Joel embiid, while he’s aggressive on social media and you know, is known to trash talk on the court generally sort of a passive aggressive character. Not you know, take the team by the horns: uh out vocal leader, al horford, tobias harris high character, highly talented, respected players. Neither of them leaders really can control the locker room, so you’re going to need somebody who can grab those players and get them to follow, and so my guess is that you’re going to need a coach who’s number one got some experience. I know imei udoka who’s there who’s there been their associate head. Coach is going to probably be a candidate. He will be a candidate some elsewhere um, but i don’t know if i think you might need the guy who’s got experience who can get into the players and sort of get them uh to sort of play a certain way, because one of the things that happened Was brett brown everybody likes him. Everybody appreciates that he’s a good guy, but he just could not sell what he was. What he needed to do to that team and so that’s got to be job one as they look for a coach and is that someone ty lue? I think ty can do that. I think you know one of my favorite stories about uh. His tenure in cleveland was that he got into a screaming match with lebron james, at halftime of game, seven of the 2016 finals, where lebron walked out on him.

Cussed him out, um he’s, he’s he’s. He does that work behind the scenes. He’S, not the type of guy to go crazy on the sidelines. I think ty can be that guy, but i’ll tell you i’ll tell you what greenie um, even if they do hire a coach like that they’ve then got to go out and get at least one veteran player. He doesn’t have to be a superstar. They don’t they can’t, afford it, but he’s got to go, get somebody to also back him up on the court i’m. In my view, they need a three part plan. One you got ta hire a coach who can get into the players. As i mentioned, two, they got ta trade, either tobias harris or al horford for shooting to balance their roster and to clear out the logjam of power forward. I do believe there’s deals out there that could happen and then three they got to get a veteran leader. Ideally, a veteran leader point guard who can help that coach get those guys in line. You could say you go over there, you go over there, you take this shot if they do that um and i think all those things are possible. This team could turn around very quickly but it’s, but but it’s gon na have to be something that gets done right. I knew that story brian because i read it in your book: um about ty lue, cursing out lebron james uh during the nba finals against golden state.

Meanwhile, i want you to hear something bruce bowen said today on my show, get up, because when we were looking at the brett brown situation and take it for what it’s worth brett brown was his assistant coach in san antonio they’re, very close. He he was defending brett brown, but i think he was being sincere when he he said this about joelle embiid, if he would have had a vested superstar enjoy lmb things wouldn’t, be this way, somebody that takes ownership of the fact that you are the ghost. Yes, it is backing better than ever greeting with you presented by progressive that understands that he has to make others better that’s. Why he’s a max player? I think the accountability is not being placed where it should be and we need to start holding superstars accountable to being better players on the floor. Is that fair? I mean first off bruce bowen is gon na support brett brown, who was his assistant coach for years? In san antonio, no matter what so i’m, not surprised that bruce would support brett brown, i do think that joelle can do better. I do think that he is one of these guys who says, give me the ball and then turns into half speed embiid when things don’t go so well out on the court. I do think he’s a guy who says i’ve got to be better and then doesn’t always maintain his conditioning. I mean i do think there’s partial truth to that, but i also think that the failure of this 76ers team and greeny this is as big of a failure of a team as pretty much, i would say the 2012 13 lakers when they traded for steve nash And dwight howard and then were out in the first round and had 45 wins.

This has probably been as big of a failure since that team, and so i think, there’s a lot of people that have this on their hands and i think there’s. A lot of people who need to improve and joel is certainly one of them, but i’m not going to put it all on his doorstep. The nba playoffs are on espn radio tonight kawhi and the clippers take on luca and the mavs presented by. Indeed, coverage begins 8, 30 eastern on most of these espn radio stations. With that in mind, i just saw coming across in the last few minutes, uh wendy, that porzingis is listed as out again for tonight, so porzingis will not play game five tonight. Give me a quick thought on on that series where they are and what you expect to happen in the best of three yeah. That is just really concerning long term for the mavericks, because this team is built on the reality of luca pairing with porzingis and one of the reasons the knicks traded. For things i mean we could go over that for the next two hours and we could argue about whether it was smart or not, but one of the reasons they traded them was because they were worried about his injuries, his injury future and so he’s he’s had A number of injuries this year and again this knee is worrisome. More worrisome is that he was listed as questionable two hours ago and then he’s listed it out.

You know later without even testing it that that’s worrisome, but but mcgreeney the performance that luca gave on that ankle on sunday was one of the most shocking things i’ve seen in my 17 years covering the nba, i have seen hundreds of sprained ankles. I have seen guys play through injuries. I have never seen a guy turn his ankle that badly and then return to play like that. It was stunning, and so my common sense says there’s no way that that ankle can allow him to keep playing this way um. But i have to suspend that because i’ve never seen something like this, so i am going to be glued to that game, because luca is like a fl, a moth to a flame right now i have to see him um overall, when you look at the series. Do i wager that paul george is going to continue shooting 20, as he has over the last three games? No, do i wager that montrez harrell, a guy who’s, been a bruiser and a vitally important part of that team is going to be contributing next to nothing to that team as he has for the last few games. No, i do not do i think trey, burke, um and uh and seth curry are going to continue shooting 70 as they did for the mavericks in the last game. No, i do not so, if i’m making uh guesses, i would say that the clippers should rise up and retake control, but certainly, if you’re the clippers.

You have to be very concerned because it’s not just about getting through this series, they were built to win four rounds and this is a challenging opponent, but this is not how they thought this would go completely agree. I i i agree with everything you said. I think george will play a lot better. I think they will win this series, but some flaws, i think, have been exposed. I have to run windy. Thank you. My friend i’ll talk to you soon have a good day. Brian windhorst, with me here, greeny with you coming up next, an nfl star is going to go on a scorched earth tour of the sport. This season, i will tell you, which one right after this word from zip recruiter hiring, can be a challenge as codable co. Founder gretchen hebner found out she needed to hire a game artist for her education, tech company, so she went to She posted her job. She found the right person in less than two weeks how zip recruiters technology finds people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job. It’S. No wonder four out of five employers who post on zip recruiter, get a quality candidate within the first day and right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at, greening at greeny ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire back in a moment, espn radio. Today, on espn daily basketball’s, future superstars can all be seen in one place.