If you guys want these amazing dallas mavericks t shirts go to redpegtees.com you’re, not gon na want to miss it. You can even get the amazing shirt that i’m wearing on tonight’s show the 77 mvp shirt at chatsports.com, luca mvp we’re, going to talk a little bit more about them in a little bit red peg pectin. Thank you for sponsoring the show the dallas mavericks have tied the first round of the playoff series up one game: apiece, the clippers go down 114 to 127 and the mavericks right off the bat were absolutely on fire. They came out of the gate swinging. They went on a 15 2 run and it was absolutely amazing to see what the mavericks did really this entire game. They never let it get below 10 points after taking the early lead and it was just it’s. I i mean to see the momentum that this mavs team had and that they continued to just stomp on the clippers. The entire way through was absolutely incredible. Now i am absolutely hyped after this game. I hope you are too because really let’s face it. The mavs just deserve every bit of this hype, train right now, with what they’ve got going on look, i i cannot tell you how excited i am that the mavs have tied this game back up because being able to do this and just see what this maps Team can do and win games the way they can win.

Them is absolutely incredible. Look if you’re as excited as i am type mfl down below and luca right off. The bat was amazing. 28 points. He was eight of 17 from the field eight of 12, from the free throw line and the mavs as a whole stepped up, so luca gets into foul trouble early on or in the third quarter. Excuse me, sorry. I’M. All over the place with my thoughts because there’s some amazing things going on but luca gets into foul trouble in the third quarter. He has four fouls and then early in the fourth quarter. He picks up his fifth foul. However, the mavs bench steps up while luca’s on the bench in the third quarter, the mavs bench steps up. They go on an 11 to nothing run behind trey, burke and seth curry, seth curry had 15 points. He was a plus 30 in the box score trey burke, meanwhile, bubble burke was set 16 points. Three rebounds two assists two steals. He was seven of 11 from the field. Didn’T make a three it didn’t matter now. Also, while luka doncic was on the uh on the uh bench, excuse me: bob marianovich came in 10 minutes 13 points nine rebounds now christopher zingas also had an absolutely amazing game, 23 points and seven rebounds seven of 13 from the field he got to the free, Throw line eight times, which is absolutely huge for the mavs for to have that unicorn and christopher zinga step up and do what he did.

The mavs now have all the momentum in the world mentally. This was a mental win for the dallas mavericks. Not only was it a actual win in the box score, but my goodness it was a win across the board. So now what i want you guys to do is, let me know if you want to know where i got my luca doncic t shirt and if you guys want to know, i will tell you all you need to know down in the or really all across The board, because this this t shirt and what red peg tease is doing, is some incredible stuff and if you guys want to know i’m going to tell you guys where i got it right here right now, when you go to chatsports.com luca mvp and then use Promo code, red peg, t20 you’re gon na get 20 off this shirt that i’m wearing live on air, go to chatsports.com luca mvp go pick up your own red peg t shirt. I want to give a big shout out to red peg teams for sponsoring this show and trust me when we do some more videos we’re going to get so many more shout outs to them, because they are doing some amazing stuff for the dallas mavericks. You can go, get luca doncic t shirts. You can get maxi clever, t shirts get your mvt as they like to call it at red, peg, tease at chatsports.com, luca m v, p that’s, where you can go right here right now.

Go make sure you check them out and use that promo code redpeg20 for 20 off your order today. Now let’s keep talking about this game, because now it means the mavs have tied it up. They have won a playoff game against what i consider the best team in the western conference. They really limited kawhi leonard, even though he scored the ball well. He was mainly scoring from the free throw line. Kawhi had 35 points, but he had 13 of 14 from the free throw line 10 of 21 from the field. Now another thing, that’s important to remember paul george got into foul trouble early on paul george had 14 points and 10 rebounds, but he scored the ball. Really inefficiently: at 4 of 17 from the field he had four fouls. Three of those fouls were in the first quarter, which was a big reason. The dallas mavericks got to go into that game and just do what they did and continue to step on the throats of the los angeles clippers. Now i i know this isn’t, the most clean breakdown of this game. We’Re still live right now here on chat sports. If you’re watching late, that means you missed the live stream. Don’T worry we’ll, have it every single game, so you’re going to want to make sure you subscribe, and i want to make sure you guys know about our friends at red. Peck tease go to chatsports.com luca mvp, use that promo code redpeg20 for 20 off now.

Another really important part of this game was that the mavs got porzingis back and getting porzingis back was huge because he was questionable going into the game originally, and that was a little bit scary. I didn’t think he was gon na. I was a little worried that he wasn’t gon na play with some knee soreness, but he came into the game anyway and played well and played hard, but when he was out and when he got some rest time, bobon got to come in and gave us 13 Points and nine rebounds off the bench, a huge game from bob marlanovich maxie, had a pretty good game. Four points: 10 rebounds and three assists as well. The mavs have every chance in the world now to win this game. They have no excuses. This game is, or this series is wide open, we’ve seen teams like the bucks go down to the orlando magic we’ve, seen teams like the nets almost defeat the toronto raptors. We saw the portland trailblazers and eight seed defeat, the los angeles lakers. This clippers team is beatable and the mavs proved it tonight. The keys to the game, and – and i said this before the game – i had it up on the graphic, the keys to the game, it’s real simple. You had to limit your turnovers because you had 21 in the first game and you couldn’t get down in an 18 2 18 2 hole like you did in the first game.

Guess what luca doncic one turnover tonight, one turnover from a second year player and led his team to a victory over the los angeles clippers? Meanwhile, the mavs start the game on a 15 to 2 run, and that is what won the mavs this game. They started. Hot and their bench played really well. When luca was off the floor, when luca’s off the floor, the mavs can be able to do any and the mavs can be able to hold on even when he’s off the floor. The masks can do anything they want and they can beat any team they want, including the los angeles clippers. Now am i saying that i really think the mavs are going to win this game. I i don’t think or win this series. You know i i don’t know i think they have a chance now and i don’t think i thought they had a chance at first. Another important fact that i want to point out the mavs, never trailed, not one time they went up. 15 2 in the first quarter, and they never looked back and if the mask can do that, every night it’s a wrap mav’s going to the second round now it’s one to one there’s a game coming up on friday: the mavs really if they want, if they Want to win this series that third game is pivotal and if they can go up 2 1 it’s over. I want to give a big shout out to trey burke, who played his mind off in the uh off the bench.

Seth curry played out of his mind. Tim hardaway jr actually had a really good game. Scoring wise 17 points, three of seven from three and four six from the free throw line: dorian, finney smith, maxi cleveland defensively looked amazing, kp and luca. The duo led the way with 28 points and 23 points, for both of those guys guys. The mavs have tied the series. They won a playoff game against the los angeles clippers one to one i’m hyped. You should be hyped if you’re hyped give this video a like type. Mfl make sure you tune in with us in during the live streams and make sure you check out our friends at redpegtees.com use that promo code redpeg20 for 20 off your very own, luca doncic mvp shirt, mavs fans. Thank you so much for watching tonight. I appreciate all you guys: i love all you guys. Go mavs baby as always go mavs baby. You love to see it that’s.