Let’S go Applause. He was the talk of the nba for the last 24 hours and we get to talk to him now. Luka doncic joins us down there from the bubble and uh luca uh. The emotions of that moment take me through it from the shot to being mobbed to being doused with water afterwards. What a what an experience? Oh! It was amazing. You know a lot of emotions, especially in these playoffs and obviously when you hit the game winner, you know, i said they asked me the same thing after the game. I said the best moment was when now when i saw it go in it’s when the whole team, like was running towards me. I think that was very emotional. For me, you know luca when wha, when did y’all find out, porzinger was not gon na play. I found out uh before the when they announced starting five. You know i went, i went back uh to the locker room and that’s where i found out and he was like. He was very, very sad. You know he couldn’t be out there. Uh he’s very important. He wants to play, he wants to be out there and you know just an unfortunate he’s he’s got to work on his knee and that’s that’s when i found out so when you’re down 21 in the second quarter. Are you thinking to yourself uh we’re in trouble, or i got to be more aggressive uh? I would never think we’re in trouble.

Uh it’s, you know it’s a lot of game. You know anything can change. You know just i was just talking uh. I said we’re gon na win this game. You know we believe uh, i think the whole. Like. I always say you know you got to believe it and you know we believe from the beginning and we came together. We started playing way better defense and that’s. Just from there we went up lucas shack here. Two things. First thing is uh coco, mate uh. The second thing is uh. What does that mean? What is that? First of all luca knows, i want to know what it means: okay, yes, how you doing uh. Second of all, uh being and being in europe playing in front of those crowds, uh i’ve, seen videos of those crowds being tough. Is that what gives you the experience to play in front of you know nba type crowds and be able to withstand trash talk? You know what i’m talking about. Oh yeah, i mean uh there’s, some really tough crowds in uh in europe uh spring, especially greece, serbia, turkey. I think those are the three like really tough crowds to play in uh it’s hard to to to listen to your teammate right next to you, because they cheers a lot but uh it’s. I learned a lot about that. You know uh, you got ta trust your teammates uh. You got ta trust, your your coaches, everybody on your team.

You know you’re gon na go together against everybody, and i learned a lot that from in europe. Well speaking, my native tongue what’s good luca um. This dude over here anyway, i i i i said before the bubble started luca – that there were a couple of guys that i was really gon na pay close attention to and yourself jason tatum and donovan mitchell, and i said i was going to do that because I felt that this is not a continuation of 2020. did. It feel like an off season and you’re coming back for the next year, knowing more as a player, or do you feel like it’s, a continuation of 2020, because i felt you were gon na come back as more of an mvp candidate than an all star that You won when you left, i mean i think for me. It was like i was in offseason. It was kind of like second pre season in one season it was weird. Obviously this situation is is not the ideal one, but you know i felt like it was. We had another pre season, you know uh like working uh like in the summer uh, but you know the same mentality as we start the season we wanted to make the playoffs uh. Now we are tied to two, you know uh. We just we just want to believe we want to want to win games and that’s. What we came here, luca this day on the calendar, this uh august, 24th, 8, 24, it’s mamba day.

Um. Give me your memories of kobe bryant and also i mean because i know uh i’ve seen the video of you. You know having a picture taken with gigi and and and seeing kobe at the game in in december um, but i also heard that he was trash. Talking you in slovenian uh give me that whole story and what your memories are, that night yeah i mean he said some bad words in my language. You know uh. I was like who’s talking to me in my language. You find me. I was like just look behind me. It was kobe, so i was just it was something amazing. You know i would never forget this this day and after the game i came, you know i took a picture with him uh. You know he was one of the guys i looked today look up to and it was just that day was amazing and i’ll. Never forget this. You know, even though, first of all you were awesome yesterday – and we just want to thank you for sitting in for bob on tonight, because he was busy. I told i told him – i was gon na be there and he was pissed piss, you guys hey. No, we had him on the other night and he says i just want to thank you guys for interviewing me with stella luca. It was awesome. You might be the best guy to interview luca. Can you do me one favor? Yes, say you rang lucky, you noticed.

I had to look it up. You had to look up that character because that wasn’t going to be tv, i would imagine going up the adams family, but i would say that you know for the entertainment that you provided, i think for everyone and you guys are doing in in generality in the Bubble is the the way you’re playing and the effort that you’re playing at, and we understand the stakes it is and how difficult it is and it’s just great to watch. Thank you very much and let me let me close it out this way with you luca. I i just when i saw yesterday before the game you and montrez herald together. I think we all appreciated that gesture um. Can you tell me about uh resolving any differences you might have had over the that white boy comment? Oh yeah, i mean it was like. I said you know in the beats: playoffs there’s a lot of emotions. I think all the players understand that you know a lot of players in this situation. Don’T say the word they mean, you know in the player there’s a lot of emotions, and you know we just clear it out and everything’s good, no worries luca. Thank you very much. We appreciate your time. Uh porzingis, going to play uh the next game. I don’t know don’t, ask me uh let’s see i was just trying to get a little something out of you. He found out right before the game jack.

What are you doing over here? Man, jack is trying to find out he’s trying to converse with you again. That means good luck.