It was one hell of a game. The mavericks put up a great fight, they did all they could, but they fell just short 118 to 110. So what i’m gon na do now on this episode of the post game, podcast i’m gon na be able to break it down i’m gon na talk about what went wrong for the mavs and really just how good of a game. This was because, even though, even though the mavs did get hurt in this game by some poor officiating, it was still a hell of a game from the mavs, and i think there is a lot to be encouraged by in this game now, in case you missed It in the first quarter, the mavs fall into a quick 10 0 hole, it’s, a quick double digit deficit by the clippers they go ahead. Real fast kawhi is shooting on all cylinders. Paul george is hitting everything marcus morris, shooting the ball well, two and the maps can’t make anything. I mean they can’t score for the first two minutes of the game and then all of a sudden, the mavs go on a 48 that’s right 48 to 18 run. I mean it was an incredible run. One of the best runs i’ve seen from the mavs all season, but it wasn’t enough because the maps still fall 118 to 110. So what happened? Well? The third quarter comes around in the first two minutes. Literally, nobody can score the clippers can’t score.

The mavs can’t score the mavs going to halftime with a four point lead, but in the third quarter the clippers begin to take over and they begin to prove that you know what they are, this dominant team that really we really expected them to be because, as We all know the clippers coming into this. They hadn’t flipped the switch quite yet uh. We had seen the clippers just basically coast, buy in the bubble, really even close by in the regular season in a way. But then, all of a sudden you come into the playoffs and we know they can flip that switch. We know that kawhi leonard can go finals, mvp mode. We know that paul george can put on playoff p kind of mode like he did with the indiana pacers. We know all of this and we’re ready for it too. The mavericks were not expecting to win this game. The mavericks were not expecting to win this series as a whole. Nobody expected the maps to i get that, however, they came in and did amazing, michael kid. Gilchrist provided a spark seth curry provided a spark luca dodge carried this team. So what happened? Where did it all go wrong? I’Ll tell you where it went wrong. The officials screwed the mavs over with a terrible technical, foul call on kristaps porzingis. Now the first foul call remember earlier in the game the mavs versus paul christopher’s against first paul, george paul george goes up for a dunk christopher schwarzenegger’s blocks the shot clean.

I mean clean as a whistle and then instead of being clean as a whistle, he hears the whistle from the officials and he reacts because it’s a terrible, foul call. You can watch it back a hundred times the refs blow the whistle and then porzingis gets his first foul first technical foul because he he threw his arm out. He said no way he probably cursed a little bit at the officials, but he gets attacked and – and it kind of puts this downward momentum for the mavs, the clippers kind of start to get back into the game clippers get within five when they were down by 12. and then the third quarter rolls around luca doncic is just getting hounded by the clippers by marcus morris by kawhi, leonard by patrick beverly, by everybody on the clippers team. And then one one real play happens where kawhi kind of shoves luca and they kind of get into it, porzingis comes in, has has his players back and they they kick porzingis out because they give him and marcus morris a double technical and it kicks porzingis. Out of the game in the third quarter, when the mavs are surging, the mavs are playing incredible. Basketball porzingis is spacing the floor, he’s protecting the rim, he’s getting rebounds and he gets called for technical, foul and that’s, where it all went south for the dallas mavericks and i’d love to say that luca doncic carried the mavs and he did that they did.

They did clean, he did carry the mavs, but not enough, and – and nobody can do it without when you’ve got an all star team. If it was paul george that got kicked out clippers one to one if it was even bobby marcus morris. I don’t think the clippers would have won if christoph swins had stayed in this game. The mavs had a chance. Now will i have say: well, i say they won. They would have won with christopher’s against no, but look at the third quarter. The third quarter started out good defense, good playing and then 21 13 that’s how the clippers finish that third quarter, because there was no porzingis in a terrible, terrible call by the officials that just completely screwed over the maps now let’s talk about luca dodge 42 points. Nine assists seven rebounds breaking news for you. Nobody, not michael jordan, lot lebron james, not larry bird, not magic johnson, not kobe, bryant, not dirk nowitzki. Nobody has ever scored 42 points in their first playoff game, ever set a new record and it’s all negated by the fact that the officials wheeled the clippers to this win with a bogus suspension and ejection, not suspension. Excuse me ejection of kristaps porzingis. Now i will give credit to the clippers where credit is due. Their depth absolutely killed. The dallas mavericks, kawhi leonard, had 29 points. Patrick beverly excuse me paul george, had 27 points. Marcus morris had 19 points, avitas zubach had 10 points and 10 rebounds lou williams had 14 points mantras.

Harold six points in 15 minutes j, michael green five points that kind of depth hurts the mavs real bad, but at the end of the day, it’s just laughable. It’S really just laughable for the entire nba to see – and this is the second time porzingis has been ejected on a bogus call. We saw against the trailblazers when he got pulled down. He got called out for the foul that was bogus and now he goes into it and gets ejected on two bogus technical foul calls man. It was tough to see it was hard to watch as a fan, and i know the mavs wanted to win it for him, but they just couldn’t. Do it and it wasn’t, because they’re not good enough. It was because they just lacked the talent when you don’t have a second best player when you don’t have a second all star in christmas posings, it just sucks, but in all honesty – and some of you are gon na call me crazy. This game gave me more hope that the mavs are gon na, make a series out of this thing. If we get six games like this one man, it’s gon na be fun, it is going to be so much fun because not only are the mavs who are young with a 21 year old, leading the way with 42 points and a 25 year old. Who could have had 25 plus points if it weren’t for that bogus ejection? The mavs have a chance in this playoff series now.

Do i think they’re going to win no i’d still pick the clippers to win it. Do i think all these games are going to be this close? I do, i think, there’s going to be a couple blowouts, maybe there’s one or two blowouts – that the maps just get demolished, but i think the mavs are gon na be able to steal one or two games from the clippers in this series. I think it’ll go six, i hope christopher’s comes back and he has vengeance and he’s like i’m, not letting that sit well. It doesn’t sit well with me that that was how that game ended. It doesn’t sit well with me that i’m, the second best player on this team and i get ejected now i’m, not blaming the refs hundred percent. I mean this was definitely the clippers being amazing and the clippers being better than the mavs it’s. Not all the refs fault, but is heavily on the refs when you eject the second best player for two terrible calls, that is on the ref’s fault, that is on the ref shoulder so i’m, not happy about it. I know mavs fans aren’t happy about it, as they should not be happy about it. It sucks, but i would be happy about this performance as a whole. Get pissed off at the refs, get pissed off at the clippers. For being so good. Don’T get pissed off at the dallas mavericks don’t get pissed off at rick carlisle, because this game was well played and it was well coached and the maps have a chance in this playoff series, as we saw tonight against the clippers in game one.

So again, 118 110 loss the mavs fall to the los angeles clippers in a tough one. This was your post game recap. I appreciate you guys all watching live with me on youtube. Don’T, miss it for game two. Hopefully all the way to game. Seven we’ll see how far this goes: mass fans.