Nine rebounds in those four assists Music Music um. You know obviously um in that third quarter um. I think it was about a 12 14 point, swing i’m, not sure and um. You know just ending that second quarter really really have no energy um. I feel like we could attack the basket a little bit better and this question’s going to come from kauai uh, a mentally tough team, but he said today he felt that you guys were emotionally weak. Do you agree with what he’s saying did you standing points emotionally? Were you guys, tougher, um, yeah, obviously um closing out that second quarter and in that big in the beginning of that? Third, you know we uh, like i said we didn’t have no energy and um. You know easy plays. They were making on the offensive end. Just getting easy baskets Music – and this questions – hey boy that last play there – was the gameplay to switch that action, or was it something you’re trying to prevent Music um yeah. You know we switched uh. That was a game plan um. You know he’s a great player. He made a great shot got to his spot and we made it Music i’ll just tell him to keep going. You know i mean his time is coming um, you know missing uh easy looks tonight, um everybody did but it’s, not his fault. We were up. You know big in that second quarter and everybody has a part in you know winning a basketball game.

Why do you think i mean we’re, a new team? You know i mean you know new guys. You know, you know new system man. You know it takes time, but you know we’re right there we’re not giving up. You know you know we got fighters, get a few more questions. Next, one from julio alonso, hey kroy, you play against superstars on lebron james, kevin durant. Why does it like playing deals with kardashian 21 years old? Do you see him on that level? How great this is what the uh i mean, you can see it um. You know another triple double tonight: score hit the game winner, he’s playing amazing basketball. My question to you is um, i mean it was just frustrating to see where we made mistakes at you know. You know what i mean but it’s, something to learn from um. You know we still. We still got two games, you know possible left and you know best of three right now, so you know we got time and we’ll just look at the film and see what we can do better. Okay, last question’s gon na come from andrew boy. Uh i’ve mentioned that even without forcing us obviously today, where do you feel like between now and game five? The defense has to tighten up the most individually on individual defense uh. I think i think a lot of times. We have a lot of miscommunication and you know giving them easy baskets out there um, but they’re doing a great job running their offense and getting looks.

You know, starting with luca, getting these guys open shots and him making his shots. And you know you got to give them credit um. You know they fought back in this game tonight and you know our defense was pretty good uh, but for the first 20 minutes – and you know kind of went downhill and then it came back up when the game got tight, so um just got ta play 48 And that’s it all right, well, kawhi leonard and luka doncic, now on the same list, kudos and tim mcmahon for an earthing, this one players who score 40 or plus points in the playoff game and win it with a buzzer beater. This is michael jordan, lebron james kawhi, leonard damian, lillard and luca it’s, an elite list, yeah it’s, a specialist chris, those guys right there like we always talk about. They know how to get these shots when they want to it’s unfortunate for paul george he’s on there. Now the victim from damian, now luke contentions of being on the list of guys knock down buzzer beaters at the end of the game. Chris, some interesting comments made by doc, rivers, saying we’re so much better than what we’re playing right now that team didn’t give up. They were down by 21 and when you think about what’s happened in this series, kristaps warzingis ejected in game, one did not play in game four possible return for him in game. Five. It feels like all of the momentum is headed to maverick’s way right now, but it’s still tied at 2 2 right now.

Chris is weird to say it, because in a normal situation you would say: well, both teams have done what they’re supposed to do. They won their home games. Well here in the bubble, there is no true whole game, it’s, really about who’s playing the great basketball who is playing with great emotion, like dockery, was talking about and right now the mavericks have the emotion they have the mojo. They have everything on their side, but doc’s been here before why linda’s been here before they know how to regroup and get back to playing better basketball. So i look for dr lee dewey to get them playing better pivotal game five. What are your keys for both teams? Well, i think doc said it best. First thing for the clippers get back to playing that defense that everyone talked about all season long with these guys being one of the best defensive teams in the league. They give up 135 points tonight with no kp. If they get better defense, maybe they get a win now for the mavericks you get kp back. You run some offense through him, but let’s not get it confused. It’S, all about luca making him feel good continue to get the right treatment on that ankle and luca, like rick carlisle, said the ball’s in your hand, we’re playing through you, keep making great decisions this one of the most even series that we have in the first Round toronto, looking to be the second team to bring out the brooms against brooklyn, as we saw the boston celtics sweep the philadelphia 76ers already when that game’s over well we’ll be back here, 3 d and yours truly chris miles.

Thank you for hanging out with us. Following this game between the dallas mavericks and the los angeles clippers again that series tied at 2 2 we’ll see you in a few three games in this series. 11 points per game. 3D 21 from the field 16 from three point range hurting this team. Right now, with the shooting – yes chris, that just hurts my eyes to look at this, because we know how good paul george is. We know the nickname. Few years ago, playoff p, i need playoff p to get out of his own head figure it out and get back to playing all star top notch basketball. We know he can play remember he had shoulder surgery on both shoulders in the off season. Let’S hear from him what’s up tough it’s been three games. Now uh, i just got ta stay with it: um it’s, a marathon man. I got ta stay with it. I thought early on, i got a rhythm um and then towards you know. The third quarter was a stretch where you know i just got out of rhythm and i was trying to find it, but you know it was tough. It was it’s just tough for me right now, um it’s, it’s it’s hard to say because i’m getting the looks. I’M, getting the shots. The floor is open. The defenders aren’t great um but i’m, just having a hard time finding the ball through right. Now, Applause there’s a couple plays out there where they’re it’s the point where they’re doubling hawaii off of you um i’m, just curious.

Like honestly, when you play, is your confidence shaking a bit right now? Is this some some play for you or you play the game confident, regardless of how you play shooting yeah, i play the game. Confidently. Um the shots i’m taking i’m expecting to make um it just is what it is. I’M, just missing shots and i don’t think it’s from a confidence standpoint, because you know once once i see it go through and i find that rhythm i’ll be right where i want to be. The problem is it’s. Just getting to that point um, you know usually you’re in a hostile environment and that usually helps you get into that moment. So i just got to find that um. You know just just find that, while i’m out on that floor, that environment uh and you know i’ll battle through it, i’ll fight through it um. I got to help the team and i’m aware of that, and i will get to that point. Hey paul. I just arrived sorry if this was already asked, but doc mentioned that you felt like the team night was mentally weak and enough to be emotionally weak and i guess i’m, just curious did you feel like that was the case and what was what’s that a product Of uh ask that again doc said earlier: you felt like the team that i was emotionally weak and here is: do you did you feel up that way too? And why do you think that was um, no i’m, not sure um, i’m, not sure i’m, not sure on that question.

Well, is there anything that you’ll do differently between, like that next game, just to kind of get yourself going or to kind of get your head right or anything like that or get your shot right or uh? I think i just spend a little bit more time. Closer to the basket, especially with these smaller defenders, just find my rhythm around the basket a little a little sooner easy layups, easy jumpers face ups, a couple more post ups just try to play in closer see the ball go through before i start playing on the Perimeter, Music, hey paul what has been the biggest challenge as a team against the underdogs, the dallas mavericks so far, there’s any challenges that you guys are facing so far with game plan, or you guys are just the conference level – is not there yet Music. There’S no challenge um. As far as you know. If i make shots this, this series could be a little different, uh and that’s the obvious. Of course. You know that’s what it just comes down to, but give them credit they’re playing well uh they’re, defending they’re, shooting the ball um lucas playing phenomenal um. You got to give credit what credits do, but to be honest in hindsight, if i shoot the ball better, this series will be a lot different Music, well paul, george, just three for 14 from the field, but give me three to end the game uh. I just got ta stay with it: um it’s, a marathon man.

I got ta stay with it. I thought early on, i got a rhythm um and then towards you know. The third quarter was a stretch where you know i just got out of rhythm and um. I was trying to find it um, but you know it was tough. It was it’s just tough for me right now, um it’s, it’s it’s hard to say because i’m getting the looks i’m getting the shots. The floor is open. The defenders aren’t great but i’m just having a hard time finding the ball through right.