Howell. Meanwhile pick it up. Fourth quarter under four to play: mavs up four luca 43 points: 17 rebounds 13 assists mavs, have a seven point, lead just over two minutes to play: mavs up five luca, no clippers, not going away crazy game clippers. Had a 21 point lead at one point: mavericks took a 12 point lead in the fourth, but this three from kawhi makes it a two point: game leonard at 32 points. Nine boards, later tied at 121, clippers a chance to win it in regulation, kawhi that’s. For the win, no good and so to overtime, we would go and it would be. The doncic show just over a minute left clippers down one. How good was lou will lou williams, taking it strong, plus the foul. He had 36 points in 34 minutes off the bench next map’s possession doncic doing everything; one two: three defenders, no problem: 18 of 31 from the floor for luca we’re tied at 1, 30. under 30 seconds to play same score: doncic the spin, the body control mavs, A two point game two point lead next slippers: possession again it’s a two point: game don’t, give up a three don’t, give up a three whatever you do, don’t give up a wide open three in the corner: marcus morris senior clippers, a one point lead, and so Here we go the drama, one point game four seconds left in overtime, where’s the ball, going of course, to luca three two one are you kidding me, sets his feet and hits a shot for the ages worthy of the double bang from our friend mike brain dutchess.

Pulls up three pointer: bang, bang, it’s, good doncic wins the game at the buzzer. Oh the shot heard round the world from luca doncic the reaction extraordinary his teammates, the celebration, luca let’s talk. I was just trying to make it. You know, i can’t explain the emotions. I had you know when: not only would it go when the ball goes in, when i see the whole team like running towards me, that was something special one of the best feelings i ever had as a player and it’s just something special man. This team is something special. He sees the game in you know 6g it’s, not 5g it’s, 6g it’s it’s, another level beyond what most people see it? So, just a very, very special player – and this this game today was from another planet: hey man, that’s the dawn, that’s that’s, why they call them luca magic man. I ain’t got gotten. I ain’t got nothing else to say you guys call luca magic. I call him the don it’s. All anybody was talking about yesterday: lebron james bang, bang in his mike green voice as well. Who else was watching how about cj, mccollum chiming in with sheesh step back to freedom, and then steph? Curry has been known to make a few big threes in his life as well. He was in virtual attendance for the game. He said that’s ridiculous blouses says steph curry how about pj carlissimo was doing the game on espn radio and it’s been far too long since i’ve seen the coach.

Thank you for doing this pj. How would you describe what we saw from luca doncic yesterday? Well, i hate to repeat what rick carlisle said: greeny, but it was, it was otherworldly. I mean it kind of got lost in the shuffle. We weren’t sure he was going to play. I mean he had a bad sprained ankle two days ago, three days ago now, when he gets the first triple double in maverick history, in less than 30 minutes and doesn’t really look like he’s going to play, then you find out. Porzlingus is not playing. The game was increased, one of the best games i’ve ever been involved with. We were so lucky. We were sitting right behind mike green sean kelly and i on espn radio sean kelly. I think said four bangs and it was i said after the game during the game. I said: i’m going down the box office, there’s no box office here, it’s, not open because there’s, nobody in attendance. I said i got to pay money for the privilege of watching that game. There were eight lead changes in the overtime they trailed by 21. In the second quarter uh. It was absolutely incredible, but what we’re coming to expect from luka doncic it was it was. It was so spectacular that that again rick carlos said it’s 6g and you could have two bangs four bangs. However many you want luca unbelievable. What are we seeing? Another thing carlisle said that i thought was fascinating.

He said: has anyone ever won rookie of the year? One year and then most improved player the next year it’s one thing for us to sit here and say what a great day it was, but as we watch 21 year old luka doncic right now, you’ve been around this game forever pj. What are we seeing in this guy we’re? Seeing somebody that’s got a chance to be. With a i mean, you know you hate to put that on somebody feb 28. He just turned 21. greeny. I mean it’s ridiculous, but i mean he’s euro league mvp final. Four, the euro league mvp at ed aj team he’s, taking real madrid to euro league championships, so he’s been doing this for a long. I had heard so much about him. I did the uh the games for nba academy in china when they played philadelphia uh. You know his first year and i’m saying man i’m hearing so much. How good can this guy be? If you watch for about 10 minutes, you just shake your head and go it’s. True uh. If anything, the hype doesn’t do him justice. He sees the floor uh. So well, i think he had 37 and 19 assists. He had another triple double down here in the bubble. Uh sean kelly and i were doing the game he had 19 assists and his teammates had bad nights. I mean if they had made shots. He’D had 30 assists and again that’s how many good passes he he made during the game.

He just sees the floor, he’s, so strong, he’s, deceptively strong and he’s bigger than people probably appreciate. I mean he and kawhi when they were going at it yesterday, one on one. You had two guys who were so strong and you know just move everybody else in the league out of the way like they’re creative, with the ball, but it’s deceptive, how strong they are real, quick. I just have a second left, but but i think i need to ask you: the clippers have been a lot of people’s championship pick. Are they in trouble you’re in trouble any time it’s a two out of three series and it’s neutral, but they’re, the better team? I think they’re gon na find a way to win, but i’ll tell you what um they probably are. Gon na have to put a little more kawhi. Marcus morris did a good job and there really wasn’t anything he can do. If lucas teammates support him, they do have a chance, but uh the clippers should win it. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.