You can get your shot man, you know some people have it easy to get in here, quick and and some people have to work for it. Man and i respect i respect the grind. I respect the guys that that keep coming back and work harder. I would ask you about how i feel i was obviously impressive, but the tumbling routine to start with was the fact that you got it right. The second time was that helpful for him getting the contract. I honestly don’t know why guys do that shit? You risk blowing an ankle and knee anything, but that guy is a physical freak. I mean: did you see his physique turning the fight in the guy? His back is insane. You can just tell that he’s, a physical freak yeah, the one he passed on to died, anthony romero and he was very, very impressive. Was that yeah yeah? Listen, the kid the kid i’ll tell you the tough things, he’s, eight, no he’s from canada um! You know he was in a tough fight against a really tough guy, but when i looked at certain things, um couldn’t finish with that leg kick was going for. Takedowns um really had a hard time it’s. When the kids switched up southpaw. I actually told uh breeden after the fight. You should fight southpaw. You look good southpaw, um and he’s 23 years old. The kids ain’t know he’s 23 years old he’s got nothing but time that that kid’s gon na get better and he’s gon na be great someday.

He’S, not even he’s, not even anywhere near in his prime, yet he’s he’s still a young kid. You touched on a little bit with silva and i’ll. Ask about breed as well. I mean guys have performances like that. The other thing this does this gives some of these other promotions an opportunity to pick this kid up. Pick him up, make him your star. Maybe he becomes a world champion one of these other organizations and and stuff like that, if, if you’re another promoter and you’re not watching this show and picking up what i don’t you’re an idiot you’re, an idiot and that’s a kid that that somebody could definitely pick Up and make their their star in their and their promotion sure it was touching on silva and breed. I mean those guys were tough as nails. Do they i mean in losses, do guys like that sometimes get on your radar is somebody that you might want to call up later on tonight. I got up twice and walked over to the to the curtain, where the guys who lost the fight are and uh yeah silva, so much respect to that kid too and breeding. I i told them both um and you know the matchmakers see that stuff and when guys fall out, and we have late minute, replacements and stuff. Those are the first guys that pick up the phone and call without a doubt, you’ve got a busy week. I would ask you about speaking on thursday what uh? What are you planning on doing with your speech? Obviously you’ve done it before let’s.

Give us a preview of what we can hear from you. You’Ll have to tune in thursday and find out i’ll let it speak for itself yeah. I leave tomorrow night and uh yeah, i don’t know you know: you’ve been loyal to trump for a long time. Obviously, it’s a weird time in our country did you think at all about maybe seeing this one out with his divisiveness. Things are in politics right now. No, no, that shit, doesn’t bother me listen! This is america, everybody has their own opinions and their own choices. I know that that sometimes people go after you because of whatever, but everybody knows me, everybody knows what i’m about and uh you know i don’t know talk to me after the speech. Don’T worry that people automatically assume that by you speaking, you sign off on everything. He does i don’t give a shit. No, i don’t care what what people think of me or what they think. All the people who know me know who i am and know what i’m about other than that i could care less there’s tons of guys that that hate trump, whether it’s celebrities or whatever and uh you know i’m cool with all of them. Well, we’re all cool! It doesn’t, like i said the people who know me know me and the people who don’t all judge me anyway, it doesn’t matter to me. I have to care less well just a couple more uh gone this weekend.

Uh, i assign your cost to the the rivalries heating up there, something everybody’s looking forward to do. We know a location. Yet when we get to announce that the fight of the year man, i can’t wait for this fight um, i i i keep talking about still to this day. You guys might disagree, i don’t know, but i still have whaley zhang versus yuwani on jay check. Still, we were in a meeting the other day and we have those big tvs that play out there literally that was on and it fucked up the whole meeting for me because i couldn’t stop watching that fight and it’s. So goddamn good uh that fight but i’m telling you what’s going to give it a run for its money is going to be that, but obviously two fights that you got ta think are gon na give that a run as is versus uh and uh. Israel and costa, and no, i do not have a location yet fair enough last thing for me, i would ask you about jon jones his announcement to move to heavyweight. Have you started talking to it all about like when he would like to have his first fight? No, as far as last time, we talked to jon jones, jon jones said he’s going to take some time and do his. You know things that he’s into right now, um and and and take some time and when there’s a you know a right fight.

They’Ll give us a call: could you see him waiting for the winner of francis mcdonald and steve baby ocean fighting that winner, or do you think he’s gon na get a win at heavyweight before he gets inside the shop? I have no idea what he’s gon na do. I honestly don’t know but is being is his pedigree enough to walk into a title fight? In your opinion, of course, i mean realistically jon jones is undefeated, he’s never been beaten. You know now he’s a guy who’s been out of the game for years i’m. Gon na keep beating this guy up, but you know you know jon jones is undefeated. Was tonight the highest level we’ve seen on the contender series yet yeah tonight. I think i think tonight was the best night what i loved about tonight. Everybody came to fight man, everybody came to fight and uh. You could just tell everybody wanted to win. Everybody had that killer instinct, even alvis fight he. You know that kid was a tough kid. He fought, he was giving him problems, he risked it jumped it onto that guillotine and choked him out. You know those things are dangerous risky. He doesn’t get that and that kid pulls out of it. He’S on the bottom of you know when he didn’t have to do that. I love kids that go after it, man and and try to finish him you’re here. This is your. This is your chance to show us what you got.

Don’T squeak out a decision to win man go for something show us who you are. I know a quick finish, never hurt anybody, but is it sometimes better to see these guys in back and forth walls with another great guy, so you can just tell like wow equality right here. Yeah you’ll get those, but i like guys to finish too. You know you come in, we put on these great fights. The matchmaking on this show is unfucking believable. These guys are the two best guys to be fighting each other and when you go in – and you finish a guy like this – it the music, i want to touch on something you said to john about other promoters need to be watching this show without naming any Names or anything like that, do you get frustrated sometimes with a sense that not only am i doing the highest level of this show of the sport i’m. Also, building up the new stars for everyone else, and no one else in the sport is stepping up and doing the same thing. Do you ever feel frustrated? I just think they don’t know how to i mean out of the 20 year history of being in this sport. The answer is they don’t know how to that’s. The only thing i can come up with is that they’re just not good enough to do it. So you know everybody waits until somebody gets let go here and they pick them up um, but yeah.

That would be a smart thing to do. You know grab that eight, no canadian, kid and uh and build them that’s. The other thing they’re, not very good. At anything, just uh putting up on the trump speech just curious, do you have to get that vetted by his people and you get to write it out beforehand or do you just get to wing it and speak the pandemic stuff we’ve all spoken about it’s death? Now but i’m curious end of august and everything’s march has the apex now paid for itself. Essentially, the apex is incredible. Um. What we’ve been able to do here through this thing is, has been unbelievable. Uh i don’t even know. If you guys know this, but i’ll tell you anyway, we just bought 10 acres over here too, and we’ve got another 10 acres, now um more stuff. Coming soon we bought some land, yeah 10, more acres of land – probably start building again next year. Thank you. Yeah, can you give us a hand on what you’re building hotels, hotels, we’re gon na build our own hotel, wow yeah then we’ll be completely self sufficient? Okay, that’s that’s, quite some news. So when do you see this being uh, hopefully next year depends on how this crazy shit. You know what happens here on the next whatever, but um, obviously with what’s going on right now, our own hotel would pay for itself real quickly. Would this be a place that would just be exclusively for ufc? I mean the apex we’re talking about doing other events over here and stuff, like that.

We’Re uh and we’re, going to start doing lots of programming for um for ufc fight pass over. Here too, is it a place where fans could come and save the ufc hotel? Uh, it would be more designed for fighters yeah it’s going to be just like the apex was designed for fighting and putting on special events. This place would be designed exactly for what our needs are in a hotel uh. In regards to the rnc convention on thursday there’s a lot of crock pets out there yeah yeah and one of them, is what color of shirt you’re going to wear everything the white is the most red is the the long shots yeah. I saw a lot of comments with people like you know, it’s going with trump has that helped get the ufc going again during this pandemic. Did that help? I think trump’s been very pro business. Very i mean not just us, but you know. I was part of that task force that he put together and literally every sport. Every major sport in the united states was a part of it and uh. He did a great job with that he was. He was uh instrumental in in helping all of us. Come back and very supportive did the white house or trump have anything to do with helping you get fight island going um, no, no flight island was we. We did that. You know with the guys in abu dhabi, Music, look forward to the hotel yeah me too.

Thanks this year was the first season that uh mexican fighters came to fight him in the garbage series and at some point you talk about having a tennis season in latin america good he’s on the phone. Will there be a casino in the hotel? No, no! You know i’m, a sick, sick man right. You know that that’s all i need um. Yes, the answer is yes and we’re. Working on a pi, too we’re working on a pi 2 down there we had a. We had a spot picked out um for the pi. In mexico city and then some stuff went on with the landlord and the whole deal fell apart, um and then the world fell apart. So we’ll get our shit together when the world gets its shit together. You know i. I noticed that jay rodriguez got here with alejandro alves tonight. Did you get to see him in these days or he went through ei or something yeah? No, i didn’t see him when he was here. I’M, just uh. Finally, for me, uh clubbing assembly, saying that he wants to fight twice this year, he’s looking for a fight late september. Has he asked you for those fights already just see him fighting twice: okay, um. He wants to fight twice this year, um that’s, a tough one. I don’t know i love watching calvin gaston fight, i mean if you fight twice this year, we would do it. You know i i don’t mind turning guys around quickly, so if he can do it, we’ll probably pull it off, but where he sits in that division, you have to have two guys for him to fight this year.

You know he’s not he’s, not like uh, not one of the top guys in the world he’s one of the top 15 guys in the world. So i don’t know if we can make two fights for him by the end of this year, but give it a shot just finally uh saturday uh, you say probably and dustin’s gon na fight uh tony you see that fight happening the same night as uh. Have you been justin and vacuum elimination, um, probably Music yeah? Did we not announce that yet we did yes and thanks cool.