He it was a waste of a great performance. Very first playoff game drops 42 in some change and he gets ripped off luca made history again again again. He’S always making history like what else is new it’s what he does it’s? What he does he’s an all decade player at 21.. There is no, there has never been an all decade player in any sport at 21 years old check it out and look it up. The fuck out my face all day, all decade, player at any sport. At 21 years old, he was named all decade. Euro play get the fuck on man, he’s history in the making forget zion, trae young, all the mother players, jason tatum, all the mother, young players under 25 he’s, the best of any player who’s ever been 21. he’s, the best player under 25 ever and magic johnson And larry bird had championships by the time they were 24 25. he’s 21.. If magic and bird were morphed into one person at 21 years old that’s, who he is that’s that’s what he is he’s magic and bird in one person that’s what he is, but he still got some. He got him out didn’t. Let that dog out, though they’re not letting him let that dog out, but when they let that we start letting that dog out then we’re gon na have something right. Now they got the dog on the leash, but he’s still dangerous. Wait! Wait! It’S about there’s gon na be somebody come on when he come unchained and uh unchained and unhinged it’s gon na be a problem.

We ain’t even see his teeth yet he’s 21. he’s 21. he’s the best 21 year old, ever he’s going to be the best. He was the best 20 year old, now he’s going to be the best 21 yo he’s going to be the best 22 you’re gon na be the best 38 yo you’re gon na be the best that’s king shit he’s the chosen one, this ain’t no marketing campaign. When nike says the chosen, one see nike and all them gave him that we didn’t give him that we didn’t call lebron the chosen one that’s. Some shit nike did to sell shoes and shit. But if you want to say you asking me who the one is, who luca is the one that’s neo in the matrix? Lebron is probably like morpheus or some shit, but neo in the matrix, that’s luca he’s, the one we’ve been lied to. They were pretentious and uh excited about a new talent coming into the nba, and so they gave him that name to market and sell to us. I was never sold on lebron being the one he’s good, he’s great he’s, phenomenal he’s a legend in his own right, but he ain’t, the one luca is the fucking one lebron wasn’t all decade. When he was 21.. He they robbed carmelo of the rookie of the year, just to give him the award so that he can keep that marketing money coming in because he lost it, every all their plans for him being the goat and winning mvp, because a lot of players, most of The time players that don’t win rookie, yet don’t win mvps, look it up, it’s rare.

They wanted to keep them on track. So they took the award from carmelo who deserved it and gave it to him that’s what i thought they were going to do to john moren. They were trying. They tried everything they could do to give it to zion everything, but big boy can’t stay off the buffet line. You can’t play basketball and be a fat ass at the same time, that’s not how it works. You got ta get in shape, Music. In my eyes, the one is luca. I never was sold on lebron being the one all that shit was for marketing purposes. Only luca is the one. No marketing budget no hype, they ain’t got no commercials, no commercials he’s the one. His game speaks for itself. Thirty, nine and nine don’t even pull lebron 21 year old stats up, throw them shits in the garbage and i’m, not taking anything away from lebron i’m, just telling the truth: i’m a grown ass man – i ain’t got a lot of you. 42 points. 7. Rebounds. Nine assists versus the clippers, arguably the best team in the bubble, arguably the best team in the nba not better than toronto, but arguably the best team in the nba, especially on paper, especially on paper once they figure it out on the court. Then this they’re, the best team in nba, they still got to figure out how to play together, it’s just too many parts. They got to all figure out the roles.

Everyone needs a role once they know their role. Everything is smooth until that day i’m gon na talk, my shit baby. Listen to me. They couldn’t guard luca. I thought it was my tv at first, so i watched the highlights on my phone and i realized they can’t guard him. He gets by everybody he’s too big he’s tall, he’s, he’s he’s a 21 year old. He goes right by these old motherfuckers. The clippers play like old men. They play at the old man’s pace: rec league old men, garfield sal, thaddeus, melvin, brad, william scott glassberg and jones, the old rec league team, all over 40. They play at one pace. We got to be the work tomorrow, so we gon na cruise and we’re gon na hit threes, we’re gon na play sound basketball and then we’re gon na go home to our wives, who are cooking dinner that’s. What i think about whenever i see the clippers play old rec league team, they couldn’t do nothing with them. He was going by everybody. He was going through everybody’s none, so he had to try to bully shit. The bush league bullshit and you know marcus morris – is the suck ass nigga that’s gon na. Do it too, it would be him to do that shit. He getting his ass busted. Now he want to be all aggressive play ball. Nigga. Let me explain something about this: fucking dude he’s an instigator, a agitator, an annoying fucking guy who should be balling, but he can’t ball, like that.

He ain’t got it in his game. Let’S say this: he should have been an all star with boston didn’t. Do it they let him go, he goes to new york. He could have been an all star in new york didn’t. Do it the biggest stage he’s a 20 point plus game scorer. He has that potential, but he’s. No, he ain’t got the game. He ain’t got the hard hand, got the consistency. He’S, not a professional. All he could do is instagram. Try to bully people philly needs another all star. He could have did that for philly, but he did always want to be an enforcer. You know how much enforcers get paid two million dollars a year stupid ass, dummy goofy i’m, an enforcer yeah, take this 2 million stupid. He wanted a nine figure deal and had he made the all star team if, if he would have did his part of it now, he’ll clip his back up. Oh backup dancing ass, nigga four five million a year ass nigga when he should be making a hundred million dollars because he got the game he just ain’t got the rest of it. I guess so. He tries to be an enforcer with a baller that’s balling. First off you don’t press somebody who’s all decade, kristap did exactly what he was supposed to do the fuck out the way. What you doing this is all decade player. Not you not somebody on your team who’s following kawhi’s lead trying to win a title.

This kid is the franchise he averaged: thirty, eight and nine or thirty, nine and nine. However, you wan na estimate it all. You know, estimate to the next number. If you want to you ain’t gon na bully him, you ain’t, you shouldn’t even be talking to him. You have scrubbed the fuck out of here, he’s a bum, bum juice garbage get. You eight points a game now when he should have been an all star and secured a nine figure deal he ain’t even getting it now. Man, listen christoph did what he was supposed to do. He protect his man, there’s giannis number one and luca number two. Those are the top two players in the nba, lebron and kawhi are playing they’re playing for historic shit legacy. Shit they’re, not in this conversation anymore. They’Re beyond the conversation of who’s, the best in the nba they’re beyond that, only certain people are in that conversation. And yes, i know what y’all thinking giannis and luca are the best two players, but what about james harden shouldn’t, he be number two. No luca is better than james harden and we know james hard ain’t better than giannis, but he ain’t better than luka either. James harden is not better than luke. Sorry, sorry, he’s, better he’s, better than james harden at 21 years old. He was better than james harden when he was 20. uncle. Fuck truth is the truth. James harden is dope, he could ball, but he ain’t better than luca i’m.

Sorry, i’m nba chef don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe. The truth is the truth, and the media is going to try and tell us who’s, better and uh i’ll decide who’s, better luke is better than james harden. I don’t give a fuck that’s the truth. Facts: numbers don’t lie men loud women lie numbers don’t and james ain’t winning shit either. So you can’t say you need a championship. Nah nigga ain’t, going none either don’t forget to hit that like button and subscribe. If you haven’t already, i hope this video get to 100 likes luca deserved that win. He needed that when he earned that win, the refs robbed him of something special on a special night. He could have quit, but he kept balling and kept playing and he gave him another historic moment. The referees fucked this game up. He had, he did great work, man and the referee stepped on the cement they stepped in the cement. They got their footprints. All on this game, it’s, no, no it’s no longer as smooth as it as it should be.