I i really was, and i was confused by what i seen and i had to explain that to my son as well. I had to explain that to my kids, because we don’t shelter them. We hot we don’t, hide anything from the realities of the world and what i would say to you know all those brothers in in the bubble that you know are, you know, hurt and playing with heavy hearts, because you know i’m doing this show with a heavy Heart just stay hopeful and i think about our ancestors, where they didn’t have resources and they had faith and they had belief and we have those things. But we also have the resources – and we have to continue to. You know stay together as collectives and and find a way out of this fog, because we’re in the midst of you, know a lot of things, but we ought to stay together. Certainly an important discussion that we’ll continue to have every single night during this post season. As players and coaches continue to make sure that the message is still heard, luka doncic also available now the mavericks, with their 43 point, loss the largest in franchise history in the postseason i mean i’ve, seen him yeah. Of course, like i mean i’ll have my own thoughts, but you know i would i hope it wasn’t intentional, and you tell me what do you think? I just hope it wasn’t intentional, but you know every every person is going to have their own thoughts and just move on for them every day.

That’S all we got in the room if you want to go to zoom all right tim uh mcmahon at follow up on that i mean it’s. Not very often, you see a guy step on somebody’s foot with nobody around the ball out of bounds 90 feet away from the basket. Did he offer any sort of explanation? I don’t want to talk to him. You know he’s just saying a lot of bad stuff to me all the game. You know, and just i don’t want to talk to him and i just got to move on. You know, like i said, everybody’s going to have their own opinion, and you know i just hope it wasn’t intentional, because that’s, if that was intentional, uh that’s, really bad two in spanish and Music, Music, okay and then the last one is okay, thanks luke! Thank you. In the third quarter here he is following today’s game, tough game, very, very poor performance by us. You know it was uh, it was disappointing, it was very physical and you know we just. We need to have a stronger physical disposition to start the game and throughout you know we got to. We got to get some more traction at both ends of the floor, the play where i was ejected. What i saw was that hardway had the ball and then timeout was called by the official. My understanding in that situation is that once a shooter has the ball, timeout cannot be called by the opposing coach.

So you know i was. I thought that the the call was um was wrong, and so i was was asking about it and i wasn’t getting a great explanation and then turned into a technical and then another tentacle and i’m. Just you know standing up for my team, and so that was my take on that situation. Um, Music. I certainly hope that that was not the case. Um that’s, all i’ll say about it. What do you think led to just the four star uh? We had a good start in the first couple of minutes. You know we had a five or six point lead um, and then they came at us hard and they came at us physically and uh. I think it was 16 15. We still had to leave. We called the first time out um and then they made a run and we just we did not have uh good answers, you know and uh, so it was a tough. It was a tough go out there. Okay, renee go ahead with your questions. Okay, i just have one here: oh, never mind, i think we’re good rick. Thank you great tim hardaway, jr speaking to the media. Now um um got ta focus on ourselves, that’s. All i can say dude if i say anything else, ain’t gon na be pretty next question. Okay, go ahead with zoom questions! Renee! I saw hershey okay go ahead, hey tim when, when you guys have a game like this, especially after the competitive series that you guys have played.

Obviously this is kind of an anomaly. Do you kind of just flush it or you? Do you look back at this and try to take stuff from it? Uh i mean you. I think you do a little bit of both uh but, most importantly um. You know we battled this far. We have another game. You got another game on thursday and uh coach said at the beginning of the series. The first team to win two games in a row is going to win it. So um we got ta try our best. You know to not let them win that second game. In a row, okay last one is from julio: it did um. There was a hard foul tonight against paul george in that plan. No, it wasn’t. Oh i’m. Sorry: okay, oh yeah, but there was a lot of trash talking and this the other person mentioned uh there’s a little bit of tension in between the benches um. Does this place you guys mentally? I mean you guys are confident enough, but does this can change the dynamic a little bit on the team and on this on this series so far seems like i mean uh they’ve been doing a lot of chirping the whole series, so we’ve done a great job Of coming out on top twice and prevailing twice so uh, we got ta focus on uh, doing the same thing uh on thursday and and bouncing back like we’ve, been doing this whole series: okay, one more kevin, sharington, Music.

All right tim! Do you think the return of chris dapps could be enough to get you all over the hump on thursday? I don’t know you tell me i believe. So what do you think scooter get me out of here? Man i’m done all right thanks.