Am i looking anywhere um, particularly this one right here? You guys got down by 21 and uh and started rallying what was it like in timeouts and on the sideline uh. Honestly, it was a little deflated um. Everyone was a little deflated. We did do a good job of staying together. Um, we knew it was going to be a 48 minute game and we knew that you know being down 20 in this league, honestly it’s kind of like being down 9 or 10 points. It just depends on the perspective you have so we we kept a positive perspective, went back out there. We stayed together, um it wasn’t our offense at first that got us back in the game. It was defense, we put a consecutive amount of stops together and uh. We got our transition got some easy buckets. I think they want us to play a lot of half court offers um. I think our stops – and you know the pace, that we were playing with the transition that helped us get more momentum, get back in the game and then from there. We just built built also: okay, sean powell, yeah trey what’s. This experience been like for you personally here in orlando for your career, your confidence. How can you put that in perspective, that’s been great it’s been great, um i’ve had the luxury to come back to a team that i was pretty familiar with, though so that’s always better.

I wasn’t going into this brand new situation um they treated me like one of theirs when i came last year in the mavericks organization. So when i came back, we just picked up where we left off it and uh. The biggest thing that stuck with me was just you know them telling me the coaching staff, the players be yourself, you know out there um, you know, try to be nobody else. You know you, you are out there. We need you to be who you are um on both ends of the court and uh defensively that’s. What i really locked into you know my time off, taking the initiative to lock in on that court, because i know i can be a great defender and i wanted to change that narrative on me. You know he could score, but he can’t defend um. So i i came here with the mentality to you know, produce um and whatever role they put me in. If that was on the ball or off the ball, a lot of times right now, i’m playing off the ball just trying to adapt to you know what the defense gives me and uh it’s been great um, especially when you know you have a game like like Tonight, collectively, as a team, a game winner game winning shot, we gon na need to build off of that type of game um going into game five, because we know it’s, not gon na pleased mark.

How would you describe what being part of this game was like? Just knowing all the different things, luca playing through his injury, his emotions, his shot at the end, remember, definitely a memorable game. We know it was only game four of the first round playoff series, but i think this this particular game gon na be a memorable game for you know for years to come, just because of the the circumstances you know kp all the way up to a game Time you know made a game time decision which now we won i’m kind of glad. He did we’re gon na need him for game five, but i’ve seen him in the warm ups. I seen how he was moving. He wasn’t moving like himself uh. You got luca’s situation rolling his ankles last game, him being a game time decision. This shows the billions that this team has. You know one through 15.. You know next man up mentality, you never know it’s, like coach carlos said you never know what your number is going to be called and guys just got to be ready to come in and be confident and play be themselves and i think that’s, what we’re, showing Out there, you know a lot of guys got us counted out in this series, but we really believe we can win it. I think we’re showing that right now. Okay, i have two here for you: trey um, at the camera sod go ahead: hey trey um! What is it about luca that allows him to elevate the play of everybody around him on the court? I think just his ability to play mate at such a high level um.

He plays with a different type of passion. He don’t back down from nobody, uh that’s, one of the first things. I see him about him last season. Is it don’t matter who no matter who talking to him? He don’t he’s knock him back down um and it kind of raises his level of play. To be honest, so the guys that’s talking to him be honest with you that that raises his level and tonight that’s what happened. Obviously, it’s a little chirpy on both sides and lucas just raised his level of play. Um, you know just like a you know, just like a star should, and you know we followed behind him um, but i think it’s just his ability to play his ability to get into everyone knows he can get in the paint and score whatever he wants. But getting in there and making the right play and then that guy has a shot hitting it or if he don’t have a shot that guy making the next right play and it’s just a it’s, just a it’s contagious. So we just got to continue to play. Like that continue to build off all positives, okay, our last one is going to be from uh trey tell from us mental standpoint. How do you mentally stay in the game when you’re down 21, like that nothing’s going your way and take us through that last shot by luca, mentally it’s, tough it’s way easier said than done me talking right now on how to mentally stay in it? But you got to take a a one possession at a time approach and, like i said, it’s easier, said and done, but when you got a group of guys out there on the same mission, um one guy might get down on himself that’s what your teammate, your Brother is for to pick him up.

Another guy may get down himself that’s what the next teammate his brothers for to pick him up and that’s. What we did you know it’s, not a game of perfection. We know that guys are going to make mistakes on both ends of the court, but you know through all of that. We stayed together. Um with luca’s shot, um man, it happened so fast. It was kind of like a blur to be honest. Um morris hit a big hit, hit a big three. We called timeout. Obviously, everyone in the huddle was like a little down because we didn’t necessarily want to go to the last shot to win the game, but that was the situation and big time. Players make big time plays and he’s a big time player. He’S proved it already in this league um. You know when the shot left his hand. To be truthfully, honest, i feel like he could have got a better shot, but hey man, he needed he needed so it’s.