It goes from best of seven to essentially best of three now and yes, we will uh be having jay wear something once the mavs beat up on the clippers. I haven’t decided what we’re gon na put him might put him in never mind. I can’t say that i can get you a sweater. You get him a sweater and i’m gon na give you something else i’m, starting to worry about your key. Well, somebody should have bet on the jazz we. I know we had a bet on the mavericks and the clippers jazz nuggets would have been easy. Donovan, mitchell, 51 jamal murray, 50. jazz win. 129 127.. Also, a very underrated story in the bubble. How well rudy gobert has played after he started this whole worldwide sports shutdown. So much talk about spider mitchell, but rudy has been absolutely terrific and we just talked about a moment ago, but just to reiterate the ravens releasing safety earl thomas. They signed him just last march on field altercation, where he punched a teammate. He said don’t be surprised if he ends up back in seattle. It’S not out of the question adam schefter says right now. The cowboys are the front runner sportscenter brought to you by goodyear. Goodyear knows why we all love basketball, it’s, diving for the loose ball, it’s, jumping for a blocked, shot, it’s, driving the lane and rising up for a dunk. We love basketball because we love to move what moves you goodyear more driven.

I was just trying to make it. You know. I can’t explain the emotions back to doncic, one of the best feelings i ever had it’s just something special. This team is something special incredible. A 40 point triple double: he led the nba in triple doubles this year at the age of 21.. Woj will be here in just a minute to talk about what the league is saying about luca this morning. Jay. This is something you hit on over the weekend before luca was a game time decision with the ankle injury. By the way, he did it last night without porzingis, and that is never underestimate the fact that he was playing with grown men in europe before he came to the nba. He was assigned to a pro deal by the age of 13, which is amazing because that was just eight years ago, which seems a little ridiculous when you think about it on the surface. But he’s been sort of groomed for this moment, just because of the quality of competition he’s played even before he got to the nba that’s. Why? Originally this morning, when i said that he’s a more skilled, better shooting, better shooting, not as athletic version of lebron james. That said, if this is at that age, it’s not unrealistic, because he’s think about what you think about the advantages that you have when you actually start training the right way eating the right way. You’Re around professionals, you learn the nuances of the game.

They don’t. They try to teach you that in college, but the college game is so different as opposed to the prose game that’s why he excels in pick and rolls he understands he’s the master of pace you can’t speed him up. Keyshawn j wills have been presented by progressive insurance, get your quota today, let’s go to the shell pennzoil performance line. All of our guests join us on the shell pennzoil performance line, including the nba’s best insider wodges, with this espn senior insider woah joining the show brought to you by the new ford super duty built ford, tough adrian. When you talk to people around the league about luka doncic, what do you hear? Well, hey guys, it’s been a conversation, that’s gone on from back when he was playing uh in the spanish acb as a young teenager, and i had goron dragach on my podcast last week down here in orlando and they played on the slovenian national team. Together, they won the euro basket in 2017.. You know, slovenia is a country of two or three million people and for them to go win, especially the european championship against uh, spain and france and uh. You know some of the more traditional powers was a remarkable upset and they gave i mean. Dragach was an all star. He had that next year he became an nba all star and luca was a 17 year old young player who went through systematically in that tournament took out, porzingis took out spain and he, you know, he’d give luca the ball at the end of games, and you Could see it there and the thing about doncic is just the way he relishes these pressure moments and the great ones have it, and you know uh mike schmitz and jonathan cavone are draft analysts who i mean, go back to their, how they analyzed luca when he Was in europe and coming into that draft – and there was a debate here about who should be number one – there was no debate with those two who had seen everybody.

They said this is the. This is a future all star. This is a future mvp candidate. This is the best prospect europe that the nba has ever had from overseas. There really should be no debate about number one, and this is it is rare and and jay knows like with lebron james when that player, who was a childhood prodigy, sometimes they flame out, sometimes the pressure’s too much, sometimes they peak too soon. It is rare that the lebron and i’m not trying to compare anybody to lebron, but it is compare. It is rare when that guy, who was that guy from when he was 12, 13, 14 15 years old, becomes that guy at 21 um you, you just have something that’s, generational don’t worry roach i’ll, do it for you i’m, comparing him to lebron how about on The flip side for the clippers we watched, kawhi leonard, easily switch off to reggie jackson on luka doncic on that last possession, then obviously doc coming out with comments last night saying that they were weak mindset wise. What do you take about the clippers performance? Well, listen! They’Ve been outplayed largely in this series and to think it with a chance to take a 3 1 lead and uh porzingis out, and you know doncic on an ankle that he had been having treatment on since friday night. You know there was an opportunity, especially defensively. This clipper team was built to be able to throw bodies at a player like that to be able to switch on.

I mean look at how many elite defenders from kauai paul george marcus morris, big, strong, athletic long players and he went through one after another. After another everybody they throw at him and if he doesn’t beat you with the shot, he beats you with the drive. He passes the ball and has a vision and an ability to elevate everybody around him. That is not a really talented team. Beyond porzingis and doncic he’s playing without porzingis and listen we’re, seeing you know it’s funny, people are talking about how much he’s elevated his performance from the from the time of the hiatus till now guys he was playing like this. Before this season i mean he was playing at this level at an mvp level um throughout last, or this um, you know up until march 11th and so um yeah, the the clippers are going to have to hold on for dear life, to win this series. Well, how concerned are the clippers about the way these things are playing out for them? Right now, it looks like they obviously they’re 2 2. It can go the other way, quick fast, in a hurry. Well, i mean they’ve got to get paul george playing better. He knows that they know that um they were built to have two stars. They were built to have two of the of the nba’s very best players. Kawhi is in his own category. This is a you know, player who was shown time and time again in the post season, the two time finals, mvp that that he can do it in the biggest moments and they were built to have two of those players, and i think paul george will play Better um he he’s going to have, i think, maybe there was a thought they could get out of this series without him playing better i’m, not so sure anymore, and they certainly have again a deep team.

A team built um uh. You know really to be able to withstand as great as these two are in dallas and as great as doncic is. They should be able to win this series and i think, there’s a great deal of pressure on them uh to do that, but hey listen. They’Re. 2, 2 and um. Listen this! The the finish to this series is going to be um, probably the story of the bubble so far, uh speaking of the bubble, there’s a team that’s not in the bubble in the philadelphia, 76ers anymore, they’re outdone. How likely is it that we’ll see brett brown cleaning out his office and locker by the end of the week, uh likely his his uh his chances of staying in that job are bleak, i’m told and uh. They haven’t made a final decision yet, but the team’s returning to philly from orlando – and you know, seven years on the job. I think there comes a point for head coaches and you guys know this – you, you kind of reach a point where your voice be there. There just needs to be a new voice and maybe you’ve gone as far as you can go with somebody, and i i think the sixers are are at that point right now and um. I do think that a change is very likely.