Mavs are up 10 clippers, paul george to the basket. Well, they called the foul on porzingis, he doesn’t like it and he gets teed up now. You can see why he doesn’t, like the call, because it’s all ball and the body contact is barely there, but he gets the t. Keep that in mind, because early in the third mavs holding on a five point lead and luka doncic is playing out of his mind. Now. Here he is driving marcus morris is holding on to him. Nothing terrible going on here comes porzingis, he’s going to get in the middle of it and the next thing you know oh it’s, a second technical foul on kristaps porzingis he’s thrown out for this watch it all over again. He had 14 points in 19 minutes and his knight was done. Reps talk about it, they know it’s his second tee, but they give it to him and porzingis has to leave with his team up five under five to go now. Clippers have retaken the lead, they’re up three and it’s kawhi leonard tough, to stop look at the body, control 29 and 12 for kauai clippers up five mavs won’t go away. How good was luca 42 points in his playoff debut plus nine assists seven rebounds keeping his team in it, but under a minute to go too much paul george count all three of these. He had 27 clippers take game one, but the controversy was all they were talking about when they were done.

I saw him getting into luca’s face and i didn’t like that that’s why i reacted and yeah that’s a that’s, a smart, smart thing to do from their part, and i just got to be smarter and control my emotions next time i knew like kp had my Back you know he did it for me, you know he did it for his teammate. You know he had my back. I don’t think it was fair to get him out of the game, especially in the playoffs, but you know uh. They decided so we had to play without him a bunch of stuff well, a lot of twitter reaction and most people didn’t, like it lebron didn’t, like it man that was bogus as hell tweeted, maverick’s great dirk, nowitzki didn’t, like it that ejection’s super soft super bowl. Mvp patrick mahomes didn’t, like it said, that’s trash man, and i agree, tim legler is with me here this morning and timmy. We talked about this earlier today, essentially for those of you just joining us, where we netted out was we didn’t think he should have been thrown out for that, but porzingis has to not put himself into that situation. Let me then ask you: what is the logical? Next question: do you believe those in those situations, the officials should take the circumstances into account, which is to say, it’s a playoff game and they know it’s a second technical should that be taken into account when they adjudicate the situation yeah, i feel like it should Be taken into account, particularly in a situation where really nothing happened, i mean you just had a little bit of woofing, guys with slight contact with each other.

It wasn’t like that really became a dangerous situation where punches were going to be thrown or something like that. So i think in that situation yeah, i think there should be some context there, particularly with what’s at stake. This is the playoffs um, and so you want to have a little bit more leeway for guys emotions running a little bit higher, because the intensity of the game is a little bit greater, so yeah. I would like to see a little bit more discretion shown on the part of the officials. But again you know, kristaps porzingis has to understand that’s, not his role, that’s, not his place. Nothing was going down between those two guys that you needed to thrust yourself into you’ve got other role: players on that team, more than capable of going over there, making sure that luca doncic is okay. You cannot risk that in that situation on a night when your team was playing well enough, offensively to that point, that you had a real shot to potentially win that game and make this a much more interesting series that was going to be. My next question is: do you believe if he doesn’t get thrown out luca was unstoppable last night? Do you believe that the mavericks were going to win that game? If porzingis didn’t get thrown out, i think they had a great shot. I mean look first of all: porzingis averaged 30 points a game in the bubble in those seating games.

So you know he and doncic together were getting over 60 points, a game between the two of them and on this particular night i mean porzingis was halfway. There, luca ends up with 42 and you’re talking three minutes into the second half. At that point, they had scored 69 points. Clippers looked completely lost on how to defend this team because of all the attention that luca commands and then you’ve got this guy in porzingis. Who is capable you know, of having a 15 to 20 point quarter because of his ability to shoot the basketball playing off of luca. So to that point, both guys were playing well, the clippers hadn’t stopped them. And if you look at the numbers, i mean 69 points through the first 27 minutes of the game. They scored 41 over the last 21.. Just do the math on it. Everything turned the emotion turned the ability to defend that team became significantly easier down the stretch, and i do think they had a legitimate shot to go ahead and win that game. They still had a shot if it wasn’t for some questionable shot. Selection late on the part of dallas maverick so yeah, it might have really cost them and we’ll see if they’re able to somehow rebound and get a game here in the early part of this series to make it a long series. The mavericks of those two guys is so much fun to watch. It was frustrating to see it.

Go that way. Legs great work this morning. Thank you so much. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.