know the three point: shooting is terrible: they’re, not even shooting threes. You know dallas just don’t have production they’re not getting any scoring from anybody else. You know once you lose posings don jic. What i said to my i said to everyone dodger, because donja can score 40 points and dallas will still lose because they don’t get production from anybody else. If hardaway doesn’t score, where are they getting any other production, curry doesn’t do nothing maxie, kimball doesn’t, do anything smith doesn’t do anything they and they get out rebound uh. I see the clippers get all these second chance points.

You can’t give the clippers. All these extra points and extra rebounds and get extra points – the clippers are gon na, take advantage that’s what the clippers have been doing. They got second chance points. They took advantage. Trey burke, don’t do not now he’s injured, so they get no production from burke. Two points from burke in 20 minutes how the hell are you going to win when you get two points from burke and then smith don’t do anything suff carrier doesn’t do anything in the second half. Of course the clippers are gon na win this. You know they have all the depth too wide open three, of course, patrick, barely wide open, three, no defense that’s the clippers first, three pointer of this quarter, they’re one for nine and threes, the clippers and they’re still winning by six points, don jic again. What is that 36 points? So doncic has 36 points and they’re still struggling and because the pozingas is not in there, i figured that was going to be the reason, because nobody else on dallas scores. Besides donjic, i knew that was going to be the prom who williams and harold missed layup. They got to break their dallas let’s, see if tim hardaway could do anything tim hardaway. Is he going to do anything? Turns the ball? Over tim hardaway has a chance to make it uh a two point game and now clippers missed another shot. The clippers are giving down so many chances.

Seth carver three misses the three another rebound by the clippers. Dallas had chances in this game. The clip is well one for nine and threes in this quarter. Nadi made it three night at two for ten marcus morris with a three marcus morris is the reason why pozingis was kicked out of the game marcus morris. So now clip is up 109 to 102. One minute left in the game: doncic again guys unbelievable hookah, doncic 38 points for luka doncic. That guy is unbelievable. 21 years old, 38.6 rebounds 9 assists for a guy in his second year, man, god he’s good lou williams, going to the free throw line for two. Three rows: look at his stanzic man. He made leonard look like a little kid. Man, leonard is almost eight years older than him, and don chick is 21 years old and he’s, making leonard look like a little kid and he’s the little kid and he’s making him look like a little kid that’s. How good this doncic is 38 points for a 21 year old we’re talking about this guy, like he’s, michael jordan, the way he’s scoring he’s only 21. he’s, not michael jordan, yet he’s a great player as long as he don’t get injured. That’S doncic is a hall of famer. If you watched him the last two years that luca died, he’s a hall of famer, if he don’t get injured, he’s a hall of famer. His rookie card is going for two thousand dollars for a reason, because the guy is so good, so the clip is up 111 to 104.

. You know, even without bezingas dallas is trying to win, but i figured they’re going to lose. They don’t have no, they don’t have no production. No one else. Doncic is getting tired. He can’t do everything now it’s 111 106, with one minute left dallas, is going to have to foul man, 50 seconds left patrick beverly back out to paul george. That clippers are going to try to waste the clock to win this game 40 seconds left. Paul george has to shoot. The three makes the three game over ladies and gentlemen game over la clippers winning 114 to 106.. This game is over, ladies and gentlemen, guys. Thank you for watching dub hope, uh sports clippers and the dallas mavericks poor george over 20 points leonard decent game, but luka doncic is the star of the game, even though they lost alice 38 points. With 21 years old pozingis gets kicked out of the game. Fighting with morris dallas loses his game, so clippers are winning the first game game one. They win the first game guys. Thank you for watching, make sure you subscribe, get the likes off without hope sports. He needs some money, some money up in this house, so guys thank you for watching good game for the clippers. They win the first game, tough loss for dallas and, of course, utah jazz mitchell 57. They lose nuggets, win the first game, boston, celtics, win the first game and the toronto raptors beat the nets with nobody and we got games tomorrow.

Lakers and the trailblazers tomorrow, so guys enjoy the rest of your night. Guys. Thank you for watching, subscribe and i’ll.