Obviously you’ve been down here a couple of times before um. What do you think of the setup then really nice here yeah? It is a good gym, it’s, great space and it’s, a new start, so i’m excited about it. Uh, weird story: i told you off camera and i bumped into your assist yesterday randomly like hundreds of people in the london underground man she’s. You must have met her on the way to she’s headed to sheffield so yeah. You know the same. You know ride. I used to take so yeah what coincidence even weird it was on warren street underground station, and i was on my way to see frank, which is even weirder and uh talking about the main man he’s here, looking good foreign. What do you think about that? Poster up there, i’m gon na pan on it at the top people can make it out. Is it ever gon na happen yeah one day, one day, um yeah? Obviously i spoke to frank yesterday about the opponent change um, a lot of people on twitter, suggesting our dan and martin having second doubts about firefighters. Taking that fight but frank, showed me that he didn’t send an mri scan just send an mra scan, correct yeah. So uh you take on schneider’s. What do you know about him? Dan? Not much. Um talked about i’ve i’ve, probably just started this week. I knew i was fighting him so um. You know i’m ready for a fight.

Come like me. What are you looking for dan? This saturday, in the lead up to the joe george’s, face looking to see him get he’s he’s been out. Was it 10 months now yeah so i’m? Looking to see him get his ring rust and his frustration out, but i don’t want to see no potential banana skins we’ve seen them. I won’t be the one that would be the first round. We believe we’re gon na go and then start. You know go straight to work, see his confidence gives me confidence, nice, uh, look, he’s gon na go out and do the business and uh hopefully come through, and then we line up the big one aren’t we october that’s, where we need to be let’s, be fair For the casual fan, because you are so excited – and we know what you bring at the ring – it doesn’t for the casual venom, so it doesn’t hinge too much who the opponent is they’re going to tune in daniel anyways. Well, i hope you’re tuning in to see him. You know, as i say, you’ve been out for ten months and uh. You know it’s uh, look. Somebody said to me: this bell is only six foot one. If you look up there, the tail and the tape, listen and clay, yep, Music, yeah and more important fighting machine that’s exactly what he is. What is that look? We got you know, daniel’s being so very serious.

Daniel knows what he’s going to do. He’S got to go and continue to do what he’s doing she’s been making statement after statement and, more importantly, learning but learning in the gym working hard in on the in the gym sparring and getting himself into into shape to move forward in his career. He wants to be the best he feels he’s the best i think he’s the best best young talent out there, and we both want to prove everybody that he will become world champion. That’S that’s what that’s that’s his mission aside from tyson fury, if you put dan in the ring with anyone in world boxing right now, you’re fully confident your man will do the job yeah i mean look there’s there’s there’s. Would i make the fight with him and anthony joshua yeah? I would. I would. I think i think he’s got a. I know. He’S got a good gem. I know he can punch. I would do that and he’s barred with him a lot. So i won’t have a problem in making that fight um and the two brits. You know uh gillian and derek josiah yeah, and we made the fight we made. The fight between him and joe joyce is supposed to happen in october. So you know both of them got no fear of fighting each other it’s, not like anyone’s trying to duck out me it’s the covid that stopped it from happening after joe joyster after him, then we can get on.

Whoever else is there? Definitely absolutely. Obviously i spoke to you frank yesterday about white povetkin. I will ask you about that as well. Dan um, just your thoughts on the actual ending of the fight. What can you say these guys done well for 414 yards and he’s proved it he’s. He rolled back the time and just set up the shot brilliant. That was really impressive. Were you? We surprised, shocked at all, how it ended not really shocked but um. You know she’s, you know he’s watching the gaps, he looked for the gaps and he took it took advantage of it. I’Ll ask you straight if you, if you were in that ring on saturday night would have been earlier, would have been the same. Probably earlier all right well on that night, i know it’s been a long day for the pair. Thank you very much for your time, frank. As always, and we’ll catch up to him.