He’S been undergoing treatment and has seen the doctors here and we’ll know a little more tomorrow, but this this may be a game time decision similar to what lucas was yesterday. As far as everybody else, no major physical issues, you know other than you know, lucas ankles is uh doing well. He did well on it yesterday, and hopefully you know today off the floor, will will help that as well. Okay, we’ll get started with brad townsend brad. Go ahead, yeah uh, circling back on uh porzingis. When exactly did you find out that he was having an issue before the game and and how close to game time did you actually have to make that decision, and is this similar or dissimilar to what happened? Uh was going on in late december early january um i mean i i found out about key piece thing. It was in the locker room before the game. It was, i don’t know maybe 35 minutes before the game, something like that. It was before our meeting um and uh. I don’t i don’t. I don’t i’m not authorized to give medical information um. You know at least anything detailed um from what i understand. The situation is different than the one in january and that’s that’s. All i can tell you and that’s all i really want to get into okay. Thank you. Hey next up is going to be dwayne price wayne go ahead, uh rick uh. What do you guys have to do in game five in order to build off of what you did in game? Four number one and number two: what what are your thoughts on guys like lebron james steph, curry, damien little d wade, all of them tweeting and celebrating that great shot, that luca did at the ball yesterday, yeah um i’ll answer the first question: uh: first um we Got to keep our guard up um, you know, playoff series are very, very emotional, very can be very up and down um.

It could be difficult to come into the next game with, with a with you know, the optimum level of force after an exuberant win like that, so that’s going to be one of the things that we need to do we got to keep attacking. We got to keep being as aggressive as possible and persistent as possible, and you know you know that shot. You know that’s that’s an iconic shot it’s it. You know that will live on for um years and likely decades and it’s it’s great to see. You know these uh, these iconic superstars. You know paying paying their respects because those guys know how difficult a shot that is, um and luca made it look pretty easy uh. You know with 3.7 seconds to get the ball and you know, take two dribbles and then be able to set his feet and and launch a shot like that. You know it’s, not an easy play. Okay, next up is going to be uh. Mark falwell mark go ahead, hey rick! Often we ask you questions about your messaging during games when you’re down, big and and the fact that you preach about staying with it. We ask you about how you bounce back from difficult games. Uh duane’s question alluded to this. A little bit, but i wanted to hear you maybe elaborate a little bit more what’s, the messaging like when you’re preparing for the next game when you’re coming off such uh.

You know an emotional win, a dramatic win, something that i’m sure is probably pretty hard to come down from, but you know you have to do to get ready for the next game, so what’s what’s the messaging like to adapt to that situation as opposed to the Situations we ask you about when you’re trying to come back or bounce back, a game like that needs to be celebrated. But when you move on to the next day in a playoff series, um yeah, you got ta, you got ta move forward and um objectively study. The things that happen throughout the game i mean um, you know 21 point deficit in the first half means that you know we’re doing a lot of things that it means that we can. We can do an awful lot of things better during that period of time. We did some things to get more aggressive with leonard, you know they will adjust, and so we need to have uh other adjustments ready. Today we we talked about you know the fact that everything we’re doing we we’re gon na we’re gon na need to do at a higher level in game five um, and then you know the in the general. The general messaging, though, is what i said to dwayne, and that is that we got to keep our guard up. We’Ve got to keep attacking and we’ve got to be the more persistent team. I mean um that’s, you know that’s how we’ve got to approach this and um.

You know you want to keep messaging as simple as possible and to the point as possible. Um, you know, and we just you know, we’ve got to play to exhaustion and then i’ve got to manage manage the minutes. Accordingly. Okay, next up is going to be kelly. Kaplan cali go ahead, hey rick! I know this doesn’t go along with uh keeping your guard up but i’m curious yesterday, after luca hit. That shot was one of the few times. Maybe this season that you know you’ve had visible joy and celebration on the sidelines, so i was curious. You know what was going through your mind: what were you thinking in that moment? I was just really happy for our team i’m very happy for for luca. You know, you know those kind of moments um. You know they’re special there’s, just there’s, no other way to say it. You know and i’ve been over the years fortunate to coach players. You know that have created a lot of those moments. You know guys like reggie miller, chauncey billups um. You know luca lucas had some similar type situations in the regular season. Um. You know. Vince carter hit the big shot back at 14 in game three against san antonio. You know during my 11 years with dirk. He hit no less than eight or nine game winners. You know i mean um, but when they happen in the playoffs you know in that moment on that stage, there’s something that’s that’s extra special about it, but it um.

You know, as as mark falwell mentioned and and dwayne brought it up too, in a certain way it. It also creates a challenge. You know to to go from that moment, um to the next game, with with the optimum disposition, posture and level of force and that’s that’s that’s going to be um a necessity. You know in game five, but i was happy. You know i mean don’t get me wrong. You know i’ve been around this long enough to realize that you know you’ve got ta. You’Ve got ta, celebrate moments like that and to be uh overtly um. You know exuberant about it. You know that’s that’s, a human emotion that that needs to come out, and i think you saw it from everybody. You know on our in our bench area, everybody from players to coaches, trainers, support staff, um, you know our security guy, you know you name it. I mean that’s that’s a it’s a special moment, but now we’ve got to move forward. Okay, next up is going to be tim mcmahon, tim rick did uh porzingis mri show anything wrong structurally uh i can’t get into that um. You know number one. I don’t. I don’t have the full debrief on it. Uh number two: i just think it violates hipaa laws to get into that, but he’s not been ruled out for game five and look. A lot of this is going to be hour to hour minute to minute type stuff.

Probably in the later stages of tomorrow you know and the game once again, i believe, is at nine tomorrow night, so it may be late, um late in the day late late evening before we know for sure. Okay, next up is going to be saad yusuf. Saad go ahead, but tim. I will say that you know that you know there’s not there’s, nothing on the mri that has ruled him out the day before the game and that’s and that’s good news. You know so um. You know, i think we can take some stock in that and we’ll just have to see where we are tomorrow. All right go ahead: hey rick, i’m, curious how you view this situation with paul george. Obviously, you know the kind of player he’s proven to be throughout his career, but he’s having a really rough series. You talk about not being not like falling asleep at the wheel in general in the series how about when it comes to guarding paul george and just the slump that he seems to be in he’s a great player. He’S got a lot of playoff experience. We just got to keep trying to make it as difficult as we can for him and leonard and lou. Will too i mean well let’s face it. Well, you know he’s scoring. He scored over a point a minute. Yesterday i mean it’s. Just you know the guy’s. A walking bucket, i mean he’s. These guys are very, very challenging guys to play.

We we have ultimate respect for for all three of those guys and really their entire team um and look when you’re in a long, playoff series. You know you you don’t ever get feeling too good about. You know a great player that’s had a couple of off games, i mean we we’ve, just uh we’ve just got to keep having ultimate respect for him and just trying to make it as difficult as possible. Okay, our last question is going to be dobby day dobby day. Go ahead, hey coach, uh! You started this this series as the underdog you’re now: 2 2. After an incredible game. What does this result say about your team? Well, we fought extremely hard to be in this position. Um i i’ve been a head coach 18 years in this league, now been involved in over 300 playoff games. Since i started playing in 1984., i don’t know that i’ve seen a situation where a team demonstrated the level of fight that we did yesterday and and that’s got to continue. Um and that’s got to be that’s got to be a constant. You know whether we’re, whether we’re ahead, whether we’re behind i mean we get that’s, got to be our process but uh. Look it it’s that simple um. You know we can’t, we can’t exhale, you know and i’ve i’ve used the the phraseology can’t. Let our guard down. It’S it’s all those things. Thank you that’ll.