We are live right now. I just want to cover this live and talk about it. Since i cannot show the fight footage, you know but it’s about commenting on it and see what uh the boy does. Who are you guys speaking to win on his way to the ring and yeah? I don’t know the boy you have to say the boys um. It looks um really focused and i just think so bro how you doing what’s up man uh. Why do you think this fight plays out uh shit, uh dangleboy’s, the guy he’s fighting he’s uh? He looks out of shape and he’s a cruiserweight. He was a cruiserweight, then the boy, no, the guy, that didn’t do boss, fighting schnitter schneider’s, whatever his name is ricardo schneider from from the netherlands, yeah and he’s short and he’s very smart for for heavyweight, very, very small. You know, but i don’t know i didn’t shit end in three rounds: i’m. Guessing in two rounds. You say three rounds three rounds three rounds, but i think dubois is going to like try to take him out in one round. No, i don’t think he will do that. You don’t think he you will do that too early. They probably told them not to end it too early. Well, he wants to hand it to early like we said he said he wants to. He wants to take the guy out. He one round, yeah the guy’s nervous.

You can tell he’s nervous it’s gon na be a very interesting thing, though the six three that told me that god was like six one: the wbo international heavyweight championship. Well, Music, espn, plus you can go to bt sport. You can check you can check it on bt sports. Let me like um, see what happens right yeah. Do you have a what they call a mudroom? You can get it there, so the people are watching right. Now, i’m gon na be switching it more more. The ball looks in shape like he wants to keep someone you know see right like he wants to kiss someone bro the bottom first round going hard on the sky foreign. Why are they always giving dubai easy fights? They always give dubai easy fight. This fact just, but we are commenting on the fight you know. Looking at the jabra, dubai is like working he’s doing something i like, though you know he wants to take that away from him and all looking interesting, whoa it’s, like the kid didn’t even come to fight. I don’t know what he’s doing no man, but you can tell that schneider is feeling to eat already. The eat is too much. The bar didn’t do anything yeah man, the heat, is too much. You know, nah man, i think joe george, would do way better. He’S gon na i wouldn’t be surprised if george gets him, you just say that and he’s going to take him out in in the third round right yeah.

I said so. The guy look like that. I don’t know dubois doesn’t look himself and the opponent looks like he looks terrible. I don’t know man something’s off about dubois. The one drops him already in the in the first round. That shows you that the guy’s going you guys gon na, like gon na get beat up badly. It’S, not gon na be this. You know joe joyce people are saying over. The y is going to take out joe george, the word devos fighting right now. It’S, like you know, it’s, not impressive to me over dubai is a big boy bro. I tell you that and he’s very easy dwight’s not fast either he’s slow, so so many flaws in this game. What the hell is that schneider, schneider’s he’s a weak doctor that’s? What i said, bro he’s, not doing anything he hasn’t even thrown like any punches schneider, is a weak dos guy bro. This guy is uh. Look at him again, oh boy, what a sad fight man yeah man like you, should be doing like something more. I don’t know well that’s that man, that is, that the fight is done friday’s over and quit bro told you bad match up as well: bad matchup bro, i just don’t know what record is no there’s a run too bro my bad bro i’m up ahead schneider Schneider, i mean, has no business wait. It’S finished it’s done two round knockout to run okay.

No i mean i mean schneider, has no goddamn business being there with the ball bro. That was like what did they learn from that from the from this right now? What did they learn? Can you guess something i learned for you? What did they learn is Music um on facebook. It is just mad brother anyway, Music is now let’s react to it. Brother um, then, on the board. Stop stopping uh schneider in the ricardo schneider in the in in the second round, without even landing significant punches was a take on his vibe bro. I mean like for me it is just crazy um. Let me just let me just give my take on it. Let me get my tag. It is crazy that um ricardo schneider just wasted our time. I mean this is a waste of time. What did dubois learn? Learn from this fight? Nothing, absolutely nothing like the james was like onyx. You know i mean i think it land x, so he learned nothing. You know the see his right hands where i mean they never did it to a right hand in this fight. I didn’t see it. He went to the body which, of course, you expect him to do because he’s, a guy that is, of course late on the job improving you know i mean daily and other stuff, but it is just sad ricardo schneider, you know, came for the paycheck for the Paycheck, that does it, he came for the paycheck, it doesn’t and that’s, and that is exactly what it did.

This fight was, of course pointless. You know i mean uh judges fight was, of course better, and i don’t know how i mean do what what was the need of what was the need of dubai going to the gym going to the gym too, like training or well, you know i mean dubai. Can just sit on the couch, should i just sit on the couch, without even like i mean making any effort to fight and still get it anyway. Let me read the read the comments, the the the comment on the live chat and then we’ll move on right here. Um that game boxing says got a paycheck uh, michael must say it was a pointless fight, i’m sure dubois as uh sparry sparring sessions. He looked like a small boy outside of him. Yeah i mean it looked absolutely like small. I mean schneider is a cruiserweight, but i thought schneider would bring more heat to the table. I mean more, you know more much more like more. I don’t know like more energy and have it and and would and have the mentality of a winner in the sense that he would go in there and give you know dubois l or give him his all and then just let the ball like that. Like i mean the wife toy, with this guy and he’s, not even close anyway, very short, uh fight and we’ll see what happens stay blessed during this travel guys.