They have forced four turnovers and the mavericks searching their first bucket and luka. Doncic, of course, is the general george challenges. Porzingis no zubots see the pace that the clippers are playing with right now, so many different guys as many turnovers as they do shots on goal. On time on target defensively, they really have it going. I mean this is what we all thought. The clippers would look like this, but it’s overseas. The nba is a different story. Tim hardaway jr, certainly not afraid of the moment turnovers in the first five minutes. Certainly troubling tim hardaway junior is well below his 15 point per game average well see. This is something that you didn’t, expect nice play right there by mike and rose it’s, going to be a lot of different guys that can impact and affect you great ball movement. Five! Happy to see him back so happy to have him back he’s going to be playing with an amazing chip on his shoe. I mean came out and knocked down some three point: shots lou did a good job of attacking the bass, getting an easy, layup curry in the corner he is lethal. He will continue to attack because they don’t have a guy on the floor. That could guard him. Doncic deserves he’s going. He can. He can get ten open. Three point shots if he wants to. The clippers are just fine with that michael green tries to retaliate on the other here late in the first quarter.

The doncic is trying to play a little peekaboo with bobon, as his shield goes to kid gilchrist in the corner as space flings a three and the map after a trail date, he leaves the game with nine points. The birds are down. Four paul george in attack bow a floater good and paul george becomes the and dallas quickly back the other way, a three in the corner for finney smith, and he knocks it down so now, dallas green beverly comes over to help they find curry. This is burke the other way he can score all year, the first three and a half minutes for the clippers and almost as tough as it has been morris senior deep inside back to back buckets for the clippers back in charge. In fact, give credit to the rest of the mavericks: they were. The ones battling her in the bubble. This is lou for three got it challenges. Porzingis gets to the rim, slithering that’s, a great question – and i agree with you. Trey is phenomenal. So is that gone morris senior steps inside he can hit the mirror duo combined for 27. doncic gives to cleva now to hart away junior for three and he knocks behind the block. This is a great effort by zoo in the clip quote: unquote, run off the floor by the golden state warriors this first half eight points in forest is for luke, clever, the other way dueling, banjo or defender, see when the contact happened.

Pat beverly knew what was coming great defense by zoo, better offense mavericks in the bubble. The average 30 points a game advantage. Clippers can beverly take advantage. Yes, sir hardaway jr a very capable scorer free, throw line flippers just one for 10 here in the third quarter, morris senior fades fire zubots with the rebound and the clippers walled off by zubots late in the clock for the mavericks back to luca deep through kawaii. You know both of these teams. Don’T have a lot of continuity. Neither has more than two lineups that have playing cat and mouse with trey burke feeds into tres, with curry on him goes to the rim off the window.