Icon click it and select all sort of dropping your bang on you exclusively with the limited device. Let’S just talk about this let’s get this overweight man. I mean. What can i say, um ricardo schneiders came in for paycheck, he came for the he came for the paycheck bro. I mean that in dubai no doubt was in shape, ready for this fight and he thought that this fire was gon na. Maybe maximum get to at least the third round of it, but it didn’t and that dubai could have even stopped um schneider’s in the first round. Snyder was not ready. Schneider was so scared, well afraid. In fact, you know i criticized um, i mean um adelaide for not taking out um phil williams in the first round, but schneiders is the worst man. Schneider’S schneider’s is the worst. He came with no game at all scared. You know whenever he got into the body, it fell down it wasn’t wanting a smoke from a monster like than the ball. He didn’t want to smoke from the ball and that’s just crazy. You know schneider like looking at his record. You would think, or this guy is gon na, like at least you know, take the ball some rounds to to you know to this patch. It took to bought just two rounds to do so and what was comfortably doing, though he like either guy was so. He was he he was afraid to exchange uh this fight.

I don’t know what the ball left for this fight. I think this fight was pointless. I think um, frank warren knows this and he is not really really happy. You can tell from his uh. You know. Um his fake is his facial expression, while the the bt spot interview then and uh timefully, the ball will be going against. Someone like you know: um joe joy’s nest, that’s a proper fight and joe joyce was, of course you know um on the show. Believe me, you guys should go check out the interview i did with you, just though you know one of the best interviews ever you that one one of the best interviews of george was ever. The version of jojo is like guys, go check it out very important and talking about the the schneider case, man schneider, wasn’t, ready, schneider didn’t want to smoke.