Okay, who you is, i said, i robbed my black tiggy licks in my black tee let’s, go let’s, get it so many players out of the bubbles we’re just gon na do kawaii, okay, knocks down he’s coming out the game, boxing three and five game fussing. Okay, still this time, uh huh knocks it away, throws it up. More starts. Okay. I, like that i’m like there’s. More start, george, has been terrible. They started gets in the paint forces was real yeah. I don’t i don’t. I don’t play none of this anymore. Oh, you better stop playing boys at school; two for two: the middle of the fourth quarter: three pointers off that’s when the dude’s like we’re gon na start playing in the beginning of the game that’s when you’re seven, he said not today, that’s the seventh don’t go Back Music over christmas, oh don’t, th, hey williams, hey i’m, full with doubt three that’s good. I don’t get a get a game or two. I can dance a game or two, but i mean the first game is the one where the lakers inside goes right. Okay Applause! Oh oh, you think this is yeah and i’m gon na grab you every time. I don’t care who you is you’re working to come out on the floor to get there. Okay out of the scrum beverly. Now, okay, i agree that’s, why i said that’s! None marcus, look at the post up. What happened is he out? Did he get ejected get? No, i need to see christopher’s back in the game.

I can’t even look at the rest of this game if freaking chris ain’t out at the top of the threesome no way no way that’s weak falling away. That was all that happened. Wow that’s, the weak. Is he out of here that’s the weakest? This is the playoffs, but he’s just kidding me. I don’t want to see the residents. This is just this. Is god this game is going to be poopy now, but now y’all made it Music all right. This is when what is that about three? The lead need to get to double digits. Another three okay, now tied up i’m gon na, say they’re gon na go up by 10 15 points, that’s just my prediction. I don’t know i ain’t seen the last two possessions is like take a break. I got you wait a minute. Has it going again, the boys are scoring the basketball i thought club is going for. I thought the club was supposed to be able to play. Jackson gets inside lays it in easily okay, a 40 point game got a good skill season, competitive spirit, chicken dinner fabric still alive doncic drives gets inside, lays it up, stop keeps his dribble alive and then finally bumped with eight point three remaining by themselves: eight for Game two tim hartaway misses and good game. The la clippers take good game dallas. It was some poopy because you cuz your boy got ejected but, like i don’t know how he got ejected for what for? Why like? Was he saying something i mean it was? It was the weakest ejection ever like clippers, already gon na win and then y’all ejected, the only other big who can stretch.

I mean he not even a big hit. He had three. He had three freaking kristaps that’s crazy though i couldn’t, even i couldn’t, even enjoy that game.