I think it was about a 12 14 point, swing i’m, not sure and um. You know just ending that. Second, quarter really really have no energy um, i feel like we could attack the basket a little bit better and this question’s gon na come from owen mentally tough team, but he said today he thought that you guys were emotionally weak. Do you agree with what he’s saying? Did you see any points emotionally? Were you guys, tougher um, yeah, obviously um closing out that second quarter and in that big in the beginning of that? Third, you know we uh, like i said we didn’t have no energy and um. You know easy plays that are making on an office event just getting easy baskets. The next that last play there was the game plan to switch that action, or was it something you’re trying to prevent? What did you tend to see Music yeah? You know we switched uh. That was the game plan um. You know he great player made a great shot, um got to his spot and we made it, and this question is going to come from miriam Music. How important is it for you guys i’ll just tell him to keep going. You know i mean his time is coming um, you know missing uh easy looks tonight. Everybody did but it’s, not his fault. You know big in that second quarter and everybody has a part in being winning a basketball game.

Okay, Music. I mean we’re a new team. You know what i mean. You know new guys. You know you know new system man, you know it takes time, but you know we’re right. There we’re not giving up and a few more questions. Next one’s uncomfortable, hey, kauai, you play against superstars, like lebron james, kevin durant. Why does he like playing against what kardashian got 21 years old? Do you see him in that level? How great does the doctor get this when he played against him? Uh i mean you can see it. You know another triple double tonight: score hit the game winner, he’s playing amazing basketball. This question is going to come from thomas. You get frustrated after games like this. Once the game is um, i mean it was just frustrating to see where we made mistakes at you know. You know what i mean but it’s, something to learn from um. You know we still. We still got two games, you know possibly left and you know best of three right now, so you know we got time and we’ll just look at the film and see what we can do better. Okay, last question’s on car i’m andrew today. Where do you feel like between now and game? Five? The defense has to tighten up the most individually on the individual defense, but they think a lot of times. We have a lot of miscommunication and you know giving them easy baskets out there um, but they’re doing a great job running their offense and getting looks.

You know, starting with luke, getting these guys open shots and him making his shots. And you know you got to give him credit um. You know they fought back in this game tonight and you know our defense was pretty good, but for the first 20 minutes – and you know kind of went downhill and then it came back up when the game got tight, so just got to play 48. that’s. It thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.