Chips was talking about you, guys being physical defenders and obviously that’s something you’ve done your whole career. But how do you kind of like share that with your teammates um? I think we just we already had um. You know they’re already a group of guys that i’m pretty much played physical um. You know wanted to play defense but um, just a part of winning um. You got ta play defense to win games and just let guys score every position kind of four um. So i guess it’s uh, just a collective mindset of one wanting to win next we’re gon na go to um, hey kawaii, uh paul said yesterday that um in order to try to expedite the chemistry and not lose time in the pandemic. Um. He and you got together a couple times and visit with each other. I was wondering: what did you guys do? What did you guys? What did you guys accomplish and how has that helped you to entering the playoffs um we pretty much just uh, you know, went to the gym uh if we were able to get a gym, went to the gym, just like we’re gon na get shots talk to Each other, you know what i mean um, you know just see what we thought worked in games uh. You know just talking about personal lives, things like that uh just getting to know one another and um. You know that could just build in a long way from there um just get comfortable with talking with someone.

You could tell them what they’re not doing, or you know what they are doing. Well, so um that’s it really pretty much next we’re gon na go to tencent in orlando. This is your experience in first public environment. So how do you feel differently um, just not on the road, not home? Obviously, family members aren’t around you know you’re not seeing the field. I love from the city that’s it all right. Next we’re gon na go to mark mark. You have to mute yourself yeah what uh? What do you think you got out of these these games? As a team um, you know a lot of team doc was talking about a lot of teams, had changed and came in and were different than they were during the regular season. What do you think the your team got out of these preliminary games? Um really uh. Just team experience really um, you know being able to play eight games, uh see what works for us and going into these playoffs uh, obviously around each other, a lot more and that’s it just able to you know somewhat get a team bond going on and uh. You know just focusing on these playoffs taking it taking those eight games, one game at a time um. You know our team was different with guys in and out, but that’s what it is for me. Okay, we’re gon na take two more questions. One from tomare. Hey, can you guys hear me yeah, um, hey kawhi, just curious throughout the hiatus nambi suspension um? What were your thoughts on the season potentially being canceled? Obviously there’s a lot of talk about.

We didn’t know whether the season would continue. Uh. Did that be near mind at all, considering you know for a lot of guys, this is their best opportunity for a championship. That keeping my mind, can you guys hear me hello, yeah, okay, sorry, i was saying what were your thoughts on the nba season potentially being cancelled during the hiatus? Did that creep into your mind at all that this was sort of a lost opportunity? Potentially, if it didn’t continue uh yeah, i mean, if you’re not able to see what the outcome is and um. You know we pretty much played 70 percent of the season and you know playoffs were around the corner. It definitely was a you know: a lost opportunity for everyone, um, even for guys that were ricky’s um, just being able to get that experience of a full nba season, um. So yeah that definitely crept my mind um. You know but uh. You know we’re here now. Okay, last one is shane, hey, coy uh. How much of a challenge is porzingis as a uh problem and is that a situation where you just have to try multiple looks and give him multiple defenders until you figure out what works yeah um, you know, he’s was seven seven, something seven, two seven foot um! You could shoot the vlog, but the dribble uh make plays out of the post. Even from that three point line uh by dribble, driving and uh.