Nine years after brown versus board of education, school desegregation ruling, 32 teenagers are jailed for protesting, segregated schools in prince edward county, virginia um, so i’m, going to just give you a couple of thoughts here on the series um it’s, you know, we’ve been lined up with Two and seven for you know, seems like months um and you know we had hoped to have a chance to move up here that didn’t happen, and so we have a very tough matchup. This is a great opportunity for us. We know that we’re playing a team on the very highest level of this league um going to be very challenging very physical, etc. But we’ve had uh a couple of good days of prep and um. You know we got. We got one more tomorrow and uh, but we’re looking forward to the opportunity. Okay, we’ll load up questions, so assad is going to be first go ahead: hey rick, uh! You know, we see a lot of teams. Uh do this with with your team, where you know luke and kp, attract so much attention that teams cheat off of their assignments: defensive assignments, to help on luca and kp. How do you coach your team not to do that when it comes to kawhi, leonard and paul george well, look we’re gon na have to we’re gon na have to help on those guys, they’re great players. I mean you know: they’re all league, all league players, and you know part of part of the challenge when you’re playing guys like leonard and george, is you know you want to play him straight up as often as you can, because everybody has uh, you know role Players that can shoot the ball that can drive the ball they can rebound.

We saw that in the last game when zubac you know, was 10 for 10 and you know really cleaned up around the glass um, so there’s a balance and at times it’s going to be a pick, your poison type type thing i don’t think there’s any way. We can go through the series and and not be ready to double team. You know one or both of those guys at some point um, but the league is very challenging now because everybody spreads everybody out. Skill level is extremely high and the big guys that are in the league now really really know how to function in the spacing game um. You know we saw with nurkic a couple games ago. We saw it uh, we saw with zubats last time. We played these guys so um. You know we’re going to have to sit down uh guard and do our very best and when we need to bring help we’ll bring help. Okay. Our next question could be from guillermo: go ahead: hi rick guillerme from brazil. You were a coach of the year 18 years ago with a great defensive team in this season, you built one of the best offense in the history of the game, thinking this long journey in your legacy as a coach. What this season means to you? Well, i like to score. What can i tell you i mean you know i i like uh, i like today’s game. I like, like skill, players, uh all the guys, that’ll move the ball that can drive it.

Do all those kinds of things you know in terms of um my legacy? I don’t think about that very much um i’ve said i said a long time ago that you know i want to be a coach, that is, that bases his beliefs on the personnel that he has um. You know, i think, it’s very difficult to be just a locked in system type coach with all the player movement that there is in in today’s game and really they’ve been in the last several years. One of the things about us having a lot of different types of teams over the last eight or nine years, uh, one of the great things about that is you know every year, if you got six or seven or eight or even nine new guys. You know you you’ve got to really work at figuring out the simplest possible way to get the best out of that group on both sides of the ball, which is uh, which is challenging, but um i’ll say this again. You know as good as we are on offense our best. Our best chance to be ultimately successful is to is to keep improving defensively, and their last question is from dobby day so david go ahead. Hey coach, um! My question is about the playoffs in the bubble. What do you think is going to change because of the environment you guys are in well. I don’t know that a lot’s going to change from what’s already been happening here.

Um Music, you know look. The games have all been meaningful straight through the environment’s. Been the same, so i don’t think there’s going to be a big difference in the environment. That’Ll be the biggest difference between you know, playoffs here and in playoffs in in the regular setting where you have. You know a home crowd, but everyone’s adjusted and everyone is. You know very thankful that we’re having the opportunity to play thankful for the work that the league has done to put us in a in a position to do this and do this safely. Um nothing’s taken for granted, you know everybody’s got to keep following the rules and doing the testing every day and and all those kinds of things um. But you know i think, you’re going to see a high level of urgency from all teams involved in this and that’s the way it should be. Thank you all right coach.